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Excuse me! May I have the next dance?

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Rufus2 Sat 14-Jul-18 07:57:11

Here's a URL to keep you busy while waiting for to-day's kick-off! smile

Hope my copy/paste technique works!
It comes courtesy of Webster("Oldie").

OK NanKate; Bookmark it for your next DJ gig, whenever that might be,
It even got my toes wriggling! wink
Warning; if you have a heart condition do not try this at home, with or without a partner, before seeing your doctor! sad
OoRoo and Good Vibes!


MiniMoon Sat 14-Jul-18 10:01:51

Thanks Rufus that was great. DGS 3 is here after his sleepover. He liked the uptown funk compilation very much. (He's 5 yrs old btw). Lovely breezy start to our Saturday.😃😃

petra Sat 14-Jul-18 10:30:59

Thanks for that, very clever. I've often wondered what happened to Webster, he helped me out a couple of times with tech questions.

Rufus2 Sat 14-Jul-18 10:59:52

Thanks for that, very clever. I've often wondered what happened to Webster,
Glad you liked it! As you probably know, he writes a monthly article in The Oldie mag.and also sends a weekly email newsletter; all very useful.
I don't know if you saw his "Don't lie on your CV" about the little Scottie {sheep dog) and the sheep chasing it round the paddock? grin
It's a scream! I still have a look at it whenever I need cheering up!
OoRoo Come on the Poms.

Greyduster Sat 14-Jul-18 11:32:42

Rufus, many thanks for that, I enjoyed the uptown funk - many clips I recognised and the editing was spot on! As for Fred and Ginger - firm favourites! Seen them all countless times and love them still! I am off to see if I can find Donald O'Connor doing his bouncing routine. I’d forgotten how much I liked that.

goldengirl Sat 14-Jul-18 11:40:01

Loved it! Thanks Rufus Those were the days, eh?

Oopsadaisy53 Sat 14-Jul-18 14:04:26

That was great Rufus, they should have a season of old Musical/ dancing Films on TV, I would be on the sofa for days.

kathsue Sat 14-Jul-18 14:16:16

Thanks Rufus, enjoyed that, it was put together brilliantly. Had fun identifying the original movies.