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Not in a party mood.

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Humbertbear Sun 07-Oct-18 10:26:34

I just received an email from a clothing firm telling me that it was time to buy my new outfit for the party season and my sister is already talking about new outfits for Xmas parties. I lead a very busy life but none of the groups I am involved with do anything special for the festive season. Am I the only person who doesn’t have a whirl of parties to go to in the run up to Xmas?

Jalima1108 Sun 07-Oct-18 10:28:35

We have a few 'do's' to go to but I will probably search the back of the wardrobe for something to wear!
No-one will remember that I was wearing it last year (and the year before etc)

Luckygirl Sun 07-Oct-18 10:30:13

Nope! I don't. Family fun and perhaps the food at our lunch group might be a bit more Christmassy - but that is it.

Do I mind? - not a bit of it! I am very happy with things as they are.

I cannot think of anything worse than a whirl of parties that demand false jollity and dressing up!

MissAdventure Sun 07-Oct-18 10:41:22

I can't stand 'dos' of any kind.
I don't enjoy getting dressed up, and spend the time surreptitiously clock watching, waiting for the end, so I can go home and have a nice coffee.
smile Happy soul that I am..

silverlining48 Sun 07-Oct-18 10:42:32

We have no Christmas do’s at all, so no need need for any ‘must haves’ from the shops. At the risk of sounding like an old misery I am always rather relieved when Christmas is over. So much expectation mixed with a good dash of disappointment. Ha humbug !

ninathenana Sun 07-Oct-18 10:49:08

I can remember ever going to a Christmas 'do'
The last do of any kind was SiL 60th three years ago.
I wouldn't need to buy anything new as my 'dressy' stuff never sees the light of day !

MawBroon Sun 07-Oct-18 10:58:24

This is the sort of advertising which most of us can ignore but all adds to the feelings of loneliness and isolation so many people of all ages suffer at Christmas. So it’s the Party Season is it? Tables heaving with food and drink? Happy smiling families with silvery haired grandma and grandpa surrounded by rosy cheeked cherubs by the (huge) Christmas tree?
For so many many people the reality is far from that. I wish we could realise that even in happy families life is far less lavish.
I also hate the idea of the “Christmas meal” with (now ex ) colleagues in an indifferent pub. While I was working I used to organise our departmental meal for January on the basis that you got better value for money and it was such a long dark month, anything to break it was a bonus! Actually also because it was easier to get a booking!
So forget the sequins or Christmas sweater - bah humbug!

MillieBear Sun 07-Oct-18 11:06:09

I've always avoided Christmas do's. I'm also with those who dislike the glittering, smiling, turkey laden, bauble sparkling Christmas ideal that's peddled in the adverts. Miserable b*gger that I am! wink

annsixty Sun 07-Oct-18 11:07:15

I have always enjoyed going out for a meal with a few friends around Christmas but not to a Christnas menu meal.
The food is expensive and poor as it is mass produced.
The thought of a party no longer appeals to me and hasn't for a very long time.
Partypooper, moi? You bet.

Nannylovesshopping Sun 07-Oct-18 11:10:50

Christmas Day with my family, lovely, anything else brings me out in hives! Another one on the partypooper list😂

Elegran Sun 07-Oct-18 11:13:39

I'm going to no parties at all, just Christmas dinner at home with family and lunch with Scottish grans in December (booked for Wed 12th Dec, if regulars at Scottish meetups have missed the thread) I shan't be buying new outfits for either.

Chewbacca Sun 07-Oct-18 11:15:05

Long since stopped attending any office Christmas "do's". I absolutely hated seeing colleagues staggering around, much the worse for wear from drinking too much and, as I don't drink alcohol at all, being stone cold sober and having the memory of their antics for months after. And like MissA, I avoid all occassions where dressing up in any capacity is required.

Merry Christmas to you all! grin

Jalima1108 Sun 07-Oct-18 11:16:22

I don't mind the 'Christmas lunch' with friends or people from DH's club(s)
It does mean I don't have to cook that day.

loopyloo Sun 07-Oct-18 11:17:37

That reminds me, I must plan a Christmas party for our Redbridge meet up. And we will get dressed up!

Overthehills Sun 07-Oct-18 11:41:16

Nothing so far, thank goodness, but there might be a few informal gatherings nearer the time. Smart clothes but not dressy. Another party pooper here! grin

Greenfinch Sun 07-Oct-18 11:43:37

I certainly wouldn't buy a new item for any do. I would wear what I have got.

NonnaW Sun 07-Oct-18 11:50:07

I’d love a Christmas party to go to. I always enjoyed the office parties when I was working, though in the latter years they were reduced to a lunch (not the same at all). I love an opportunity to get dressed up!

nightswimmer Sun 07-Oct-18 11:54:58

One of the upsides of retiring, no more work dos to have to go to. Other than that avoid like the plague, just the odd informal get together and don't dress up. Shops and supermarkets rammed with seasonal landfill.

goldengirl Sun 07-Oct-18 12:01:03

We have a 'works' party and this year a social group I attend is having a party. I'm looking forward to the latter but not the former. As for clothes, I'm likely to wear something simple - either a dress or trousers [that I already have] and top - with sparkly jewellery. It certainly won't be expensive and I will be wearing the same to both events - and any other that we might get invited to!!!

MissAdventure Sun 07-Oct-18 12:09:05

I have one top that I've worn to weddings, funerals, and obligatory 'dos' for the last few years. blush
I got it from the hospital charity shop.

Lynne59 Sun 07-Oct-18 12:20:56

No, I haven't got parties to go to. I'll ARRANGE a party for the old dears at the day centre I run, so that will be nice. I buy them all a present each, and "Santa" gives them out. We have a Christmas lunch one day, a buffet on another day, and the local schoolchildren come and sing for us. We'll also have a tombola with lovely prizes. I rig it so that everyone wins something.

Apart from that, it'll be time with the family, which I love

Jalima1108 Sun 07-Oct-18 12:45:32

I don't like the kind of parties where people stand around with a drink in their hand, chatting and nibbling on canapes.
I do like a good lunch though

bikergran Sun 07-Oct-18 13:26:44

Give me a little lunch or small evening meal out any parties for me thanks .I have been invited to xmas "do" from work at a posh place I politely said I would think about it but have no intention of accepting the offer.I would have to buy

New complete outfit/pay for ticket/taxi/drinks etc etc .As I don't socialise that much apart from family meals lunch out with friends etc then I know it would stress me out trying to find a complete outfit.

Brunette10 Sun 07-Oct-18 13:41:41

I don't mind dressing up and sometimes when I listen to my DD about all the activities she has on at Xmas it takes me back to my younger days when Xmas/New Year were busy times. My friend and I used to swap xmas pressies but last year since we both admitted we don't need anything really we decided on having a nice Xmas lunch out together. It was lovely and gave us the chance to pretty ourselves up for an afternoon, lunch and a glass of wine or perhaps 2. However apart from our Scottish meet up (Elegran) and Xmas Day that's it for me this year. Still very enjoyable though.

Greyduster Sun 07-Oct-18 15:51:40

I don’t miss works “do’s” and neither does DH. Mostly family get togethers now. I have never been a party person, but when DH was in the services, it was expected that you would both host and be hosted, so we just got on with it, but didn’t miss it when he retired. As for Christmas ads, I agree with Maw - they seem to put a weight of unrealistic expectation on people to emulate those groaning tables. Too much food is wasted at Christmas. There should merely be ‘an elegant sufficiency’! Anyone for a packet of Twiglets and a bottle of brown ale?