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Birthday presents.

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annsixty Mon 04-Jul-16 17:03:05

Do you/ have you/ would you buy yourself a birthday present?
My D has had a difficult two years with the breakup of her marriage and the fallout affecting her children. It is her birthday next week ( along with her D and mine) and she has decided to give herself a present . She has an old school friend who lives in Berlin and having been asked many times she is going to stay with her in two weeks for a long weekend.
As my H cannot buy me a present now I am wondering if I should treat myself. As I am almost housebound it will have to wait until my knee is done but truly I can't think of anything I want or need.
What do others think.

grannylyn65 Mon 04-Jul-16 17:31:38

Absolutely yes, and here are some ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜€!

Kateykrunch Mon 04-Jul-16 17:34:19

Treat yourself annsixty, could you have something lovely delivered (perhaps think of something you wish someone would buy for you and then buy it for self). I have always dreamt of receiving a knock at the door and finding a delivery person there with a teddy in a balloon with flowers and chocolates, I have told my children and husband of this 'dream' many times, but they are not great at 'hints'. I have often window shopped with hubby and ooo'd and aaaaa'd at things, for us to get home and him say "its your birthday soon, is there anything you would like as I have no idea what to get you"!!!!!

Cherrytree59 Mon 04-Jul-16 17:39:58

I think that it sounds like your DD deserves her treat and I wish her a lovely time.
Ann It seems that you also have been through a difficult time and you will have been a support for your DD. So I'm sure treat for yourself would be lovely.

Could you give your daughter some extra euro to bring you a surprise back.
Something your DD thinks you would like, that perhaps you wouldn't get or see here.

My father when he became a widower would buy himself something around his birthday.

I understand what its like to be waiting on an OP flowers

millymouge Mon 04-Jul-16 17:43:19

Books are always very nice as you say you are almost housebound or perhaps a Kindle. Always plenty of books to choose on Amazon, or to down load to a Kindle. Perhaps you have a hobby you could buy for, or even find a new one.

annsixty Mon 04-Jul-16 18:02:20

Just to say I have ordered a new electric toothbrush from Amazon which I have told H is from him smile

Kateykrunch Mon 04-Jul-16 18:13:47

Your electric toothbrush should be viewed as a necessity, it is not a treat!, so you still have a gift to get yourself, although I do like the idea of your daughter choosing something for you from Berlin.

Maranta Mon 04-Jul-16 18:16:57

Since my husband's death I have always bought myself a decent birthday present. It's sometimes good perfume as that always makes me feel better. Treat yourself.

annsixty Mon 04-Jul-16 18:17:58

I will put that idea to her and then it will be a surprise for me. Thank you for that suggestion.

Bellanonna Mon 04-Jul-16 18:42:04

Or Ann, could you have a treat away from home with daughter's help? A massage that won't hurt your knee, or a spa day doing what you can? Swim, massage, facial, acupuncture, getting a taxi there and back. As you say you are housebound I think a day out would be good for you. I'm not sure if the knee would allow any of this. Daughter, or another adult, hopefully could stay with your H?

NanaandGrampy Mon 04-Jul-16 18:47:31

I think you deserve to treat yourself Ann and I don't think it's about needing anything it's about wanting. There must be things you've fallen in love with that your sensible head talked you out of ??

For instance I fell in love with the most beautiful shoes a few years ago. A glorious peacock colour, 3 inch heels ..I haven't worn heels ( dodgy knees) in years. So I bought a pair of nice enough flats AND the heels !! I put the heels on when I was sitting down , and I had the flats for walking around.

I just wanted the heels. They are in my wardrobe and on days I need a pick me up , I get them out, lie on the sofa with my beautiful shoes !

