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Where do you keep yours?

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gmelon Wed 30-Jan-19 12:51:58

The spare key to your car.
I keep mine on me in my trouser pocket in case I lose my keys while I am out.
Silly because I keep my main keys ... in my trouser pocket.
Unless I lose my trousers I should be okay.

Bekstar Sun 10-Feb-19 23:26:05

I keep spare one in handbag hubby keeps main one in his pocket. I dont drive, so mine hardley ever comes out of the bag. But as he is my carer we arnt very often seperated so if he did lose his we would be ok.

Bandit Fri 01-Feb-19 09:38:44

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GabriellaG54 Thu 31-Jan-19 23:30:12

I have a keysafe under a sod in the tiny flower bed. Another spare in the canvas edging of the greenhouse cover. wink

PECS Thu 31-Jan-19 23:04:27

In the 'do you know where it is? tray in the boiler cupboard!

llizzie2 Thu 31-Jan-19 22:56:11

I don't have a car - or a mobile phone.

ayokunmi1 Thu 31-Jan-19 20:52:23

In my undies drawer

SunnySusie Thu 31-Jan-19 19:58:08

This thread has reminded me that about three years ago the car keys fell apart after going through a hot wash (its a long story) and couldnt be mended so we started using the spare. Maybe its time for me to now obtain a new spare. No idea where the spare door key is either because before we had the new super dooper double glazing it was possible to slide a credit card into the back door and open it which meant for the first thirty odd years we lived here we hadnt needed to use the spare key. Cant for the life of me remember where it is. With luck the burglars couldnt find it either, although probably they are better equipped than me to figure it out.

Caro57 Thu 31-Jan-19 18:37:03

Upstairs so, hopefully, they can’t be ‘tapped’ by n’er do wells

muffinthemoo Thu 31-Jan-19 16:33:49

breeze if someone breaks into my home, I will be quite happy if they just pick up the car keys and leave, as opposed to having a good old rummage.

Everything in the house is insured. I just want intruders not to harm any of the family (including dog). Everything else is just stuff, it's replaceable.

mokryna Thu 31-Jan-19 16:32:58

Many years ago there was a magnet car key gadget to put under the car, which we used without any problems. We forgot about it completely and didn't remember until the day the 'new owner' phoned used to say he had lost his keys and was there a chance we had a spare knocking around some place.

muffinthemoo Thu 31-Jan-19 16:32:02

Good question.

DH took the spare key of my car the day we got it, as I "couldn't be trusted not to lose it"

Guess what has never been seen again....!!

sarahanew Thu 31-Jan-19 16:07:07

With 'other important stuff', ie my passport, birth certificate, cheque book, euros. I only have one place to remember then!

HannahLoisLuke Thu 31-Jan-19 15:42:57

Used to keep it in drawer at home until recently when I took my car for MOT and the mechanics couldn't get my car started to get it into the workshop. The dashboard said "key not detected"
I tried, they tried, no good. Rang the main dealer who's solution was to send a low loader to take it back to their workshop at huge cost!
Then one if the mechanics said it could be the battery in the key, which I hadn't changed in ten years! We didn't think that was the problem though as the key had opened the car.
In the end I phoned my daughter, asked her to drive to my house, get in with her spare key and bring my other car key, which she did.
Problem solved.
Next day I went to main dealer and had the battery replaced in the dead key and now keep it in my handbag. Thinking about it though, I should just keep a spare battery in my bag and leave the key at home just in case I ever get my bag stolen.

melp1 Thu 31-Jan-19 15:09:05

spare sets for both cars in the safe

breeze Thu 31-Jan-19 15:03:21

Whole families' car keys on a hook in the hall. And the dog car keys (they can't drive! Just car that has large crate and lots of mud in it) are in a pot in the laundry room as we go out the back door with them.

We've never worried as our cars are behind 7ft walls with electric gates and one of our dogs is an excellent guard dog. I was interested to read that people leave the keys close to the door on purpose as burglars may take them and leave without going around the property to search for them. Never thought of that concept before. You're always told to hide them but it's an interesting thought. I suppose if they're on view though, it could mean a break in happens that wouldn't have otherwise. Two points of view I guess.

Lilylilo Thu 31-Jan-19 14:19:17

Errrm......not sure! but I can't think anyone would want to steal our ancient cars! Usually left on the drive unlocked anyway!!!!

wellwalked Thu 31-Jan-19 13:15:39

I don't have a car shock and I can't possibly tell you whereabouts in the garden the spare house key is buried...perhaps my burglar on reading this will dig it over for me smile

Farmor15 Thu 31-Jan-19 13:02:05

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sarahellenwhitney Thu 31-Jan-19 12:50:58

There are mini key safe boxes with a combination lock that can be fitted anywhere on the outside of your property
Ideal unless you forget the codehmm.

MawBroon Thu 31-Jan-19 12:12:09

Type an asterisk * then the name without a space then another asterisk, again, without a space first.

essjay Thu 31-Jan-19 12:08:06

I don't have a spare key for my car. My BF keeps her spare at my house(she used to have lodgers and one "borrowed" the car using the spare)

CarlyD7 Thu 31-Jan-19 11:51:22

Our neighbour recently had her garage door broken into (apparently these locks aren't very secure) and she'd forgotten to lock the door from there into her kitchen, so they went in, stole the car keys from where they were hanging up by the door, and stole the car. That was a reminder for all of us to check all doors at night and put keys away out of sight. (Bet it won't last ... )

GrannyIris5 Thu 31-Jan-19 11:47:36

Not thread related but can anyone explain how you get another member’s name in bold please. It’s baffling me lol

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 31-Jan-19 11:40:52

My spare car keys are on a little attachment inside my handbag which is just as well as the battery needed to be replaced in the main ones last week. I was able to whip out the spare and get home. Phew!

nannypiano Thu 31-Jan-19 11:37:35

I do the same as dragonfly and keep the spare keys and the ones I use in a protective case. My car is key less and very steal-able by gadgets thieves use to open and start the car without the key fob. The they are kept in a closed drawer away from the front door and windows.