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grandMattie Fri 14-Jul-17 10:17:27

Do you play any computer games? I don't mean the SuperMario type, just ordinary ones.
I play various card games [solitaires] and one called "flowfree" which is quite challenging. I love it.

ElvisD4 Tue 04-Jan-22 15:28:47

You prefer the classics, and I love it. I am like you, who will choose a straightforward solitaire or free cell instead of something new and complicated. I also have so many friends at work that enjoy playing with me, and our games made us closer to each other. I am sure many people are secretly playing [freecell online](, but who don't want to tell anyone just because they fear being taken as boomers or something like that. I enjoy this type of online game, and I wish more people admitted they love it too.

dolphindaisy Tue 04-Jan-22 16:38:12


I confess to being a Candy Crush addict, but would never spend any money on it.

Snap, I can sit for ages playing this on my phone but don't spend money on it
I also enjoy Free Cell, Spider solitaire and Mahjong on my laptop

Anneishere Thu 06-Jan-22 10:08:35

I am addicted to a few games on my mobile 😳 Royal Match & Project Makeover & Homescapes & Toon Blast & Word Connect & Word Life 😳🤦🏼‍♀️ So if I run out of lives I jump to one of my other games 😂. To be honest I am now limiting myself to length of time I can spend on my mobile playing games as many a time this has prevented me catching up on more important tasks that need attention 😂. I do find the games quite relaxing though!

Elless Thu 06-Jan-22 11:27:32

Has anybody tried that new one 'Wordle', it's like lingo but there is just one challenge per day. It is much more challenging than it looks on tv.