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refund or credit

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Corkie91 Sun 28-Oct-18 11:56:29

Groupon is really annoying me at the moment refusing to give me a refund for goods that did not turn up. They are only offering credit, which I don't want. Legally they must give me a refund I believe, but getting nowhere with them, Any suggestions

Fennel Sun 28-Oct-18 16:51:02

This kind of thing has happened to us so many times - they keep making excuses and say it will turn up eventually.
I do know of people who got the order stopped, then a refund, then the object arrives.
If it's a british company I think you're right about getting a refund. Did you pay by credit card? If so I believe the credit card company will sort it out and refund..
Not sure though, I'm not an expert.

Melanieeastanglia Sun 28-Oct-18 20:26:53

I also believe you should get a refund and not a credit. I hope you get it.