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rosesarered Sat 06-May-17 20:41:53

Or even large boxes of Maltesers.

rosesarered Sat 06-May-17 20:41:14

If you ordered them online kitty then they certainly would do.
DH gets fed up with all the insurance company bumph that comes in the post to him, because he constantly shops around, looks like they all pass details on to each other of customers.
I get bombarded with offers from river cruises companies, because I once inquired about one online.
I never get told about offers for large boxes of Belgian chocs though.

kittylester Sat 06-May-17 17:18:09

Now I've taken offence roses. Why don't they send me ads for chocolate or wine, or flowers - I like those! grin

rosesarered Sat 06-May-17 17:14:52


Galen Sat 06-May-17 17:12:00

How very dare they though?
The domaines they offer are always infinitely inferior to the ones I imbibe๐Ÿ˜ค

rosesarered Sat 06-May-17 17:09:39

I wonder why Galen ? wink
They are good at knowing what we like aren't they?

Galen Sat 06-May-17 17:07:50

Most of the ads that come with my orders seem to feature discounted wine?

Greyduster Sat 06-May-17 16:51:25

My jeans are already ripped. Does that count? I was going to throw them out - maybe I won't now! Have to draw the line at thigh length boots though!! ๐Ÿ˜

rosesarered Sat 06-May-17 16:46:30

In future though, only order ripped jeans, denim jackets and thigh length boots.

rosesarered Sat 06-May-17 16:45:33

Haha, like all the Saga stuff that comes in the post too.More of a cheek when it comes with a clothes order though kitty grin take no notice, how very dare they!

shysal Sat 06-May-17 16:40:23


kittylester Sat 06-May-17 16:38:47

Having just taken delivery of a parcel from Woolovers, I was startled to find included with the clothes a leaflet for those chairs that stand you up when you have had enough of sitting down, an advert for AgeUk and a leaflet for easy entry showers and the invoice! shock