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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 03-Jan-16 06:53:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a nice dry morning here in Brackley today, see what 2016 brings I have just weighed myself , as I am diabetic also have a mild heart problem, since I got some new scales and the 20th July I have gradually lost a stone in weight.

cornergran Sun 03-Jan-16 07:06:25

Morning Mick. Morning All. Dark and raining in our corner of Somerset. Well done for the weight loss Mick. It's not easy. You must be very pleased. smile

loopylou Sun 03-Jan-16 07:38:39

Good morning from a dark, soggy corner of Wiltshire ?
Gosh Mick, well done! I daren't get on mine.......?

kittylester Sun 03-Jan-16 08:03:54

Good morning! North Leicestershire is dry at the moment but the sky is streaked pink - not very promising!

Off to see mum in hospital again today and more packing up of Christmas. I didn't think we had many decorations out this year but it seems to be taking a lot of clearing away!

Well done on the weight loss Mick! sunshine

Pittcity Sun 03-Jan-16 08:25:16

Good morning from Colchester. Is it really Sunday? It has felt like Sunday every day for the last fortnight!
Well done Mick. Please give us some tips as I certainly need help.
It's dry here but heavy rain is forecast. Cleared decorations yesterday so today is a rest day before normality returns tomorrow.

hildajenniJ Sun 03-Jan-16 08:55:56

Good morning everyone.
We are all ready for our trip to Scotland. My DGC will be having another Christmas, with all the gifts from relations in England.
We are meeting them for lunch in a hotel near them.
Won't be around as I don't take the tablet travelling!
Have a good couple of days. See you later.

whitewave Sun 03-Jan-16 09:27:20


Christmas tree down today. So dark and 'orrible.

Nelliemoser Sun 03-Jan-16 09:36:23

Good morning from a dark and wet Cheshire.

nannotgran Sun 03-Jan-16 09:43:25

Well done mickjust wish I could say the same
not a bad morning in north essex it's dry but more rain is forcast for later

SusieB50 Sun 03-Jan-16 09:48:23

Completely lost the plot about which day it is ! I feel like my mother who asks about every hour what day it is ! Roll on tomorrow ( Monday?? ) when things get back to normal . confused

harrigran Sun 03-Jan-16 10:16:42

Good morning, it is dark and there is heavy rain. We have done nothing and been nowhere so I am going to see DC and GC this afternoon. Nearly every member of the family is poorly and one or two have spent hours in A&E and various other health establishments, I will not be sorry to see the back of this festive season.

rosesarered Sun 03-Jan-16 10:20:11

pouring down here, again! Woke at seven with DGS tapping on my head and requesting lemonade. Not a good start to the day.grin

NfkDumpling Sun 03-Jan-16 10:27:25

Morning All

Hazy sunshine here with the sound of distant guns harvesting the pheasant.

Enojoying the peace now DGS (and his dog) has returned home after a few days 'trial' run with us before his mum and dad go away at the end of this month without him. Eight days! Not sure if we'll last the course!

Have a tranquil Sunday Everyone.