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Your wonderful pseudonames

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grannysue05 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:14:46

About a year ago I opened a thread about the pseudonoms that we choose to put on Gransnet.
The freshly scented Lemongrove
The mysterious Maggiemaybe ... maybe, maybe not!
Baggs I had such an image of you until I saw your lovely picture on another thread.
MawBroon such a name of authority and we certainly respect your words.
Anniebach you must be little, yet you are not!
And I could go on and on but i won't.
There were some lovely answers and now that we have a lot of new members with equally intriguing "nom-de-plumes", I thought I would ask again what made you choose yours ?
Do you escape into a fantasy world (BlueSapphire what magic that conjures up) , or are you practical (like me) and just put your name?
Please share.

Charleygirl5 Sat 12-Jan-19 14:43:10

wellingtonpie my nearest was Cupar, we lived out in the sticks- Springfield being over a mile away.

seacliff Sat 12-Jan-19 14:33:12

Mine is just because - one of my favourite places to be is on a high Cornish cliff, surrounded by thrift and other wild flowers. Looking down at the sea crashing below, and watching and listening to the gulls whirling around. Bliss.

Magrithea Sat 12-Jan-19 12:52:16

The legendary planet (slightly mis-spelt smile) from H2G2 where the Earth was made as a super-computer to find the meaning of life, the universe and everything! (42 in case you didn't know!) gringringrin

grannysue05 Sat 12-Jan-19 11:36:52

Elegran thanks for reminding us all not to post information that reveals who you are and secret password information etc.
Thanks for all your hilarious posts.
I have enjoyed reading about all the reasons why you chose your pseudo's.

Val18 Sat 12-Jan-19 11:18:26

Mine's really boring - just my name and year joined!

Elenkalubleton Sat 12-Jan-19 08:13:41

Granddaughter Elenka,budding Actress, just got first role as Maria in sound of music,in local Theatre. So proud 😍

Elenkalubleton Sat 12-Jan-19 08:10:21

Granddaughter Elenka

wellingtonpie Sat 12-Jan-19 06:17:49

Where in Fife, fifeywifey. I to originate from Fife. My home town is St.Andrews.

wellingtonpie Sat 12-Jan-19 06:07:26

It was the first thing that came into my head. Goodness knows why!

Totallylost Sat 12-Jan-19 02:28:36

Because it's how I felt and still do after my DH passed away so suddenly 19 months ago

Marilii Sat 12-Jan-19 02:21:20

Marilii simply because it's close enough to my real name so that I won't forget it. Grin.

LadyO Sat 12-Jan-19 00:53:07

My very first grandchild was so adored by everyone we referred to her as ‘Lady’ Olivia 😍

mancgirl Fri 11-Jan-19 23:50:04

'nuff said!grin

Alwaysreading1 Fri 11-Jan-19 23:49:11

Only just started to contribute rather than just reading posts when I joined the 'read 50 books in a year' forum. My husband says that '"you're always reading' so alwaysreading1 was born. Didn't stop to think how silly it might look if i joined in with anything else. Oh well never mind

NemoNanna Fri 11-Jan-19 22:59:21

It's what my first grandson in Australia called me because I used to amuse him with a toy Nemo fish when we were on Skype. As soon as he saw me he used to say NemoNanna. Now he's older it's just plain Nanna.

Venus Fri 11-Jan-19 22:41:26

Venus is the brightest star in the sky and that's something I try and aspire to.

narrowboatnan Fri 11-Jan-19 22:35:05

Mines pretty obvious really.

GabriellaG54 Fri 11-Jan-19 22:06:27


BlueSapphire Fri 11-Jan-19 21:59:40

Because we had just celebrated our Sapphire anniversary (45 years). And we didn't know it was to be our last one. And he had the previous Christmas bought me a beautiful antique sapphire bracelet.

MissAdventure Fri 11-Jan-19 21:53:23

grin very cryptic..

Nanna58 Fri 11-Jan-19 21:47:00

I love all the ‘monikers’! I obviously have all the creativity of a plank of wood, as I am a Nanna and was born in ‘58, blinding eh??

Nonnatimesfour Fri 11-Jan-19 21:39:05

I am not Italian, but love things all Italian and I have four grandchildren so opted for Nonnatimesfour. I probably would choose something completely different another time, something more romantic and less obvious :-)

HurdyGurdy Fri 11-Jan-19 21:31:08

In a secret Santa at school in 1976, I was given a little model of a hurdy gurdy that played Lili Marlene.

I loved it, and kept it for years, but it got lost in one of my house moves, sadly.

I use the name as it reminds me of my school friends, most of whom I have lost touch with.

Mogsmaw Fri 11-Jan-19 20:26:37

My second daughter has an unpronounceable ( apparently!) Scottish Gaelic name. She became so annoyed at people mispronouncing it, or worse, telling her she was wrong in the pronunciation of her own name! She gave up and called herself Mog, it’s her initials,
I’m her maw.

Juggernaut Fri 11-Jan-19 20:09:51

A nickname I've had since my teens!