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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 28-Aug-15 06:45:51

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a bright and sunny start here in Brackley this morning.

thatbags Fri 28-Aug-15 06:50:46

Morning Mick and All! It is not raining in bonny Argyll.

Off to Inveraray anon to meet soop and macsporran and baubles and elegran. Woopyhoo! And then some of us are going on to Knapdale to look at beavers. sunshine [midges]

whitewave Fri 28-Aug-15 06:54:55

Morning Mick
Hope you are well. Did you manage to sort out your funny turn?
Sunny here in Brighton.

Have a lovely day in when you all met up.

Pittcity Fri 28-Aug-15 07:21:35

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Bright clear morning and a promised 20 degrees for our trip to the Clacton airshow sunshine

NfkDumpling Fri 28-Aug-15 07:22:12

Morning All

A lovely sunny autumn morning here. DH woke early -now off birding.

Have a lovely day Everybody!

ninathenana Fri 28-Aug-15 07:46:55

Morning all.
Have a great meet up thatbags and co.

Sunny and cool here in N Kent, is it officially Autumn? Autumn to me begins in September, so until next week I'm convincing myself it's Summer smile

baubles Fri 28-Aug-15 07:59:41

Morning Mick et al. Quite a pleasant morning here in South Lanarkshire.

Good to hear that it's dry in Argyll bags I'm on the first leg of the journey, will meet Elegran in Glasgow. Whoop woop smile

hildajenniJ Fri 28-Aug-15 08:14:37

Good morning everyone.
Another bright and sunny start to the day in Tynedale. Going shopping to Carlisle later. I have things to collect for DD. I will send them up to her in October when DH is going to visit them.
Have a lovely day all. sunshine

daffydil Fri 28-Aug-15 08:22:06

Good morning everyone. Very promising start to the day here in mid Essex, though it did get very chilly in the night.
Have a good day everyone.

Bellasnana Fri 28-Aug-15 08:34:12

Morning all. It looks bright and sunny here in SE Kent this morning which bodes well for our trip to Leeds Castle. My nephew and I are taking his 6yr old son out for the day smile

Hope you have a lovely day, thatbags, Please give soop a big ((hug)) from me. smile

Hope everyone has a good day sunshine

Indinana Fri 28-Aug-15 08:34:29

Morning all

Well I'm in a grump now. You've all got sun and here in Plymouth it's drizzling sad. The sky looks blue-ish though, so maybe there's hope.
It's our anniversary today - 44 years shock, so we'll be going out somewhere for a little wander and lunch and so on. COME ON SUN!!!!

Bellanonna Fri 28-Aug-15 08:43:06

Congratulations Indinana - have a lovely Anniversary day. Hope the rain lifts. It's blue skies here in the South East, and to nina, yes, it's still summer, officially !

PRINTMISS Fri 28-Aug-15 08:44:49

Good morning to you all, slept late today, so I think I have missed the best of the day! Hope you have an enjoyable catch-up Bags and co., and I envy you Bella your trip to Leeds Castle, such a lovely place. No time to chat, although I have all day, I really need to get going. Enjoy your days.

Indinana Fri 28-Aug-15 09:20:58

Thanks Bella. Happy to report the sky is a gorgeous deep blue now and the sun is shining! Yay!!! sunshine

nannotgran Fri 28-Aug-15 09:24:54

Bright sunny morning in north essex
lost mobile phone yesterday so off to buy a new one good thing it was not a good expensive one
have a good day

annsixty Fri 28-Aug-15 09:32:32

Good morning all.
After a dull start it is clearing nicely now and the sun is breaking through. We really are being lucky here with the weather at the end of the summer.
Shopping for the weekend and then guinea pig cleaning out.They are lovely little things but I won't be sorry when GC collect them on Tuesday.

SloeGinny Fri 28-Aug-15 09:48:12

A good morning all from a bright, sunny Tees Valley. I hope the sun comes out for you Indinana and that the midges aren't too fierce Thatbags.

I know just what you mean about the guinea pigs Ann, we looked after our son and DIL's (disabled and grumpy) tortoise for a year while they were working abroad, fascinating but stressful!

Gagagran Fri 28-Aug-15 10:09:18

Morning everyone. It's sunny at last here on SE Hampshire coast. We have had monsoon conditions this week and even had a pond in our garden where we have never had one before. It has gone back whence it came now!

Thinking of the Argyll gathering today with Soop and MacSporran, Bags, Elegran and Baubles having lunch together and wishing I was there too. I think there's a beaver hunt afterwards for the intrepid! Have a lovely day y'all!