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why do some schools have blazers ?

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Granto2boyzand4girls Thu 19-Jan-17 12:45:40

Hi why do some high schools insist on really strict uniforms? For example why do some schools insist on having a shirt tie and blazer uniform. My granddaughter 13 and my grand son 11 there high school has a jumper and polo shirt uniform. Which is far more practical than a tie and blazer uniform.

aggie Thu 19-Jan-17 12:48:57

shool holidays ? teachers strike ?

Granto2boyzand4girls Thu 19-Jan-17 12:57:03

What about school holidays ?

Ana Thu 19-Jan-17 12:59:21

Ha, ha - thought the OP of the fast food outlets thread sounded familiar...

FarNorth Thu 19-Jan-17 13:22:59

Mystifying, isn't it Granto.

NanaandGrampy Thu 19-Jan-17 13:23:35

Its the Head Teacher and Board of Governors preference often OP - why not email them or go to your next PTA/ Governors meeting and share your concerns with them :-)

Marmark1 Thu 19-Jan-17 13:32:07

Must be to do with the school heads I would have thought.i know some parents who say the stricter the better.

suzied Thu 19-Jan-17 13:32:41

Maybe they sell them in Primark these days.

Ginny42 Thu 19-Jan-17 13:41:08

Mostly it's because it's believed to instil a sense of discipline and of belonging to a 'team'. A bit like a business suit. Some schools insist on shoes and not trainers for the same reason.

CassieJ Thu 19-Jan-17 14:20:25

My son attends a school that has a really strict uniform policy. Blazer, tie, black shoes [ not trainers ], black trousers and even the socks have to be black. Shirt has to be tucked in at all times.
Uniform, apart from shirts, can only be bought from the school.

It is to do with a sense of worth and to get them used to the discipline of going out to work. It also tends to create a better environment as they are all dressed the same and gives them pride for their school.

Elegran Thu 19-Jan-17 14:24:13

Perhaps they have blazers because boys of 11 wouldn't like wearng pink onesies as a uniform?

shysal Thu 19-Jan-17 14:52:02

3 of my grandsons attend a school with a blazer for uniform. They were upset that they aren't allowed to wear Vans. grin

Ana Thu 19-Jan-17 15:05:17

Whaaat abut plimsolls? Only £4 from Shoe Zone...

Ana Thu 19-Jan-17 15:05:37

(I believe!)

Jalima Thu 19-Jan-17 15:49:52

I don't think blazers and plimsolls look right together.

Could be just me

I think Loakes are much smarter for school wear.

Jalima Thu 19-Jan-17 15:50:48

ps are the 2boyz and 4girls all 11?

Marmark1 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:23:38

I think your right Cassiej,my great nephew and niece the same,it's a school with a very good reputation.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 19-Jan-17 17:30:19

Now, the last time there was a thread about school uniform, I fell for it in spite of having been on GN since the start. I am not falling for it this time, but as nobody else has mentioned it, perhaps I'm wrong again.

Please help the terminally confused!!! confused confused

Marmark1 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:37:01

What do you mean Wheniwasyourage

Elegran Thu 19-Jan-17 17:39:52

No-one has mentioned previous school uniform threads directly, when, but there are some indirect references in the replies. I'd say you are right. There are some stylistic pointers.

tanith Thu 19-Jan-17 17:41:26

I was keeping quiet as I've been 'caught' more than once grin

Wheniwasyourage Thu 19-Jan-17 17:41:34

There was a thread about a change in someone's GC's school uniform from blazer, tie etc to sweatshirt etc. I gave my usual well-thought-out, carefully considered and generally brilliant opinion and then was swamped by GNers who have been here as long as I have saying that that one keeps coming up and they think it's a try-on for some reason. As I say, I am confused...

FarNorth Thu 19-Jan-17 17:51:30

We're very subtle, when.

Elegran Thu 19-Jan-17 17:52:21

It surprises me that whoever is posting them doesn't get bored repeating the same thing. It IS the same poster, whatever the username that has been chosen each time, that is obvious from the subject and various things about the posts.

Ana Thu 19-Jan-17 17:58:35

Sam poster as the one who started 'Which do you Prefer' which got everyone talking about their fast food preferences! grin

There's another thread going at the moment that I'm rather doubtful about as well...

(it does seem strange that they all seem to have difficulty spelling the most simple of words)