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Advice please on washer dryers.

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Nandalot Fri 09-Sep-16 14:56:12

Does anyone have one of these and would you recommend them?
My daughter's washing machine needs a repair. The house she has moved to has no room for a dryer. Her old dryer is currently languishing in the detached garage. It has not been used since she moved in a) because to remove it we had to cut the condensation hose off and b) it is one of the ones that has been recalled and there is a 6 month waiting list for the safety adjustment.
When the washing machine is working, if the weather is bad, you will see me carrying big blue bags from that Swedish furniture store full of wet washing 9 doors down to my house to dry. She has some space in her house for radiator drying but not a lot and no room for an airer.
Are these washer dryers really so bad at drying?

tanith Fri 09-Sep-16 15:03:47

I wouldn't personally, I gather they have a very long cycle to include the drying so one load can take ages so if she has a lot of washing as you seem to suggest it could take hours and hours of it being constantly on waiting for one load to dry before the next lot can be on.
I'm sure they'll be more info soon, wouldn't it better to just buy a cheap new dryer and put it in the garage if there is power. When I had a dryer (its long gone now) it was in the garage so no damp air in the house.

Lona Fri 09-Sep-16 15:05:42

I've bought a heated dryer from Lakeland which is great. It folds down flat, but has loads of room for a wash load when opened out. It has a timer and it only costs pennies to run.

annodomini Fri 09-Sep-16 15:11:43

Thanks Lona. I've been contemplating one of those dryers for some time. When (if) I get my bathroom remodelled, I'm planning to put in a shower where the dryer sits at the moment.

shabby Fri 09-Sep-16 15:19:00

I have a Samsung washer dryer and rarely use the dryer. It takes such a long time to dry clothes and has fixed drying time cycles. It is just about ok if you dry one or two items at a time. I also find that it leaves the clothes with a musty smell. I only ever use it now to soften towels. IMO there is no comparison with a tumble dryer. If I was to give my washer dryer a rating out of 10 I would give it just 2.

shabby Fri 09-Sep-16 15:20:55

Like Lona I have bought a heated airer and I am very pleased with it.

Izabella Fri 09-Sep-16 18:45:08

They seem like a good idea when you are compromised for space. However they are not practical. You have to take most of a load out and dry it in two batches and the cycles take forever. They do not dry very well and I think a heated aired would be better. We bought a combined washer/dryer. Waste of money and we were thrilled when it 'died.'

Nandalot Fri 09-Sep-16 19:17:08

Thank you so much for your input everyone. It's been really useful. I think I shall advise her that it would be better to get a new cheap one for the garage.

Crafting Fri 09-Sep-16 19:49:00

We have had two washer driers. Our first we did not like so spent a fortune on the second. The new one orbs ok but as others have mentioned takes ages to dry. Like Lona we goo have bought a heated fold flat drier from Lakeland. We live in an apartment so can't dry outside. It is fantastic. Clothes dry overnight and I wouldn't be without it. I cannot recommend it enough (no I don't work for them grin

Crafting Fri 09-Sep-16 19:49:32

Works ok blush

Crafting Fri 09-Sep-16 19:50:03

Too not goo blush

MargaretX Fri 09-Sep-16 20:40:44

Better seperate. Together in one machine means a very long washday.

aprilgrace Sat 10-Sep-16 09:13:16

We bought a washer drier 9 years ago. The drier partwas very slow and actually stopped working after a couple of years. But the washer is still going strong and we just don't use the drier.

CleopatraSoup Sat 10-Sep-16 09:13:27

I had one once. It was awful. The drum wasn't big enough for the tumble dry cycle and everything came out badly creased and needed ironing. I wouldn't contemplate another one.

Get the Lakeland drier or buy a dehumidifier that drys clothes. It's not a good idea to dry on radiators as that can encourage mildew and condensation in the property.

Chris4159 Sat 10-Sep-16 09:20:49

They take forever to dry and even then not as good as proper drier. Dont waste your money on one. Never use mine.

radicalnan Sat 10-Sep-16 09:21:08

I have Zanussi washer dryer. Just as well I am retired because a few pants can be in there for what seems like days.

I am lusting after a Lakeland dryer and they do come up on e bay as Lakeland seem to have an on line shop there.

Apparently they keep the chill off a room too when in use.

I bought one years ago with a cover that blew itself up like a huge indoor balloon and the dog wouldn't let me keep it.

Nothing quite like a terrier seeing off the kitchen alien all night to put the kybosh on something.

wilygran Sat 10-Sep-16 09:21:54

Never met anybody who liked them, even when living in countries where most live in apartments with not much space. More to go wrong & poor value for money

Skweek1 Sat 10-Sep-16 09:29:29

There are 3 disabled people in household and need quick easy washing/drying facilities - hard to use washing line. It's an expensive and far from "green" thing, but we couldn't cope without it. We chose the most environmentally friendly one we could find and use the green cycle options (low heat, short programs etc.

Bluesmum Sat 10-Sep-16 09:37:26

I had a Bosch washer dryer and i loved it, you could use the washer independently of the wash orogrammes, but my current Hotpoint does not have that facility and it takes forever to run the full programmes that include drying! Yesterday, i got my washing three quarters dry on the line, then it started raining, so i needed to bring it in and finish it off in the machine, all it needed was five minutes blast of warm air, but my only option was 40 minutes drying minimum! So, definitely not recommended!

Swanny Sat 10-Sep-16 09:42:58

radicalnan Wonderful image conjured up of The Terrier and the Kitchen Alien! grin Think I've been watching too much Wallace and Gromit with DGS blush lol

HthrEdmndsn Sat 10-Sep-16 09:45:48

They aren't tumble driers, they are condenser driers. The clothes sit in the drum which gets hot and the water condenses out of the clothes (think cold windows in a hot room) occasionly the drum will turn to expose a new section of the wet laundry. As has been said it takes a long time, is horrendously expensive and it doesn't work.
I too am a fan of the 'dry soon' range of heated airers from Lakeland, especially with the optional cover which cuts the drying time, but if I have bedding to dry I just drape that over the top and kill two birds with one stone.

Swanny Sat 10-Sep-16 09:53:55

MY DS lived in a studio apartment - we called it a bedsit in my day - that was fitted with a washer/dryer. He didn't notice the time taken for a cycle as much as the astronomical cost of running it. He ended up using a launderette that offered a service wash while he was at work.

vissos Sat 10-Sep-16 09:55:27

I've had a waher-dryer for over 8 years (not sure how long exactly, but moved here with it in Feb 2008). The drum rotates while drying. Seems quite efficient though I rarely use it for anything other than smalls as I don't iron & am wary of creasing. When it eventually goes to white goods heaven, I'll get another. With all the poor experiences related here, perhaps I should get the same make!
Have you looked at Which reports?

Lupin Sat 10-Sep-16 09:56:32

I vowed to never have a washer/dryer again. What a disappointment! They take aching ages.
Such a pity your daughter does not have room for an airer. Those Lakeland heated ones are so good. They do fold flat when not in use. Could she leave one up overnight in the living room or kitchen? Store it behind the sofa or under the bed when not in use? Or - get power in the garage and run a dryer out there. That's what my daughter does.

trendygran Sat 10-Sep-16 10:04:43

I have inherited a washer dryer in my new apartment. I have given up using the dryer because it just does not do the job. Instead I give the wash an extra spin and then dry it on a clothes rack. Unfortunately I don't have a garden to dry them outside . I woul not recommend buying one.