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Merlin woodburning stoves

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Luckygirl Wed 30-Aug-17 09:00:21

Anyone got one of these? We are looking at one and it would be helpful if someone had some direct feedback on them.

This is not an advert! They might be hopeless for all I know!

Iam64 Wed 30-Aug-17 09:07:54

We have a woodburner. It isn't a Merlin but it's great. I was so enthused by the way it looked, I bought one which is in truth rather large for the room its in as the heat level is tremendous but it does look nice.
Have you googled Lucky?

Primrose65 Wed 30-Aug-17 09:24:30

I have a Stovax Stockton, which is multi fuel. It's the best thing I ever bought - go for it! They look great & are the perfect place to keep that jug of mulled wine at drinking temperature grin

chelseababy Wed 30-Aug-17 09:34:51

We've got Stockton too. Love it.

aggie Wed 30-Aug-17 09:35:33

Ours is multi fuel , gives great heat and is a feature in the room . Unlike an open fire the ashes only need removing every third day or so , very important to make sure you have a good chimney sweep available to make sure no fumes are emitted

merlotgran Wed 30-Aug-17 11:53:49

Are you changing your woodburner, Luckygirl? I remember you writing about one when you moved into your bungalow.

We have an Ottowa Cleanburn. The airwash system means the glass only needs a wipe everyday.

Luckygirl Wed 30-Aug-17 12:49:52

Yes we are about to change it - well remembered! The one we have is basically too large for the room, uses outdated technology and we cannot find a sweep to sweep the chimney, as the flue is inaccessible - indeed the last sweep who came issued a warning notice about the lack of safety of the stove!

We are considering the Merlin as it is a local company and I feel inclined to support them. It has a much simpler control system and has good reviews on "Stoves Online" - but I am always wary of online reviews.

Welshwife Wed 30-Aug-17 13:05:17

Merlin are a UK make I assume then - will take a google at them.
We have a Godin which is good. Some stoves you can have a slightly different top on so you can put a casserole dish or pot on the top. You need a cast iron rather than steel as it retains the heat better and acts like a radiator when it is burning down.

Tegan2 Wed 30-Aug-17 15:05:34

We have a woodburner in Northumberland but I can't remember what make it is; I know it's Scandinavian because the company we used said they found them the best because they'd had so many more years of experience over there [I'm wondering if it was a Morston; I'll have to ask the S.O.].

mumofmadboys Wed 30-Aug-17 16:50:45

I have just crossed the lounge to find out what make ours is. It's a Morso. Maybe the same make as yours Tegan2 ?

Tegan2 Wed 30-Aug-17 17:01:15

That sounds like it; the company we used in Berwick were brilliant; unfortunately they don't travel down to where I live to fit them. Did the work in just a couple of days with no mess whatsoever.The dog loves it; ran into the front room last time we were up there and, on seeing the fire wasn't on, ran straight back to her basket in the dining room....

J52 Wed 30-Aug-17 17:04:58

We have two Charnwoods, one multifuel the other wood only. I can thoroughly recommend them.

Chewbacca Wed 30-Aug-17 19:56:13

I have a Hunter multi fuel burner but usually only burn seasoned logs from a local forest. I've had it 9 years now and the airwash system is so efficient that glass is a clear now as the day it was installed. I would buy the same make again.

silverlining48 Wed 30-Aug-17 21:32:53

We have had our first quote for a multi fuel wood burner, 5kw. just under £5000. Seems a lot to me. Any comments welcome.

Luckygirl Wed 30-Aug-17 22:37:39

We have been quoted £1800 for the lot: stove (5.5Kw), installation, flue liner, cowl, plastering of wall etc. Your quote silver seems a bit OTT!

J52 Wed 30-Aug-17 23:31:16

Yes our was in the £1800 range too. It included everything as well as building a slate hearth.

silverlining48 Thu 07-Sep-17 21:09:44

Luckygirl and j52 massive difference in quotes to mine. Were the companies local? We have someone wkse coming to guve a quote tomorrow. Watch this space.

petra Thu 07-Sep-17 22:03:33

We had a Vermont on our boat. These are made in Canada, they're not cheap but living on a boat, safety was our top priority.

Luckygirl Thu 07-Sep-17 22:16:39

I don't know where you are silver but the firm we used are called stovetech and have a website.

We ordered it last week and it was fitted yesterday - everything in place, including large hole in wall which is to be filled in tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

Notme Thu 07-Sep-17 22:23:14

We are having a woodburner installed. Dean Forge Dartmoor 5. (5 kw.) Total cost £3,100.

Daughter had one installed last year. Approx the same cost.

Notme Thu 07-Sep-17 22:27:02

Cost of stove: £755

Cost of chimney liner: £895 (!)

silverlining48 Sat 09-Sep-17 12:19:45

Cant believe the big difference in cost. We are in the south east, london/kent borders. Will be checking stovetech out. Thank you for your responses.

Notme Sat 09-Sep-17 14:05:52

I am in south east too. Perhaps it comes cheaper in the sticks.

merlotgran Sat 09-Sep-17 15:01:55

We bought ours from eBay and as we were doing a building conversion it was easy to install from scratch. The flue system cost more than the stove itself but the total cost was no more than £1,500.