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Would you like to have "smokey eyes"?

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Grannyknot Tue 22-Nov-16 12:16:02

I get the giggles every time I click on the GN home page and see the advert exhorting me to try the "smokey eye" look. Would you like "smokey eyes"?! What does it even mean! grin

Poor woman, her with the smokey eyes.

grin grin

ninathenana Tue 22-Nov-16 13:26:29

I go for the "smokey eye" look on a rare night out which involves dark grey/silvery grey shadows with black eye liner. All be it with a lighter touch than a younger person.

rosesarered Tue 22-Nov-16 14:05:49

Does it mean standing next to a smokey chimney?

KatyK Tue 22-Nov-16 14:18:58

I'm not very good with eye make up, I just sort of dollop it on and hope for the best!

Juggernaut Tue 22-Nov-16 14:25:29

If I attempt the 'smokey eye' look, I look like a streetwalker!

Beammeupscottie Tue 22-Nov-16 14:48:15

The trouble with heavy make-up in old age is that you tend to look like a transvestite. I like a muted smokey eye and make-up my face every day, whatever. Although I must admit that daily scrutiny into the magnifying mirror is getting terrifying. I have told my family to shoot me when they see me au naturale,as the end will be near.

Grannyknot Tue 22-Nov-16 14:53:53

Interesting, all the different views about make up.

I used to "wear make-up" when I worked in an office which consisted of a sweep of mascara and a slash of lipstick and a brush of blusher.

Nowadays I go au naturelle and I rather like it, all the masks have been dropped.

Never had smokey eyes because I don't really know what it is! Who decreed it to be smokey? Or should that be smoky? Is this a matter for the pedants?!


paddyann Tue 22-Nov-16 15:04:05

I like the smokey eye look and wear it most of the time ,I wouldn't even put the bin out without my make up.Apparently that makes me anti feminist according to the womens magazines last month.Here was mme thinking feminism was about choice...and its MY choice to wear my make up

Ana Tue 22-Nov-16 15:06:12

I think it's referring to the shades of grey used, grannyknot! Now how did I guess that you weren't a big make-up fan...? grin

Grannyknot Tue 22-Nov-16 15:19:19

ana I'm actually just too impatient for faffing about with make up. I have 5 yes FIVE sister-in-laws who all spend hours in front of the mirror "doing" their faces, my MIL was the same. And then I came along grin, married the only son and brother.

Ana Tue 22-Nov-16 15:36:09

Wise move on his part! wink

Anniebach Tue 22-Nov-16 15:40:38

Grannyknot, I have three sisters who will not open the front door if they haven't got their face on, I gave up some years ago, freedom, bliss

Grannyknot Tue 22-Nov-16 15:44:12


I think it was rebellion on my husband's part grin

Ana Tue 22-Nov-16 15:53:42

At least he could be sure of getting into the bathroom in the morning! grin

Grannyknot Tue 22-Nov-16 16:08:24

grin you've just made me realise that he didn't escape the influences after all ... he loves pimping and preening! grin grin

Ana Tue 22-Nov-16 16:15:20

Well there you are then - a marriage made in heaven! smile

M0nica Tue 22-Nov-16 16:35:58

When I have smokey eyes it generally means red and watering.

Falconbird Tue 22-Nov-16 20:30:42

I would love to have smokey eyes but I'm now allergic to all sorts of make up so like MOnica they would be red watery and also itchy. grin

Alima Tue 22-Nov-16 20:37:20

I have smokey eyes and wouldn't recommend them. All crinkly with a touch of tosis thrown in. Mine are due to actual smoke, really must try and give up.......

Jalima Tue 22-Nov-16 20:49:08

I have always been hopeless with eye makeup, if I manage a bit of mascara on my sparse lashes without poking the wand into my eye I think I've done well.

Then my eyes start to water anyway!

rosesarered Tue 22-Nov-16 20:54:04

My eyelids get sore if I use any eyeshadow, so I only use it for the odd social do.
Make up is done in five mins, moisteriser, peachy lipstick , mascara and fine eyeliner.

Grannyknot Tue 22-Nov-16 21:27:51

Now I'm humming this: