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cc Sun 18-Feb-18 16:08:17

I was sho ked to see today that our local beach of East is closing down. When I went in to ask if it was moving g to another location I found out that they have gone into liquidation - so sad to hear this.

BlueBelle Sun 18-Feb-18 16:10:33

I ve never heard of this shop there aren’t any around our way what does it sell ?

J52 Sun 18-Feb-18 16:20:15

This was in business New a couple of days ago. I also went into our local shop. The prices had hardly dropped despite a ‘closing down, everything must go’ sign.
The lady behind the counter was saying that they been taken over by a French company and were just making room for new lines.

J52 Sun 18-Feb-18 16:20:41


Marydoll Sun 18-Feb-18 16:24:32

The one in Glasgow shut down a couple of years ago. sad
Perhaps they were struggling then.

Stansgran Sun 18-Feb-18 16:26:30

I used to love their clothes.

MawBroon Sun 18-Feb-18 17:04:19

Mail order is still up and running, They went into receivership a week or two back but are still trading.
One of my favourites, but this year’s styling is less impressive.

kittylester Sun 18-Feb-18 17:10:35

I've just tried to buy a couple of jute bags before they disappear but there are none available despite being on the website.

lemongrove Sun 18-Feb-18 17:38:14

The one near me closed down about two years ago, sadly.

Jane10 Sun 18-Feb-18 17:54:17

I loved their stuff. Very sorry to see they'd closed down. Now where will I find oriental style clothes that cover a multitude of flab sins?

lemongrove Sun 18-Feb-18 17:57:28

My thoughts exactly Jane 🤔

lemongrove Sun 18-Feb-18 17:57:53

We could try a sari!

dogsmother Sun 18-Feb-18 17:59:47

It is sad, but I have tended to move over more to white stuff and fat face.

NotTooOld Sun 18-Feb-18 18:50:58

I, too, prefer White Stuff and Fat Face. Some of East's stuff was lovely but it was always pricey. I don't miss it.

NotTooOld Sun 18-Feb-18 18:51:48

Isn't Monsoon similar to East? That's still going.

M0nica Mon 19-Feb-18 17:27:24

I loved East clothes and was in Harrogate this weekend and was able to buy some clothes in the closing down sale.

The reason they were expensive is because their clothes were ethically produced with fair prices paid down the clothing chain

The answer is to pay more and buy less, not transfer your clothes buying to less ethical stores.

Jalima1108 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:33:59

I looked for the one near Bristol not long ago and it had gone, so that explains it.

GillT57 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:34:24

Oh no! Love East clothes. Yes, a bit pricy sometimes, but well made, and their sale is marvellous. One of the few places where I can buy natural fibres such as linen and cotton, I hate manmade fibres with a passion/.

eazybee Mon 19-Feb-18 17:43:46

I liked East clothes, but I wasn't tall enough for them. Sad they are going. Monsoon has been taken over I believe and most of the branches closed down, and the clothes they sell are revolting; everything smothered in glitter, cheap fabrics but expensive prices.
Think Crew Clothing has changed hands; everything very much designed for a crisp American matron on a Florida Golf Course; pale blue, pale pink, red and navy.

Grannyknot Mon 19-Feb-18 17:51:29

Seeing as this has digressed a bit to talk about other clothing lines - a big Next store opened near to where I live - with great fanfare - and I bought a few things from there, and have been really disappointed with the quality.

I seem to find good quality and nice things in Matalan of all places ...

TerriBull Mon 19-Feb-18 18:09:39

My local town had a really nice spacious East in the market place, they have recently moved to a quite small pokey shop, I suppose at least we still have a branch, but it isn't the pleasure to visit this shop as it was the original one. I'm sorry to hear East might disappear altogether. I do find them rather expensive but frequently buy things whenever they have a sale. I perceive they appealed to those of us who remembered the '60s they often evoke that decade for me.

M0nica Mon 19-Feb-18 18:16:46

Terribull It will not be there long, the company has gone bust and the holding company is also in liquidation, with little sign of anyone being interested in buying it and saving the brand so all stores will be closing.

I made the most of my opportunity to buy in the sale and now have a very nice whit linen shirt.

TerriBull Mon 19-Feb-18 18:25:10

It might have even gone now M0nica, I haven't bothered visiting it of late. I'll have a look tomorrow to see if it's still there and any bargains to be had. What a shame sad