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The things I regret......

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Poppyred Sat 21-Apr-18 19:04:58

Being in too much of a rush to grow up....
Not savouring every moment of my children's childhood....
Not seeing Elvis live in concert......😰❤️💔❤️
Not being able to sing in tune ......

M0nica Sat 21-Apr-18 19:35:07

Nothing really.

Marthajolly1 Sat 21-Apr-18 19:45:39

The biggest mistake of my life was marrying my first husband who I stayed with for 10 years. I'm still paying for that mistake 45 years later.

LadyGracie Sat 21-Apr-18 19:47:52

Not inheriting strong teeth!

NfkDumpling Sat 21-Apr-18 19:52:50

Not being with either of my parents when they died.

The rest of my life has been hard work - but pretty good and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lilypops Sat 21-Apr-18 19:58:14

Marrying at 20 years old instead of going for a career, I would still have married my husband of 50 years but waited till I was older and knew what path I wanted to take , I still love him very much but feel I missed out as 3 children came along soon and then I was a stay at home Mum,

Marthajolly1 Sat 21-Apr-18 19:58:18

I should have added that I don't really have any other regrets. I count myself as fairly well blessed in life with much to be thankful for

Willow500 Sat 21-Apr-18 20:02:06

Can't think of anything - life's too short for regrets!

Maggiemaybe Sat 21-Apr-18 20:17:26

Not a lot. Perhaps choosing the right sixth number when we got five in that Lotto draw....

kittylester Sat 21-Apr-18 20:19:02

Not a lot!

ginny Sat 21-Apr-18 20:25:16

No point in regrets , you can’t change the past.

Poppyred Sat 21-Apr-18 20:33:59

No you can't ...but come on be honest ...

Menopaws Sat 21-Apr-18 21:31:24

Not being with my dad when he died

Menopaws Sat 21-Apr-18 21:33:09

I'm very positive, don't do regrets but that one gets me

DanniRae Sat 21-Apr-18 21:40:17

I've had a few but then again too few to mention........!

But I do regret just eating too many chocolate biscuits after my dinner!!!!!!!!!! blush

Day6 Sat 21-Apr-18 21:51:11

My main regret is I wish I'd had more gumption as a teenager. I did my A levels and hadn't a clue what I wanted to do. So I went of to Uni and followed two friends into a career I stuck with for the next 30+ years. I really didn't enjoy my work much although I was good at it and was able to move up the ladder. I was so glad to retire eventually, but what a waste of life, hating every working day. sad

Poppyred Sat 21-Apr-18 22:21:29

Yes Day6 that is. School should have a 'life' class to try and explain why it's so important to try and match what you like doing with a job that's going to take most of your precious time. Wish i had more common sense when growing up.

Anniebach Sat 21-Apr-18 22:25:30


Apricity Sun 22-Apr-18 03:18:27

Marrying my first serious boyfriend and thinking it was "true lurve". We live and learn...and learn and...

stella1949 Sun 22-Apr-18 04:02:30

Not going to the Beatles concert in my town in 1963. I missed the beginning of Beatle Mania because I didn't like crowds !

Following my best friend into nursing instead of thinking for myself. I had a 43 year career in a field that never really "fit".

Marrying my 1st husband instead of travelling and learning about life.

absent Sun 22-Apr-18 06:20:23

NfkDumpling Everybody dies alone in the end. It's how the process works. Do not regret your absence. Rather, remember how you were there when your parents were alive. That is what really matters.

MillieBear Sun 22-Apr-18 08:23:02

Not telling more people to F off smile

DoraMarr Sun 22-Apr-18 08:26:58

HA HA MillieBear!

Grannybags Sun 22-Apr-18 08:29:00

Oh yes me too MillieBear!!

Oldwoman70 Sun 22-Apr-18 08:41:17

Being a "people pleaser" for so long. Many times I have agreed to do something I didn't want to do simply because I didn't want to upset someone.