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teenage car insurance

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CassieJ Mon 08-Oct-18 13:06:51

My 17 yr old has just passed his driving test. Really happy for him and he is over the moon that he can finally get some independence. I am also happy that at long last he can take himself to the multiple hospital appointments he has [ I will still go with him at times.]

The downfall is he has found a car for £1000. Insurance is coming in for between £1600 -- £4500!! We have both tried various sites for insurance, hours in fact. I am down as his named driver, which brings the cost down slightly. He has a part time job [ he is at college ] , but that is going to bring in anywhere near enough to cover him for next year, and I am not in a place to help him.
We knew insurance was going to be expensive, but this seems way over the top. It is really preventing young people from getting their own cars [ which means they won't get earn their own NCB ] No wonder youngsters aren't driving so much nowadays. You either need a full time job or very rich parents to help you out

BlueBelle Mon 08-Oct-18 13:20:01

My grandson has a box fitted I don’t know the right terms for it but it brings the insurance down a lot there are restrictions ... speed, late night driving, going over lights things like that but that’s not a bad thing if they break these rules the insurance goes up a bit if it keeps happening I think they lose that insurance but well worth it for a new young driver

CassieJ Mon 08-Oct-18 13:26:25

All the insurance we have checked includes the black box. He know that there will be lots of restrictions, it is just being able to find an insurer that can do it for a more realistic cost.

ninathenana Mon 08-Oct-18 13:37:24

I have no advice but I agree it's madness

Mamissimo Mon 08-Oct-18 13:59:49

We found a really good deal for my son with Elephant - it’s a sub branch of Admiral that specialises in insuring young people. Might be worth a look. They are online only and don’t do all the comparison sites. I don’t work for them 😀 but they were great for us.

jusnoneed Mon 08-Oct-18 14:52:08

It has been like this for a good few years now, my son's first insurance 9 years ago (age 21) was over a thousand pounds. Until they hit 25 it doesn't go down much.
It is hard for them.
Take a look at the MoneySavingExpert website, Young Drivers Insurance. There may be some tips on there but I'm afraid his age will be the biggest factor.

shysal Mon 08-Oct-18 17:02:09

My grandson used Marmalade Insurance for learning in his parents car and then for his own after passing the test. I believe they are recommended for teenagers but don't know the cost.

Diana54 Mon 08-Oct-18 17:28:20

A lot of insurance companies refuse to cover young drivers at all, and those that do cannot discriminate between boys and girls. Young drivers have a very high accident rate.

The problem is the cost of hospital treatment for third party injuries, not just physical injuries, many say they have complex psychological damage as well. All these "no win no fee " claims companies milk the compensation for all its worth..
Be very careful with putting a child on your insurance it needs to be a car you regularly use yourself, not too difficult if he is living at home, if it has a black box they will check.

Luckygirl Mon 08-Oct-18 18:03:30

I can see where the insurance companies are coming from. They work on calculated risk and the stats speak for themselves.

I worked with so many injured youngsters whose driving skills were poor, or who just got a bit carried away (hormones, showing off to friends). One 18 year old lass, whose head injury resulted in her never ever being able to speak again, used to write on her Lightwriter over and over again "I wish I had not driven so fast." Tragic.

It was a bit of a problem when mine were at that age - but they were all girls and I think that makes a bit of a difference.

I do not know what the answer is, but the insurance companies are unlikely to budge.