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Funny April Fool's Story?

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willa45 Mon 02-Apr-18 17:46:21

Fifteen year old twins at our house for Easter.....staring at their screens (what else?) and cooking up mischief while the rest of the family is engaged in conversation.

They both break into laughter suddenly and run into the kitchen....

Short version: A message (with pictures) was sent in error to my grandson's iPhone! It read...."Happy Easter Rita!" The greeter posted an image with exquisitely decorated Easter eggs. "Very original!!" came Rita's reply.

A third person then sent a wreath with delicately hand painted eggs that rivaled the previous ones. Someone named Mildred added "lovely!" and posted a bowl of Ukrainian eggs that could have been crafted by Faberge himself. Rita's reply was "Beauteous!"

That's when our two giggling grand 'imps' sent back the following message...... "Happy Easter, Rita!" The greeting was followed by a picture of my (half torn) egg carton with five brown eggs inside!

Postmark...My daughter pointed out to them how rude that was and she scolded them for it......(the rest of us couldn't stop laughing). Grandson sent an apology. Message reply was "No hard feelings and a Happy Easter to you too! Loved your April Fool's eggs, Rita"

joannapiano Mon 02-Apr-18 18:05:38

Four DGC banged on our front door yesterday (they can't reach the bell) and on opening I said "Oh NO, I forgot to cook the lunch." Four stunned faces. "Really?" said the eldest. "No, April Fool!" I said.
Well, it made me laugh. I am a bad Nanny.

Jane10 Mon 02-Apr-18 19:14:48

It's not surprising or clever in the least but DGSs are bowled over by good old whoopee cushions every time! (I love them too blush)

Daddima Tue 03-Apr-18 11:38:46

My friend’s husband phoned her and said he had had a dreadful attack of diarrhoea. He told her she would have to come down the road with a change of clothes, and hot water and cloths to clean the car seat. She set off with the clothes and a bucket of bleachy water, and had gotten halfway down the road when she met a neighbour who told her what day it was!