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Your wonderful pseudonames

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grannysue05 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:14:46

About a year ago I opened a thread about the pseudonoms that we choose to put on Gransnet.
The freshly scented Lemongrove
The mysterious Maggiemaybe ... maybe, maybe not!
Baggs I had such an image of you until I saw your lovely picture on another thread.
MawBroon such a name of authority and we certainly respect your words.
Anniebach you must be little, yet you are not!
And I could go on and on but i won't.
There were some lovely answers and now that we have a lot of new members with equally intriguing "nom-de-plumes", I thought I would ask again what made you choose yours ?
Do you escape into a fantasy world (BlueSapphire what magic that conjures up) , or are you practical (like me) and just put your name?
Please share.

Purpledaffodil Thu 10-Jan-19 22:15:09

A site I was using (cannot remember the name of it) asked for favourite colour and favourite flower to create a user name. Not sure why I chose daffodil as I prefer roses🤪

Marmight Fri 11-Jan-19 00:43:30

Just a play on the spread. You might like me or you might not! (also Mar is part of one of my names)
Confused Moi? confused

Ailsa43 Fri 11-Jan-19 01:22:04

It's my name, and the numbers are just random

Grandma2213 Fri 11-Jan-19 02:09:42

I just picked something that was not recognisable with numbers significant only to me. How boring! some of you are so inventive.

sukie Fri 11-Jan-19 03:16:32

Interesting and fun post! My father would sometimes call me Sukie when I was little. It is one of the few personal memories I have of him as there were a lot of children and he worked long hours before passing away when I was a young teen.

BlueBelle Fri 11-Jan-19 03:24:32

Mines very boring and factual I have thought of changing it and I know just what I d change it to, my grandads nickname for me but it would feel wrong posting under another name so I ll stick to wafting in the breeze every spring

absent Fri 11-Jan-19 03:44:53

When I joined Gransnet at its beginning I lived in the UK and my daughter and grandchildren lived in New Zealand, so I was physically absent from their lives most of the time, although not, I hope, emotionally. She still lives in NZ, but now so do I, having emigrated from the UK nearly six years ago. However, lots of people on Gransnet know me as absent, so I left it how it was.

Marelli Fri 11-Jan-19 05:28:59

The first 3 letters of each of my daughters' names and the first letter of my son's name.

BradfordLass72 Fri 11-Jan-19 06:44:56

I'm beginning to wish I hadn't chosen something so mundane but I was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire 72 years ago.
I now live in an environment about as different as it gets from that cold northern city.
I'm in the South Pacific.

baubles Fri 11-Jan-19 09:28:19

Firstly I was my name spelled backwards but that was quickly ditched in favour of baublesbanglesandbeads, however I soon shortened it to just baubles.

Teetime Fri 11-Jan-19 09:45:29

My is very obvious - I play golf- that's where I am going now. Bye xx

David1968 Fri 11-Jan-19 09:49:49

I'm a woman and a grandma. Being a bear of little brain, I just didn't grasp how my username would always appear - I guess I was thinking "password" at the time....
I'd change it to "the GN poster previously known as: David 1968", but I think that's too long.

Coconut Fri 11-Jan-19 10:14:52

Obsessed with the smell .... shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, candles, Malibu 🥥🍾🤣

Urmstongran Fri 11-Jan-19 10:16:19

I suppose mine was practical- just the place we live. I’m curious as to why some monikers use numbers. Why? I don’t see the need really.

Horatia Fri 11-Jan-19 10:19:11

A horse known to me.

nettyandmasey Fri 11-Jan-19 10:21:04

Mine is my name I go by rather then full name and the name of my beloved Cavalier who I bought when my partner died. It’s a different spelling of his surname. Have also lost my dog now but he got me and the children through a dark times. Xx

25Avalon Fri 11-Jan-19 10:23:46

I wasn't allowed Avalon which I wanted. Avalon is the Isles of Apples. I decided to be Silver Apples which I coded as 25Avalon.

libra10 Fri 11-Jan-19 10:27:19

Mine is my birth sign.

Craftycat Fri 11-Jan-19 10:28:03

Easy- I have always had multiple cats in the house & I am a crafter.

moggie Fri 11-Jan-19 10:30:29

Mine is nick name from my teenage years. This is Lexy my Dd’s Dog

missdeke Fri 11-Jan-19 10:30:53

Mine was given to me by a young Turkish lad I was helping with his English.

Magicmaggie Fri 11-Jan-19 10:31:48

It was my professional name for many years of entertaining

allsortsofbags Fri 11-Jan-19 10:32:10

Mine came from a conversation DDs had. DD1 asked DD2 if she had a certain type of bag for an occasion.

She said no but ask mum she has "all sorts of bags".

Yes I did have the type of bag DD1 needed to borrow grin

I could also have chosen "Too many scarfs" too grin

paperbackbutterfly Fri 11-Jan-19 10:32:22

I read a lot and I'm a librarian so I have several books ' on the go' at once and flit from one to another like a butterfly with several beautiful flowers to feed from.

Matriarch Fri 11-Jan-19 10:41:56

I’m the oldest woman in our family. Although it makes me sound a bit domineering , I really hope I’m not !!!