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well it's here!!

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travelsafar Thu 23-Nov-17 08:19:20

Finally the day has arrived for my trip to India, this time tomorrow i will be in Dehli enjoying weather in the high 70's and probably being totally overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds and smells i will encounter!! It is also my 65th birthday today so no celebrations taking place, that was done on Sunday, i have to finish packing my case, no doubt things will go in and out, check my documents for travel, and then wait till 4.30 when we start our journey to Heathrow. Until my bottom hits the seat on the plane I can't believe it's going to happen!!! Bon Voyage!!!

Eglantine21 Thu 23-Nov-17 08:21:32

Enjoy, enjoy. There's nothing so good as travel and the experience of another place and culture. Where else in India apart from Delhi?

baubles Thu 23-Nov-17 08:22:46

Bon voyage, an adventure awaits. smilesunshine

Greyduster Thu 23-Nov-17 08:23:37

Happy birthday, travelsafar! Enjoy your trip and come back and tell us about it!

ginny Thu 23-Nov-17 08:28:52

Enjoy your trip and Happy Birthday. Loved India, new sights and experiences around every corner.

kittylester Thu 23-Nov-17 08:32:29

Happy birthday and have a great trip.

DanniRae Thu 23-Nov-17 09:08:01

How exciting for you. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!! flowers

Auntieflo Thu 23-Nov-17 09:15:17

Happy birthday Travelsafar cupcake wine flowers. I do envy you. We went to India in 1991/2 and mostly loved it., doing the Golden Triangle. Have a great time.

silverlining48 Thu 23-Nov-17 09:18:17

Happy birthday travels, and enjoy your travels. We are hoping to go to india too in the not too distant future so will be very interested to read your thoughts on your return.
Have a great time.

Anniebach Thu 23-Nov-17 09:19:40

Enjoy every minute, I would love to visit India

Luckygirl Thu 23-Nov-17 09:20:32

How very exciting and what a birthday treat! Enjoy!

lemongrove Thu 23-Nov-17 09:23:32

Happy Birthday travels ( well named aren’t you!)wine
Enjoy your trip to India, then come back and tell us about it.

cornergran Thu 23-Nov-17 09:24:22

Happy birthday and have a fabulous time.

Jane10 Thu 23-Nov-17 09:35:31

Sounds terrific! Among your birthday presents was there any Immodium by any chance? If not there's still time to pop out and get some. I speak as one who knows wink

POGS Thu 23-Nov-17 10:04:09

How I wish my health would permit travel travelsofar, I would be off like a shot to experience India.

Have a great time and let us know whether it was a thumbs up or thumbs down holiday that lived up to your expectations.

Happy birthday , what a way to celebrate . envy. smile

Christinefrance Thu 23-Nov-17 10:12:50

Happy birthdaytravelasfar wonderful experience going to India, enjoy every minute flowers

travelsafar Thu 23-Nov-17 10:37:27

Jane10 i have plenty of Immodium!!! we are doing the Golden Triangle so visiting Agra and Jaipur as well. It is me and my sister that are going as my husband doesn't do holidays.I am very fortunate to have my darling sister to travel with. I will fill you all in on my return. Thanks for all the good wishes.

Lindylo Thu 23-Nov-17 11:07:38

Have a wonderful trip. It looks an absolutely terrific place to visit.

Jalima1108 Thu 23-Nov-17 11:35:42

Happy birthday and bon voyage travelsafar

Might I suggest probiotics?

Jalima1108 Thu 23-Nov-17 11:37:08

or is it prebiotics, not sure now!

NfkDumpling Thu 23-Nov-17 12:03:18

We’ve enjoyed India twice and are off again in March looking for tigers and bears and things so we’ll be avoiding cities this time. No problem so far with Delhi Belly, but we are careful about what we eat and take supplies of Imodium etc. I nearly sucumbed on a boat on the Ganges - luckily I saw the cook leave the little shed overhanging the back of the boat and then scoop the rice for lunch into the bowl with his (unwashed) hands! The couple who poo-hoo’d the ‘don’t eat the rice’ message were quite ill.

I hope the Taj leaves your jaw on the ground the way it did mine! It’s a huge, fantastic, wonderful country.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Nov-17 12:12:53

Have a fabulous time! Many happy returns, too. wine

gillybob Thu 23-Nov-17 12:24:50

Have an amazing time travelsafar

I am soooooo envy

Eloethan Thu 23-Nov-17 12:42:08

Hope you have a lovely time travelsofar. I expect you have checked the weather and temperature there but if you haven't, bear in mind it might be chilly. My husband went to Delhi in December one year and it was cold.

Alima Thu 23-Nov-17 12:42:10

Happy birthday travelsafar and have a wonderful trip.