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ebayqueen Mon 02-Jul-18 17:13:33

I was horrified yesterday when my grandchildren aged 11 and 12 were taken by their dad to Gorleston Beach and police were there saying a little girl was thrown into the air and killed when the Bouncy Castle had exploded! There had already been the incident a year or 2 ago when a castle blew away , with a child in it and she was killed. I've never thought twice about letting all 5 of my grandchildren, from an early age on them. But surely now things have to change. I can see it ending in a complete ban if the people who run them aren't more strictly controlled. The incident yesterday has left my grandchildren so very upset. Those poor poor parents :-(

Bridgeit Mon 02-Jul-18 17:25:37

Yes It’s so so terrible isn’t it ebayqueen, it does make you wonder what has changed. Definitely would make me very reluctant for GCs to go on one.

ebayqueen Mon 02-Jul-18 18:38:35

* They have just said on the news there is a temporary ban on them

PamelaJ1 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:51:01

This is a most terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the family of the little girl...but
Statistically it was probably more dangerous to drive her to Gorleston.
As far as I’m aware this type of accident hasn’t happened before and if it was due to the very hot conditions then lessons must be learned so it’s not repeated.
I hope that the accident wasn’t down to bad practice on the part of the owners, they must be feeling devastated too.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Jul-18 18:54:44

Close to my home too ebayqueen I think it is the strength of the heat over the last few days more than anything being wrong with them in general Maybe it was a bit older and the plastic or rubber or whatever it’s made of just couldn’t take it
Yes absolutely tragic the only blessing is I doubt she knew anything about it it’s the poor poor family left behind and also the young lad who was the attendant that day