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Jigsaw puzzles for kids?

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NanaandGrampy Thu 27-Jul-17 09:55:22

My 10 yr old DGD and 7 yr old DGS are both getting their tonsils out today.

They than have to spend 2 weeks indoors so as not to catch anything while recovering.. I am obviously looking for bits and bobs to amuse them.

I thought about a jigsaw puzzle they could do together over a few days but is that ridiculously old fashioned for two techno savvy kids ? I haven't bought them one since they were tiny, and in fact can you even buy puzzles for older kids?

Any other ideas welcome.

Liz46 Thu 27-Jul-17 10:15:38

I introduced my grandchildren to jigsaws online and they were happy with them. Just google something like 'free online jigsaws'.
The trouble is I started doing them myself and it is a great timewaster.

Elegran Thu 27-Jul-17 10:18:35

How about letting them use your PC to do puzzles on Jigidi at . Thye puzzles are all sizes and the pictures vary from abstrats and mosaics to cuddly kittens. You can just "drop in" and solve puzzles or join Jigidi (free) and create puzzles, save progress to complete later, and comment on puzzles, The puzzles are all created by members and new ones are added every day.

Elegran Thu 27-Jul-17 10:19:20

Crossed posts (and yes, a great timewaster)

grannysue05 Thu 27-Jul-17 10:20:11

Hope the DGS's go on ok today. Should be plain sailing but with lots of ice cream in the next few days, they will forget it quickly.
I buy jigsaws from our local charity shops.
There are masses available for a pound or two. Children tire of the pictures, so they get donated to charity in nearly new condition.
My two GC's aged 7 and 12 LOVE them, and both children are very into tech stuff.
I buy 250 pieces for the 7yr old as he is used to doing start with a hundred piece for the younger child.
The 10yr old will probably start on 250 pieces.
Warning...its addictive, and you will find yourself helping out with the odd piece!
Lots of good wishes for their speedy recovery.

goldengirl Thu 27-Jul-17 10:24:20

My GC like jigsaw puzzles too - as do I! I think it's an antidote to online games.

Greyduster Thu 27-Jul-17 14:33:02

I don't think jigsaws have gone out of fashion. My grandson is 10 and he absolutely loves jigsaw puzzles - the sort that come in a box with pieces that get lost under the sofa! We have several that he has brought over to do with DH, who also loves jigsaws. Favourites at the moment include anything with Marvel comics characters, Disney Pixar characters and a map of the world - all about 1000 pieces. This one was a beast - kept them busy for ages! We also have a couple of nice London ones. With a physical jigsaw, anyone can join in and do a bit (gets a bit crowded round the table!). We have a friend who, once his son had completed a puzzle, would break it up and make him put it together again - on the blank side! He could do it too. We don't indulge in that sort of masochism here though 😊!

Liz46 Thu 27-Jul-17 14:37:31

It is quite nice to pick a difficult jigsaw and all get round the table and do it together.
By the way Nanaandgrampy, my granddaughter had her tonsils out a year or two ago after having awful tonsillitis many times. She made a quick recovery and is much better off without them. They didn't give her ice cream in hospital though - they gave her toast!

rosesarered Thu 27-Jul-17 14:46:16

Our younger DGC still do jigsaw puzzles, the older one does them on the iPad ( as do we!) Magic Puzzles are the fave ones, but very addictive.

Eglantine19 Thu 27-Jul-17 15:05:57

Well, if anyone is interested (probably not, when I think it's interesting others are glazing over with boredom) I would always watch a children doing a jigsaw puzzle during their first days of schooling. The way they tackled a jigsaw was a strong indication of the best method for teaching them to read. I'll elaborate further (tediously no doubt) if anyone's nterested in my educational theoriesgrin

NanaandGrampy Thu 27-Jul-17 15:36:33

Thank you all - I think your type of jigsaws are exactly what I'm looking for Greyduster.

I wanted to steer away from ipad puzzles because I think they might get bored quickly because they use them for other stuff and games. Also I thought they could sit round the table with Mum and Dad.

Liz they are all done and had their sandwiches and crisps and will be on their way home soon. Its all very quick and the ward is totally kitted out for small people.

Seems like old toys never REALLY die out smile .

Sar53 Thu 27-Jul-17 15:55:39

NanaandGrampy I hope they both recover well. Two of my DGD have had their tonsils out recently, one last year the other this year and the difference it has made to them is enormous. I think the hardest part is keeping them amused for the two weeks stuck indoors !!

Peep Thu 27-Jul-17 16:02:36

I'm interested Eglantine19.

Good luck for the recovery fortnight!

Imperfect27 Thu 27-Jul-17 16:10:57

One of our family summer activities was to complete a large jigsaw. By the time our children were aged 6-14, we got up to 1000 pieces with younger ones proving quite eagle-eyed in spotting / matching bits if colour. Of course you need space to leave it out, but great fun and a tradition I hope will continue for GC in years to come.

Greyduster Thu 27-Jul-17 16:23:23

Sandwiches and crisps?? I think I might go and have mine out! Oh, no, been there and done that (No sandwiches and crisps though!). Glad they are okay , N&G and that next time you post a photo the big smiles will be firmly back in place!

NanaandGrampy Thu 27-Jul-17 16:40:20

I'm popping over with the requisite treats Greyduster , what kind of Nana would I be if I didn't ;-)

Greyduster Thu 27-Jul-17 17:15:17


Eglantine19 Thu 27-Jul-17 19:13:54

Dear Peep, his is what I have observed over the years.
Child A. Tips pieces out, cursory glance at picture, selects and puts together pieces with common feature eg all the pink bits. Concentrates mainly on matching shape. Start with phonic method.
Child B. Looks at picture, places it to one side. Systematicall searches for edges and makes frame, refers back to picture and completes main feature eg the dog, fills n the other bits. Start with whole word method specially 100 common words.
Child C Concentrates on picture. Places jigsaw bits by matching them to their place in the picture. Gradually joins bits by placing them in close proximity. Has to refer to picture to orienate pieces correctly eg getting the teacup pattern the right way up. Start with whole story moethod picking out repeated phrases and words from a whole text.
I have no research basis for this. Just years of successfully teaching children to read by presenting them with the way in that works best for them.

Eglantine19 Thu 27-Jul-17 19:14:51

Sorry about the typos!

Lona Thu 27-Jul-17 20:44:53

N&G My dgd age 5 1/2, loves doing jigsaws. I get them from charity shops when I can. We started off with big floor puzzles when she was quite young, and now we're on 250 piece ones.
We have great fun, and if her daddy comes to collect her we have to fight him off!
She also loves doing word search, so I've bought her a book for the holidays and put a word search app on my tablet for her.
Hope your tonsil two are ok.

CharlotteWalker07 Thu 30-May-19 09:30:33

I bought my children Jimmy Jack Puzzles from Kidstuff which I really recommend to buy.

These are puzzles for kids and toddlers to enjoy.