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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 30-Mar-15 06:51:08

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry with a bit of wind but light here in Brackley.

NfkDumpling Mon 30-Mar-15 06:57:25

Morning Mick, morning All

Bright and sunny here this morning, but still windy with some good gusts coming through. Hopefully I'll be able to get in the garden today and finish mulching before everything grows too much.

Happy Monday Everyone sunshine

ninathenana Mon 30-Mar-15 07:27:29

Morning all.

Looks like the cloud will break and we may see sunshine

I have to take DGS for his show round his pre school where he will start after Easter. Hope he likes it !

nannotgran Mon 30-Mar-15 07:32:29

North essex weather it's partly sunny windy and cold witha promise of rain later.Enjoy your day

thatbags Mon 30-Mar-15 07:46:05

Morning all! We have sleet and hail and my body clock hasn't caught up with the imposition of BST yet.

Grannyknot Mon 30-Mar-15 08:12:06

Morning everyone. bags neither has mine ...time the powers-that-be stopped messing with the natural order of things grin

annsixty Mon 30-Mar-15 08:14:38

Good morning all.
Bright but chilly here in Stockport. This is the first year that I haven't adjusted to "the hour" as well.
Mr S is 79 today and the sad thing is he looks so fit and well but can't remember much.

kittylester Mon 30-Mar-15 08:21:26

Good morning all!

It was raining this morning when we first woke but it is dry and bright at the moment.

Lots of bits and pieces to do today like taking stuff to the dry cleaners and having a good tidy!

Best wishes to your DH Ann and I hope you both have a lovely day! flowers

Enjoy your days everyone! sunshine

Nelliemoser Mon 30-Mar-15 08:21:32

Good morning from cheshire. bright at present but I will not hold my breath. My body is also still working on GMT

As someone posted on my son's FB page. Don't worry about putting the clocks forward. They always sort themselves out again at the end of October.

loopylou Mon 30-Mar-15 08:29:26

Jolly chilly here but quite bright, just taken dog lodger (highly opinionated Jack Russell) for a walk.
Thank goodness wind has dropped, garden looking very battered.
Not very summer-like yet!

Grannybug Mon 30-Mar-15 08:33:50

Good morning everyone. It's a bright sunny start but still windy here in East Northants. Enjoy Monday

daffydil Mon 30-Mar-15 08:54:09

Good morning all
Bright and chilly in this part of Essex. ann hope you and DH can enjoy his birthday cupcake wine whichever you prefer or both!

Lona Mon 30-Mar-15 09:15:23

Morning all, after a wet and windy night it's now bright and sunny!
I'm meeting a friend for coffee this morning, we can talk for England, then later on I'm seeing my chiropractor in the hope that he can sort out my back and hips!

Annsixty have a good day with your dh cupcake and flowers

annsixty Mon 30-Mar-15 09:37:45

kitty daffy Lona thank you for good wishes. wine will be enjoyed with a steak tonight. Food is still one of his pleasures.

hildajenniJ Mon 30-Mar-15 10:18:23

Good morning everyone.
We have a bright dry day in Northumberland at present. Housework to do this morning, so I must go and get on with it. I want to wash the stairs, and the hall floor.

Brendawymms Mon 30-Mar-15 10:34:03

Hello all. Been in Singapore for two days. Thunderstorm yesterday and rain this morning but bright and hot hot hot this afternoon.

Galen Mon 30-Mar-15 11:23:43

Dull here with storm force winds forecast tbusad

Galen Mon 30-Mar-15 11:24:46

Look folks. New emoticons!tbusmile

AshTree Mon 30-Mar-15 12:06:04

Are they just for Easter do you think? tbuhmm

Juliette Mon 30-Mar-15 12:26:54

Lovely bright morning here in N.Staffs, breezy rather than windy at the moment.
Spent an hour (or two) looking through DD and DS2s boxes of stuff from over the years, mostly school related. Where have those years gone?

annodomini Mon 30-Mar-15 12:28:05

I think we've had the bunnies for Easter before. What about some eggs?

Elegran Mon 30-Mar-15 12:45:15

We could have red eggs for anger, green eggs for envy and so on . . . with patterns on, of course.

harrigran Mon 30-Mar-15 13:07:38

Well it is bright here now but what a night.
Waiting to hear that my sister has arrived, she was flying Germanwings out of Dusseldorf this morning. This is a trip she does frequently but probably not without sadness this time.

MamaCaz Mon 30-Mar-15 13:22:46

12Michael: Let me know when it starts raining there, will you? That should give me ten minutes to get my washing in before it reaches me here near Towcester grin

annsixty Mon 30-Mar-15 15:18:00

The steak may be on hold.DH has developed toothache, appt for 12noon tomorrow.