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wildrose Mon 12-Oct-15 03:10:50

Forgive me if I sound useless but I could do with some guidance and cannot seem to find what I need online. Has anyone recently traveled from Leeds Bradford airport to Dublin and, if so, how long before departure were you expected to get there? I give myself credit for having already booked in online but I will admit to being anxious as I haven't flown in 20 years and have heard stories of 3.5hr waits being necessary these days. My boarding pass states that I will be boarding at 7.45am and one friend has said that arriving an hour before boarding will suffice. I am travelling aloneon Friday, taking hand luggage only and feel worked up about it even though it should be straightforward.
I thought it best to ask in this general section as the travel forum doesn't seem to be very active. I do hope someone has made the trip and can advise me

wildrose Mon 12-Oct-15 03:14:55

And yes, you may have noticed I can't sleep due to the anxiety too. I am quite cross with myself as I am normally a "coper" I need to get a grip!

suzied Mon 12-Oct-15 05:41:08

Not specific to Leeds. / Bradford but we always get to an airport 2 hours before departure even if it's not strictly necessary. This allows for getting through security, which can be slow, finding the toilets, information boards so you know when your flight is called etc. They usually put up the boarding announcements 45 minutes before departure giving you time to get to the gates etc. If you have an hour to spare you have time to get a coffee or a sandwich , sit and read the paper or whatever,. If you are anxious about timing, it's always better to allow plenty of time rather than be in a rush. Airports are quite nice places these days with lots of shops and cafes and I don't mind spending an hour waiting rather than worrying about missing the flight.

grannylyn65 Mon 12-Oct-15 08:20:06

I would agree!

ginny Mon 12-Oct-15 08:31:42

I agree two hours should be about right. International flights would usually be 3 hours before.
Also, ( I'm sure you will anyway), allow extra time for getting to the airport in case of road problems.

Hope you have a good trip.

glammanana Mon 12-Oct-15 08:44:51

My friend is off to Dublin next Tuesday and she always allows 2 hours prior to boarding,she relax's and has a coffee and finds her gate so the time passes quickly enough. Enjoy your trip

wildrose Mon 12-Oct-15 09:11:30

Thank you all, you have put my mind to rest smile

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:14:36

Of course it can depend on how good you are at running. shockwink

Stansgran Mon 12-Oct-15 09:29:48

That's mean JBF . Leeds Bradford has improved over the years. It was grim beyond grim in days gone by. I've not been there this year but if the hand luggage checking is slow it's worth buying the fast track and I think you can do it on the spur of the moment. I always found it worth looking at what was flying out at the same time. There is also a lounge that you pay to go in if it's busy outside at holiday times ie half term and you anticipate a long wait.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:32:21

Of course it wasn't mean!!! It was meant to be light-hearted! (You know - a joke! Heard of one?) Incredulous hmm !!!

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:34:58

PS. I have only ran for a plane once in my life. It was NOT a pleasant experience.

Of course, the ideal is to fly Business Class, and spend at least a couple of hours pigging out on BAS's delicious. And ^yummy* cookies.

(wouldn't do it any other way TBH)

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:35:35

pigging out on BA's delicious buffet meals

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:36:20

And you can take that remark as a joke, or not. As the stae of your mind takes you. smile

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:37:10

state hmm


Stansgran Mon 12-Oct-15 09:43:36

Oh dear it is too early . I meant my comment as a joke too. I know too well the butterflies in the tummy at airports. Frequently been in the wrong place often with too small grandchildren who foolishly trusted me . Pax vobiscum.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 09:46:54

You forgot the grin. Or the wink


Marmight Mon 12-Oct-15 09:55:35

I always try to get to the airport at least 2.5 hours before the flight. Bag drop alone can take anything up to an hour and that's before joining the queue for Security which could take as long. Far better to waste time airside than panic and become all flustered landside.

Maggiemaybe Mon 12-Oct-15 09:56:44

LBA is fine. I've been through there twice this Summer. An hour would probably be plenty of time with hand luggage only and being checked in already, but two hours will give you peace of mind and ample time to sit and people watch for ages once you're through security. Of course, being paranoid I always get there 3 hours early so I can twiddle my thumbs enjoy the airport facilities for even longer. grin

grannyactivist Mon 12-Oct-15 10:02:22

I like to fly and I enjoy the anticipation, but I only relax once I'm in departures so I also arrive far earlier than necessary. Much better to be early and enjoy a coffee and a newspaper in the departure lounge than turn up frazzled and worried that you may be late.
Enjoy your trip. smile

annodomini Mon 12-Oct-15 10:33:05

Enjoy flying, hate airports. Short-haul flights from Manchester usually specify arriving one hour before departure which I think is cutting it a bit fine. I always seem to have to get to the furthest gate where all the seats will be already occupied by the time I arrive. I am always 'patted down' at security because my hip and shoulder implants set the alarms off, even when I've been through the total x-ray booth. However, as soon as I feel that 'lift off', it's (almost) all been worthwhile.

Galen Mon 12-Oct-15 11:15:35

Jbf I agree. I fly business from Heathrow and need disabled assistance.
My problem is always on the return when I need a wheelchair and a porter. There are never any porters at the carousel and as my luggie is in a very large case, a porter is necessary.
See photo

Galen Mon 12-Oct-15 11:16:40

Ps. That's Gary the gardner with the case. He's 6'3"

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 12-Oct-15 11:48:05

Yes. Coming back is never as good. You can't beat Heathrow, with Gatwick a close second.

I nearly fell onto the flippin' carousel trying to help DD with her case. She was quite rude to me. hmm Shan't bother again.

Zephrine Mon 12-Oct-15 12:11:32

We usually allow 2 hours but have just flown to Portugal and back from Manchester' checked in online and only took hand luggage and were waved straight through, didn't have to go via check in desk at all. Brilliant!! Still had to queue for security though.

SandyD Mon 12-Oct-15 12:22:40

We always check in online the day before but still get to the airport at least 2 hours before so I can look round the shops or get a bite to eat, unless of course we are in business class, only twice unfortunately, which was lovely.