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Are any of you 'Red Hatters'?

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MrsPickle Fri 04-Nov-16 19:26:38

If you are, what do you get up to? Is it fun or do you feel silly wearing purple and a red hat?
I am contemplating becoming a hatter, because I'm quite delightfully mad, yet also, delightfully cognaisant of the fact that I choose to be so!
So, if you're a hatter, 'fess up please and tell me what I'm missing.

Jalima Fri 04-Nov-16 20:13:13

I wore a red hat to a wedding 48 years ago but threw it out when MIL said 'Red hat, no drawers'.
I had red shoes and bag too.
DD has got the bag now, she says it is 'retro'.

Ana Fri 04-Nov-16 20:17:27

I thought the 'Red Hatters' craze had died a death...but I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will say!

nanaK54 Fri 04-Nov-16 20:33:05

Someone please explain I have never heard of a Red Hatter, worried that I am missing out

merlotgran Fri 04-Nov-16 20:33:39

What's a Red Hatter?

downtoearth Fri 04-Nov-16 20:37:09

Red hat society ..Google poem by Jenny I can't do links sorry ..but they wear ref hats and purple clothes

nanaK54 Fri 04-Nov-16 20:38:30

Ah thank you

Katek Fri 04-Nov-16 20:48:19

We had a local group but they were all a bit up themselves which put others off. As far as I could see they went to the same things as I did with trips, concerts etc. Only difference is they had the hats!!

merlotgran Fri 04-Nov-16 20:48:46

Oh I can't stand that poem. grin

f77ms Sat 05-Nov-16 08:53:59

I love that poem grin

Anya Sat 05-Nov-16 08:59:47

I'm a yellow-coater teamed with a multicoloured scarf. Does that count please? sunshine

janeainsworth Sat 05-Nov-16 09:15:36

I can't stand it either merlot.

It has always been hailed as a rallying call for old people to no longer care what other people think and to do their own thing, but to me it seems to portray the disinhibition associated with dementia.

"I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells"

I sincerely hope I am never found doing any of those things sad

Anya Sat 05-Nov-16 09:28:29

We don't have to follow it blindly, but yes, throwing certain inhibitions to the wind is good. As we get to the age where we no longer dress to comform to fashion I'm all for a bit of eccentricity.

I was walking along a low wall following GS3 earlier this week because I thought it looked like fun and it was a long, long time ago when I was a child, since I did it. I didn't care who was watching me.

And kicking up the autumn leaves with GS1 on the way back from school, and jumping in puddles, and singing songs out loud. Children laugh so easily and so often, us oldies need to get the laughter and fun cells ticking over a bit more.

But if you don't want to do anything then that's fine too.

Anniebach Sat 05-Nov-16 09:48:24

I love the poem and dislike being expected to act my age , so I don't

merlotgran Sat 05-Nov-16 09:56:57

Who came up with the idea that just because we're getting old we're expected to adopt some kind of 'sod you' attitude and do ridiculous things to prove we don't give a stuff?

I'd rather stick to my own style whether or not it's in fashion and behave in a way that makes me feel at ease. We all love to do fun things with our grandchildren and make them laugh and have outspoken views that make the older ones shriek, 'Granny, I can't believe you've just said that.' shock

If somebody ever tries to stick a 'Growing Old Disgracefully' label on me I will tell them where to shove it.

I also refuse to read books or watch films about so called 'oldies' going into care homes and starting a revolution.

In the words of Catherine Tate's Nan.....'What a load of bollocks!'

Lona Sat 05-Nov-16 10:01:22

merlot I'm with you all the way!

rosesarered Sat 05-Nov-16 10:09:20

I wouldn't look good in a red hat.grin

Swanny Sat 05-Nov-16 10:10:33

Followed a couple of neighbours in their 80s down the road earlier this week - both deliberately scrunching and kicking up the leaves blown into heaps on the pavements. My DGS always warns 'Mind you don't slip Grandma' when I do that with him, so I copied my neighbours with abandon smile

NonnaW Sat 05-Nov-16 10:11:15

Each to their own

rosesarered Sat 05-Nov-16 10:11:49

I don't mind a bit of eccentricity ( at any age) but if I hear a friend say ' Oh, you'll love so-and -so they are a real character' Then I'm out of there like a shot.

Anniebach Sat 05-Nov-16 10:13:28

No one has said we are expected to adopt a sod you attitude

Swanny Sat 05-Nov-16 10:17:50

Katek I considered the Red Hat Society when I turned 60 but my local group seemed like yours 'all a bit up themselves', so I didn't bother. I wear and do what I'm comfortable with and, as long as I'm not hurting anyone, if other people don't like it that's tough grin

Anya Sat 05-Nov-16 10:42:05

This is supposed to be a light-hearted thread, isn't it?

rosesarered Sat 05-Nov-16 10:44:01

grinπŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚ those are Autumn leaves btw

henetha Sat 05-Nov-16 10:52:56

If anyone wants to wear a red hat with a purple dress, then good luck to them. I don't feel inclined myself.
I do rather like the Dylan Thomas poem which says

Do not go gentle into that good night, ......etc...
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Bit sick making for some, I expect, but I like it and find
it gives me courage to carry on trying.