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Adverts from the past

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NonnaW Thu 19-Apr-18 11:42:48

Anyone else still remember some of those old advertising jingles or slogans? One that came to me last night was ‘Hoover beats as it sweeps as it cleans’ (feel free to sing it!).
Another one is ‘cheese please Louise’.
Some things just stick in the head for years.

Beattie9 Thu 19-Apr-18 19:55:33


There's a thread called 'Old Ads You Remember' that will probably jog quite a few memories!

NonnaW Thu 19-Apr-18 20:06:00

Sorry, didn’t realise that blush

Beattie9 Thu 19-Apr-18 20:33:29


Apologies not necessary, there's so much on here, one couldn't possibly trawl through every forum looking for a particular topic!