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Hooray for 'boys' toys'!

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Witzend Mon 10-Dec-18 10:38:04

Well, this one anyway.
My dh isn't usually gadget-mad, but without our discussing it he recently bought an electric window-cleaning gizmo - and has gone round the house doing all the insides of the windows. (I will admit that they needed it.).

A few days later he's just remarked that it still surprises him how nice and clean they look.

I said, 'You've never said that when I've done them,' (with no gizmo). And he hasn't, but I'm not complaining!

What other housework-y gizmos would he enjoy 'playing' with, I wonder?

Beechnut Mon 10-Dec-18 10:49:39

All of them Witz then you can sit back with your feet up and admire his moves. 😂

EllanVannin Mon 10-Dec-18 11:06:12

Hahaha you'll never hear the last of it now Witzend.