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International Garden Photographer of the Year

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FountainPen Fri 08-Feb-19 14:47:22

Interesting that the BBC have chosen a category winner not the overall winner as the photo to lead with on its home page - a traditional early morning picture of the gardens of Bressingham rather than the image of alliums created by a more complex development process.

So many beautiful photographs here. For its sheer delicacy, I'm drawn to the one of a group of lady's smock taken by the Young Garden Photographer of the Year.

What's your favourite and why?

PECS Fri 08-Feb-19 14:59:46

Difficult to name a favourite as all so different! I did like the highly commended in the Trees section taken in Florida and the wildfower landscape too.

MissAdventure Fri 08-Feb-19 15:02:26

I like the second picture.

KatyK Fri 08-Feb-19 15:14:28

I like the second picture too. How apt that it's by Richard Bloom flowers

annsixty Fri 08-Feb-19 15:18:41

Thank you Fountainpen for posting that.
They are all beautiful.

EllanVannin Fri 08-Feb-19 15:34:38

Fisherman on the Li River.
The calm before the storm in what looks to be a reflection of the formidable sky on the river with one lowly fisherman seeking his catch before the skies darken.
A spectacular picture also featuring the mountainous region of Hechi.

Auntieflo Fri 08-Feb-19 15:49:06

FountainPen, thanks for the link. I loved the Fisherman on the Li River, for its simplicity and peace.
Mind you, the photo that was posted earlier this week, the Frosted Rose, I think, was also very beautiful, but I can’t remember who took it.

cavewoman Fri 08-Feb-19 15:54:30

I love the Coughton Court picture. Can see it hanging in my dining room.
My second place goes to the starlings, beautifully captured on the old tap.

lemongrove Fri 08-Feb-19 15:57:43

I like the starlings in Snowdonia best, and Mount Rainier in the mist.

Greyduster Fri 08-Feb-19 21:30:00

I love the first one - I could live with that and keep on finding something new in it. It looks like a very good watercolour.