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Autumn is really here

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M0nica Sat 22-Sep-18 09:16:24

Woken up this morning by a soft continuous whirring noise. It took a moment or two to realise it was the central heating coming on for the first time this Autumn.

It didn't stay on long, but I touched the radiators and they were gently warm.

MawBroon Sat 22-Sep-18 09:21:34

It is the Autumn Equinox this weekend so Autumn officially starts tomorrow the 23rd.

JuneS Sat 22-Sep-18 09:24:43

I notice that the leaves on some trees are changing to their autumnal colours which makes me feel that the season really is changing.
I have a multi fuel stove and will be glad when it gets cold enough to light it. Did put on an electric radiator for a while yesterday evening as there is certainly a chill in the air.

MawBroon Sat 22-Sep-18 09:28:43

PS hurray!
Bring out the snuggly jumpers smile

Auntieflo Sat 22-Sep-18 09:31:09

We realised it was Autumn, when George, a big spider, ran across the rug and disappeared. ( George is the preferred name for any large spiders that care to visit) 🕷🕷🕷

Chewbacca Sat 22-Sep-18 09:35:16

It was a cold, wet and blustery day here yesterday but when I lit the lamps and set the log burner for the first time in months, it felt so cosy and comfortable. I love it when you can smell the wood burner getting going! A distinct autumnal smell!

silverlining48 Sat 22-Sep-18 09:42:01

Hasn’t it been a Great summer? We picked up a whole load of logs the other day ready for the wood burner, but in the meantime am hoping to catch a bit more sunshine and book a sunny break fir early next month. Cyprus maybe. Always a good out of season destination.

Witzend Sat 22-Sep-18 09:44:45

Yes, even my perennially centrally-heated dh said he felt like putting the heating on last night. And I put the electric blanket on - first time for many months.

MiniMoon Sat 22-Sep-18 09:55:36

The trees at the bottom of the hill are beautiful, yellow, gold and red. We've had the log burner on. That reminds me, I must order a load of logs as ours are almost finished.
My heating came on yesterday morning too. It must have been cold because I had the thermostat set at 16°c. I haven't seen the swallows or house martins flying around for a day or two, so I think that they might have started their journey back to Africa.
I don't like Autumn, it's a melancholy season.

Teetime Sat 22-Sep-18 10:08:39

Autumn can be beautiful and its nice to snuggle up and have some lovely warming casserole or something making the house smell of wine and garlic BUT I hate being cold so the heating is on, the next biggest duvet is on and the summer clothes are washed and packed away. Shopping for new jumpers coming up! and dare I say it early Xmas shopping too.

ninathenana Sat 22-Sep-18 10:29:23

Auntieflo my dad always called spiders Charlie 😊

No heating of any kind on here in S.E., not even a cardi when going out. The surrounding trees are still quiet green too.
Have noticed how early it gets dark though. The cat dosen't like being shut in at 6.30-7

Willow10 Sat 22-Sep-18 10:34:27

Christmas cards have been out in the shops since 1st August, but my heart sank yesterday when a whole aisle had been cleared and filled with Christmas 'stuff'. If only we could at least get to the end of October before it all begins. I've noticed the trees changing too, but fortunately haven't had to put the heating on yet. ( Hot water bottle is in use most of the year for cold feet though!)

Anniebach Sat 22-Sep-18 10:36:31

My elder daughter called large spiders Charlie .

Trying not to put heating on yet. Don’t like Autumn, it signals Winter on the way .

Mapleleaf Sun 23-Sep-18 22:04:00

Our heating kicked in today. Not sure if it’s been on much in the last fortnight as we’ve been away, but we noticed how cold it was today when we got back to Blighty! I have heard it’s been a mixed couple of weeks, weather wise. 😁

M0nica Mon 24-Sep-18 11:28:40

This morning I looked out of the window at 7.00am and there was frost on our flat roof. The temperature was hovering around 3 degrees, but it was obviously colder in the night.

Winter draw(ers) on grin