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The kitchen drawer

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Daddima Sun 24-Jan-16 12:19:04

Does everyone have the drawer which contains the following;

Odd clothes pegs
Plug top/tops
Takeaway menus
Hair roller/rollers
Unknown keys ?

What else?

Jane10 Sun 24-Jan-16 12:30:42

Instructions for gadgets we no longer have!

Greenfinch Sun 24-Jan-16 12:32:28

I have 3o,f them and they also contain
Rubber bands
Pastry cutters
Plastic spoons
Light bulbs
Tin opener
And much much more!

Greenfinch Sun 24-Jan-16 12:33:28

Should be 3 of not 30!

Teetime Sun 24-Jan-16 12:36:49

If you haven't already seen it try to watch Michael Macintyres 'Man Drawer' sketch - hilarious.

Jalima Sun 24-Jan-16 12:59:40

It's in the utility room and it also has:

Candles and nightlights
gardening gloves
a screwdriver (or two or three or more)
jars of curtain hooks
chargers (not sure what for)
a golf ball
a wet wipe - one of those from inflight service

No hair rollers though!

Iam64 Sun 24-Jan-16 13:11:04

At our house we have a "driggle draw" for himself to put all his bits of clutter in. Stuff very similar to that listed above but including rubber bands, odd screw drivers (often broken), light bulbs and batteries (usually nor working effectively), lots and lots of keys. The keys are usually for doors or windows that we replaced years ago.

Nelliemoser Sun 24-Jan-16 13:25:33

Several packs of plasters
A clicky gas lighter? we haven't needed that for ages
Meter box key.
Radiator keys.
A strip of emery board.
2 combs.
A badge saying 60 yrs young.(I am 68 next month.)
A wheel from the rack of our previous dishwasher.
2 felt tip markers.
A small mirror.
2 packs of liquid plant food which came with cut flowers.
A blunt gold pencil crayon.
A green plastic fish from one of those magnetic fishing games. I don't think we have the game now.
A piece of white plastic waiting in case we find out what it is.
A black luggage lable holder with a broken strap.
A largeish silicone washer from some jar or other
A red nozzle probably from a tube of glue.
A clip for holding food on the bars of a budgie cage.
A white hanger designed to hold the gathered up strings on rufflet tape. 1 1 Paper clip.
1 broken plastic ring which held the measuring spoons together.
one of those pull up plastic ties.
A plastic bag clip.
There green tube end for a small water sprayer which once went on a watering can.
Kitchen scissors.
Back door keys and the obligatory odd key that fits no known door.
A gin bottle lid.
The rye bread paddle off my bread maker.
A tiny tin of vaseline.
Two metal key rings hooked together.
A beer/wine bottle opener and keeper.

Nelliemoser Sun 24-Jan-16 13:27:38

And the red silicone pan scraper! How I missed the biggest object I don't know.

rosesarered Sun 24-Jan-16 14:11:43

Nellie I think your kitchen drawer wins the prize!? Not only does it contain a large and esoteric mix of objects which may ( or may not) come in handy, but it is beautifully displayed too.
My own kitchen drawer contains,
Plastic pegs,
Plasters and Germaline,
Toaster bags,
Twine and string,
Baking parchment
Tubes of Smarties ( for DGC)
A few candles,
A screwdriver,
And a lot of crumbsblush

rosesarered Sun 24-Jan-16 14:12:08

Wish I hadn't looked in it now.

ninathenana Sun 24-Jan-16 14:38:58

Clips for freezer bags
Birthday candles +holders
batteries, selection of
Funnel to fill salt dispenser in dishwasher
Thing for cleaning venetian blinds
Salad servers
Nappy bags (no longer required)
Barbeque tongs
Insulating tape
And more, that I cant remember without going to look.
MM 'man draw' sketch is hilarious, that's what we call ours. "Where's the ......." "in the man draw"

Jane10 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:55:41

Is a draw the same as a drawer?

ninathenana Sun 24-Jan-16 16:27:39

Oops blushblush yes jane it is. Silly me grin

Stansgran Sun 24-Jan-16 16:37:16

Oh the shame I have TWOof those sorts of drawers. I have no idea of the finer detailsblush

kittylester Sun 24-Jan-16 16:40:04

Our drawer like that is called 'the drawer' and I recently sorted it out, so there!

cornergran Sun 24-Jan-16 16:52:08

If we had a spare drawer in the kitchen it would be just as described. As we don't we have two boxes on a shelf for 'essential' man stuff!

grannyqueenie Sun 24-Jan-16 17:44:49

Ours is called " the junk drawer" and contains much the same stuff on everyone's lists + one if those roller things to remove fluff...but with no sticky stuff left on it and some spare electrical fuses. When I was a child "that" drawer was called "the table drawer" as it was part of the kitchen table. My mum also had a cupboard she called the glory hole....containing everything she couldn't fit in the table drawer!

shysal Sun 24-Jan-16 17:50:46

This is my junk drawer, in the living room dresser. Yours is so tidy, Nellie! I also have a whole 5 drawer chest in the spare bedroom, the contents list of which would fill a page on here!

Katek Sun 24-Jan-16 18:20:25

Would it were only a drawer!! DH has a man drawer, a double wall cupboard in the utility room, 2 drawers under the bed, the bottom drawer of his chest of drawers, 2 sheds, 3 plastic garden boxes and an entire single garage. I spend my life fending off incursions from his 'stuff'.

Katek Sun 24-Jan-16 18:25:49

Oh and the refurbished steamer trunk in the spare room! I had designs on that......,.

ninathenana Sun 24-Jan-16 18:50:16

Katek we inherited a trunk from DMiL it's full of photos waiting to be sorted. I think the oldest ones are c1970 hmm

Jalima Sun 24-Jan-16 19:31:54

We have a junk house .....

Indinana Sun 24-Jan-16 19:57:09

Each time we've moved I've taken the junk drawer out, tipped it into a plastic bin bag and, on arrival at the new house I've emptied it out into the chosen kitchen drawer. Makes me feel at home immediately grin

Leticia Sun 24-Jan-16 20:00:35

I couldn't do without an 'itsy bitsy' drawer.