So treat yourself. Doesn't have to be huge , but it could be smile

grannyqueenie Mon 04-Jul-16 19:11:40

Ann that made me laugh out electric toothbrush! You deserve a huge TREAT, so take off your sensible head and have one if you can't do it pre op then have some fun planing and choosing. I'm sure there's a huge sadness that your dh can't buy you something himself so you need to love yourself bigtime! Its good your daughter is having a well deserved treat too. In the meantime flowerswinecupcake
from me x

M0nica Mon 04-Jul-16 19:19:12

Wouldn't think twice about doing this, especially if my DH was no longer able to do for himself what he had always done before.

Why wait for a birthday, there is deliciously guilty feeling about having an occasional special treat for oneself with no good reason.

Stansgran Mon 04-Jul-16 22:55:50

There are some really giddy orange and pink lace undies in M&S at the moment. Frivolous but useful. I am hankering after some purple earrings I've seen. We all should have unbirthday presents.

Bellanonna Mon 04-Jul-16 23:01:23

Hope G&T isn't reading this stansgran

rubylady Tue 05-Jul-16 03:05:57

Ann My birthday is coming up soon too and I have treated myself to a couple of the grown up ladybird books and a couple of little bracelets. Up to now. I have bought a swimdress recently and body wash, a lovely towel, spa slippers, turban and a hot drink container for my hot chocolate, all for going splashing about at the disabled pool. I also bought a massage pad for the car to ease my back pain while driving and booked a few nights away when I take my son to university. Now, what else do I deserve?

You do a remarkable job, day in day out. Put yourself first and get on the websites and order something nice for the day. I have ordered my own flowers to be delivered and will probably do so for my birthday too. Flying flowers do some nice ones. And they last for ages. Be good to yourself, you really do deserve it love. Xxx

kittylester Tue 05-Jul-16 07:50:35

This thread should have convinced you Ann by now!

I like the idea of getting your daughter to choose something for you. Enjoy. And let us know what your present is.

Teetime Tue 05-Jul-16 09:30:05

Oh yes everyone deserves presents and if they are not forthcoming by something for yourself to enjoy - life is for living!! flowers

annsixty Tue 05-Jul-16 09:42:24

Thank you all. I have been having a think and I think I have settled on a rather expensive handbag on JL's website. It is in a lovely soft blueygreen and is quite special.

M0nica Tue 05-Jul-16 09:44:13

annsixty, well done, and it will give you continual pleasure every time you use it.

Nana3 Tue 05-Jul-16 09:53:59

Good for you ann JL, my favourite website for a treat, I bought myself a bag from them too an Orla Kiely one, I love it. Hope you enjoy yours smile

Seasidenana Tue 05-Jul-16 09:57:41

Your bag sounds lovely annsixty. I always buy myself something for my birthday, I started it 8 years ago when my marriage ended. Although I get presents from my kids I felt I was missing out on that "special" gift a partner would buy you. Since I don't have to budget for a present for my partner (since I don't have one) I spend the money on something nice for myself.

Over the years I have bought a nice watch, a weekend roller bag, nice handbag, iPad, - this year was a big birthday so I got myself a Pandora bracelet and family got me charms for it.

oznan Tue 05-Jul-16 10:11:30

Oooh annsixty,I have never thought about buying myself a birthday present,what a great idea!I hope the bag you are buying gives you much pleasure and you deserve a lovely treat.Have a very happy birthday!

peaceatlast Tue 05-Jul-16 10:19:31

Well, I buy presents for everyone else so why not for myself? What's more, I start this indulgence a few months before my birthday and carry it on way beyond. I'm all in favour of spending my own money on myself.wink

Lilyflower Tue 05-Jul-16 10:20:06

The only present I want for my milestone 60th is 'work done' on the craggy rock face. No one is going to buy me that and when I mentioned it to the DH he said, 'But then you will run off with a twenty year old.' Not considering the implausibility of said venture, I can think of nothing worse than the company of a sanctimonious, narcissistic snowflake. The 'work' would be entirely for me.

I haven't spent my pension lump sum yet...

However, I imagine I will count my blessings and get on with eroding and fissuring.