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Auntieflo Sat 14-May-16 16:20:57

I have a mobile phone, for emergencies only really, as I don't like using them. But, they can be useful, as for example, when collecting an on line order from a shop. This I tried to do yesterday, but couldn't get it to work, and I thought that it was because all the tills in the shop had given up the ghost, and we had to wait half an hour before they leapt into life again. Luckily the assistant could retrieve my purchase as I had had a phone call telling me it was ready for collection.
However, since I have been back home I have been fiddling around trying to see my emails, with no luck. I finally gave in and asked DH for help, and he fixed it , phew
It turns out that it wasn't all my fault. some while ago, about two months,we had a new router, and along with all the other electrical gubbins, my phone should have been updated. Shows how often I use it blush, and that I should ask for help more quickly, and not be so stubborn.

BBbevan Sat 14-May-16 18:46:28

I have a mobile phone. I knitted it a little cover. It is snuggled up in a drawer somewhere grin

Grannyben Sat 14-May-16 19:14:52

You can get your emails on your mobile phone! Ooh very nice, I'm not compatible with such modern technology. My mobile makes calls and I can text. Sometimes I mess that up as well!

hildajenniJ Sat 14-May-16 19:18:10

My mobile phone is like grabbyben's. It makes and receives calls and messages, it also takes very poor photos. It resides in my coat pocket in case of emergencies.

tanith Sat 14-May-16 22:16:48

Auntieflo glad your DH managed to get things working there's nothing worse than something that just won't do what its supposed to. I use my phone for everything, banking, email, Facebook, shopping, checking how long till the bus will be at my stop and keeping up with the family via text or phone calls , I admit I would be lost without it.
The other day for instance my daughter couldn't get home from work and was panicking that her young daughter would arrive home from school and no one was home, I was out shopping but she was able to quickly text me so I could get to her house to let GD in the house and reassure her that Mum would be home shortly.