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Ebay feedback for item not receiced.

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shysal Sat 07-Jul-18 14:32:12

In May I ordered an item from China. Some weeks later I received a message stating that it was out of stock and offering a refund, which I later received. I am now being inundated with requests for 5 star feedback. Surely it would be inappropriate for an item which in theory I didn't buy. I wouldn't be able to truthfully answer some of the questions. I have been politely replying asking them to read my previous messages too, listing the sequence of events. Today for a third time I am back at square one, being asked whether I have received the item! I realize there may be a language problem but the sender's English seems perfect unless they have a set script. The item will soon disappear from my feedback list, as happens after a few months, so I am tempted to ignore any future communications. What would you do?

MawBroon Sat 07-Jul-18 14:34:29


Grannyknot Sat 07-Jul-18 14:41:15

Feedback is not compulsory ...

bikergran Sat 07-Jul-18 14:54:06

I have dealt with ebay for yrs...I would just ignore.

Oopsadaisy53 Sat 07-Jul-18 16:05:00

Ignore it.

fourormore Sun 08-Jul-18 10:36:03

I had a similar experience and simply left a 'neutral' feedback stating that item not received but money refunded in full.
To be honest the seller couldn't have done more, so didn't deserve a 'negative' feedback, but 5stars was obviously not appropriate either.
Neutral covers experiences such as this and a sensible comment explains.

BlueBelle Sun 08-Jul-18 10:44:35

You don’t have to give feedback half the people I sell bits and bobs too don’t give feedback which is bad manners as you don’t even know it’s arrived safely
But if buying off a firm no need to acknowledge at all just bin the emails

henetha Sun 08-Jul-18 10:49:44

It's ludicrous to expect you to give good feedback for an item you didn't receive. Best to ignore this I think.

glammanana Sun 08-Jul-18 10:51:43

Just let it "time out" on your account and it will disappear.
Or block the supplier from your list.

Coolgran65 Sun 08-Jul-18 10:56:18

It's probably some sort of automated system.
Just ignore it. I do.

shysal Sun 08-Jul-18 13:05:11

Thanks for the advice. I shall ignore any future messages.