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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 13-Jun-16 07:00:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking dry but cloudy here in Brackley this morning, but could be muggy out humidity wise.

NanKate Mon 13-Jun-16 07:08:55

Morning Mick and All.

Rather cloudy in the Thames Valley.

Had a fab weekend at the Zoo with my over the top GSs, living on the memories now. smile

NfkDumpling Mon 13-Jun-16 07:16:04

Morning Mick, morning All

Very muggy here too Mick, but soggy! We had quite a bit of rain last night, but it's stopped now and is just very drippy.

We got back yesterday from a wonderful weekend DGD sitting while their parents went on a mud run (goodness knows why, but they seem to enjoy it!). We took an extra GD with us to see her cousins so it's been rather an over-excited time. And for some silly reason I woke this morning at half five!

The first lot of washing is done and in the tumbler as we're off in the caravan tomorrow.
I have an appointment this morning with the dental hygienist to do stuff my old dentist used to do. £45 for 40 minutes! It seems a lot and I'm at a loss to know what she's going to do that'll take that long.

Have a lovely day Everyone and stay dry!

kittylester Mon 13-Jun-16 07:25:21

Good morning all.

It's still raining in North Leicestershire - some times it's heavy rain, some times it's less heavy! Hairdressers and little shopping for me today.

Enjoy your Mondays everyone sunshine.

GandTea Mon 13-Jun-16 07:26:43

Good morning folks, bright and sunny in N.Essex atm, will it last hmm

Greyduster Mon 13-Jun-16 07:29:39

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Very dull and grey and wet here in South Yorkshire. We had a lot of heavy rain last night and are set to have more. My mood very much reflects the weather today. I have the dentist this morning and school run this afternoon. Have a good day folks.

ninathenana Mon 13-Jun-16 07:29:47

Morning all.
Grey and damp in N Kent. Watched a thunderstorm across the estuary last night. We had rain but the storm went the other way.
A quiet day for me.

millymouge Mon 13-Jun-16 07:31:26

Good morning everyone. Sunny in Essex at the moment, but garden took a bit of a beating with the rain and storm yesterday. Nice relaxing weekend so back to normal today. Enjoy your day.

Pittcity Mon 13-Jun-16 07:49:53

Good morning from a brightish Colchester. Rain due again later so will hang the washing in the spare room. I have a neighbour who leaves washing out every day come rain or snow!
Family History Group this afternoon.

AlieOxon Mon 13-Jun-16 08:55:01

I need a moan! Feeling very bleary.
I was woken this morning at 7.15 by the man next door who is laying decking. For the last six months the refurbishers the other side have been starting at 8, so I have had to alter my hours to fit - I sleep badly and try to get up eventually at 9 to take pills - but at the moment I am just hoping it won't take them long to finish the patio!
At least it seems to be dry here this morning, but I am so tired of disturbance.

PRINTMISS Mon 13-Jun-16 09:12:40

Good morning to you all, a damp one here - the rain is all my fault I bought new sun-glasses on Saturday! Still feeling a little groggy, not sure why, probably because although it has rained it is still quite 'close' and airless. Our lovely grand-daughter arrives home from her 3 months back packing in the Asian area, not sure of all the names, but she certainly enjoyed Borneo. Her dad will be absolutely over moon to have his little(?) girl home, he adores her which is reciprocated. Great to have a loving family. Take care, and enjoy your days

annsixty Mon 13-Jun-16 09:12:47

Good morning all.
I have not been awake long, making up for lots of lost sleep recently. It is damp but not raining here in Stockport, still muggy feeling though.
I have my monthly eye injection tonight so will have scans to see what effect last week's laser treatment has had. The appt is in 3 parts and the last one ,to see the consultant is 8.40 PM. I am usually in bed by the time I will be home.!!

Nelliemoser Mon 13-Jun-16 09:16:02

Good morning from a very damp Cheshire. There is a very fine drizzle going on right now I only realised it was raining when I went out to refill the bird feeder. It's still doing it.

Alea Mon 13-Jun-16 09:18:54

Good morning from a grey morning, recovering from yet more thunderstorms yesterday. annsixty you have a tiring day ahead of you, I do hope it all goes well flowers

Galen Mon 13-Jun-16 09:50:52

Hot here in Kushadasi. Just got back from visit to the house of the Virgin Mary with Bellasnanna very moving.

Alea Mon 13-Jun-16 09:59:54

It is hard to top that on so many levels Galen!!
Hope you are both having a wonderful time with lots of sunshine wine and 🌊 🚣🏼

annodomini Mon 13-Jun-16 10:00:36

Good morning from Cheshire, recovering from Saturday's flash floods, though more torrential rain can't be discounted - oh dear! Galen and Bellasnana, glad you are having such an interesting cruise. envy

annsixty Mon 13-Jun-16 10:24:24

It can't be discounted anno the fire brigade have delivered sand bags to houses near us which were affected on Saturday as further very heavy rain in forecast. We have lived here for 48 years and this has never occurred before.

annsixty Mon 13-Jun-16 10:33:20

Just remembered Lona is hitting the big 70 today .
Sending lots of good wishes for a very special day. XX

Auntieflo Mon 13-Jun-16 11:21:59

Morning all from a grey and overcast West Berks. This morning I have wrapped a charger to post to our DS, who forgot to take it home, have dismantled a divan bed and loaded it into the car, ready for the dump, hoovered up mess from dismantled bed, had a cup of coffee C/O DH, who took parcel to PO. Now we are off to dump the bed, and pick up a new smaller one, that comes in useful sized jigsaw pieces. Just got to find out what to do with all my bits and pieces that lived in drawers under the divan. Perhaps I should just take them to the dump with me!