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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 22-Jun-16 06:57:36

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey and with wind as well, although rain is forecast here today in Brackley.

Greyduster Wed 22-Jun-16 07:17:53

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. Blue sky and a little cloud here in South Yorkshire, but we are set for a fine day I think. I am baking today for GS's school summer fair on Saturday, and this afternoon have a routine hospital appointment, so a long ride on the bus as parking at the hospital is well nigh impossible. Must remember to get d-i-l a birthday card! Enjoy your day folks.

whitewave Wed 22-Jun-16 07:31:39

Totally overcast here on South Downs. Might even be raining as not up yet. Poor baby seagulls look so bedragled in the rain.
Nothing planned DH pacemaker checkup. I'm doing housework, then a spot of gardening with luck.

Pittcity Wed 22-Jun-16 07:33:32

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Humidity on the rise here, so a warm day ahead and thunderstorms due tonight.
Wednesday Ladies coffee morning and trip with DS to Orthodontist this afternoon. Maybe some ironing in between. There is a pile of topsoil to move across the garden too!

kittylester Wed 22-Jun-16 07:35:43

Good morning all from cloudy but dry North Leicestershire.

School run day today - expect rain!!

hildajenniJ Wed 22-Jun-16 08:07:56

Good morning everyone.
Cloudy in the Tyne Valley, but there is the promise of a warm, sunny day to come. I'm going to make the most of it and have a relaxing day. I was awake for long periods due to a cough given to me by my OH 😭

ninathenana Wed 22-Jun-16 08:11:46

Morning all.
Over cast in N Kent with showers forecast.
H will be mowing the lawn today. Against my wishes angry if he does anything to that finger we will not be talking.
On the other hand. The man is due at 8.30 to fix the boiler woop, woop !

Badenkate Wed 22-Jun-16 08:19:38

We have blue sky and sun here in N Shropshire. Patio finished and looks great. Off to Dunhelm Mill (other stores are available) to look for a wicker chair for the bathroom and some leather cleaning cloths, and then lunch out

NanaandGrampy Wed 22-Jun-16 08:24:17

Morning all !!

Hello grey skies !!

Had a lovely trip out to look at park homes in Cambridgeshire yesterday in the sunshine. The most tranquil and beautiful park but its not for us . We're not ready to downsize quite that much yet !

Today we have DGS3 this afternoon so it will be hot wheels, cars and tv for us !!

PRINTMISS Wed 22-Jun-16 08:38:41

Good morning to you all, it is decidedly DAMP and sticky here on the south coast. Going to Kwikfit to see what is wrong with the car, nothing drastic, I hope! Then, since I cannot do too much in the humidity, I shall probably just sit with a crossword or two. Enjoy your days.

annsixty Wed 22-Jun-16 08:39:51

Good morning all.
Only just woken up by phone after a bad night AND it was a call centre.
Bright with sun and blue sky here in Stockport. Mobile hairdresser this afternoon and must struggle to change two beds. Everything is such an effort these days.

annsixty Wed 22-Jun-16 09:11:02

In less than half an hour it has totally clouded over sad

Mildred Wed 22-Jun-16 09:49:22

Morning all it has just clouded over here and I have two machine washes on the line.