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Meetups/groups for childless mature couples?

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Friendsusan Fri 18-Sep-15 14:03:43

As an aging population with many women having no children either through choice/estrangement or other reasons,am wondering if there are any others who have thoughts on this,maybe able to direct me to a blog etc dealing with this issue.USA has many groups,here London,and another in Cornwall trying to set up a group. I am in Shropshire/Herefordshire/Powys areas.

Riverwalk Fri 18-Sep-15 14:54:40

I'm just wondering what it is you're looking for. smile

Although this is primarily a site for grandparents we have a number of active members who don't have GC and some don't even have children but presumably they find common interests with people of a certain age .... over 50.

Truth be told there is very little discussion of actual grandchildren!

I think it rather restricts your potential contacts if you limit things to no children.

Indinana Fri 18-Sep-15 15:03:06

I agree with Riverwalk. You'd be very welcome to join in with us here and if the Gransnetters living in your area have any get-togethers you could go along and have a cuppa with them smile

Nelliemoser Sat 19-Sep-15 08:46:45

There are a great deal of opportunities for couples to go out socially, socially. Particularly if they don't have children and grandchildren to watch out for.
I wonder quite why any social group feels they need to centre around not having grandchildren.

Alea Sat 19-Sep-15 08:59:32

There are so many opportunities for those of us who have retired (if this is relevant)to pursue interests ranging from book groups to rambling. I wonder if OP feels it is harder when there is no common thread, such as parenthood/grandparent hood? It is true that some people of a certain age talk a lot about their DC or DGC but I hope not exclusively so.
I also think friendships and companionship grow more naturally out of shared interests rather than designated " social sites/ groups" anyway. It can get a bit like internet dating!
However, how about Red Hats if OP is still looking?

sunseeker Sat 19-Sep-15 10:26:25

I don't have children and since my DH died have joined several groups but have to say a lot of the talk revolves around children and grandchildren (one person giving an almost blow by blow account of when her daughter gave birth to twins!)

Now I expect grandparents to be proud of their children and grandchildren, I am happy to look at photos and listen to all the things they get up to, but there comes a time when I would like the conversation to be of other things. Whenever I have attempted to change the subject it soon reverts back to grandchildren. The result is that I no longer attend those groups and am now a member of only a couple. There is still talk about grandchildren but also conversation about other things too.

Elegran Sat 19-Sep-15 11:28:15

It is most interesting that on the meet-ups I have had with other Gransnetters, the conversation has not been heavily about grandchildren. They are mentioned in passing, but not ad nauseam. Everything else under the sun in discussed.

When I remember that away back at the beginning, someones's reason for not joining Gransnet when I described it was, "I don't want to be always hearing about people's grandchildren", that makes me smile.

Elrel Sat 19-Sep-15 11:37:24

Although I've not signed up myself, friends in various places greatly enjoy U3A.

janeainsworth Sat 19-Sep-15 11:48:20

I have friends who have grandchildren, friends who have children but no grandchildren, and friends who have no children.
Conversation with all the groups tends to be limited to polite enquiries as appropriate and then the conversation moves swiftly onwink

LouiseMLP Sat 14-May-16 11:21:44

Hi I thought some posters might be interested in AWOC - Ageing Without Children that is a national group that is beginning to expand and look into some of the practical issues that are facing 1:5 of people aged over 50 in the UK who are AWOC.

People ageing without children includes
◾people who have never had children either by choice or by circumstance
◾people whose children have predeceased them
◾people who are estranged from their children
◾people whose children may live very far away from them
There may be other reasons why people feel they are ageing without children and AWOC is happy to include anyone who self defines as ageing without children

Here is a link to the website There is also a Facebook discussion group for people from all around the UK. From this volunteers are coming forward to create local meetings. eg I have just started one up for Greater Manchester and Cheshire area.

vicmee Tue 11-Jul-17 11:15:44

Ageing Without Children sounds just what I am looking for! I disagree with many of the former comments, and wonder if they are from people with children and grandchildren? Of course its not all you talk about, but it is a central subject and those of us with no family (older or younger, or estranged) feel very, very lonely when we have nothing to contribute on the subject of children. I also feel that having children and grandchildren in one's life must be a great energiser and incentive to carry on!