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Brexit is irrelevant

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Lisagran Tue 12-Feb-19 06:41:47

Deleted at request of poster

Urmstongran Tue 12-Feb-19 07:40:15

I think I’ll go back to bed and pull the duvet over my head.

Chewbacca Tue 12-Feb-19 07:48:13

Budge up Urmstongran, I'll join you.

AlieOxon Tue 12-Feb-19 07:58:01

That won't help!

There's a new book The Uninhabitable Earth, I am going to see if I can buy it for my grandson, just 18...... try and influence the people who are going to be around to face it.

I have joined an environmental group doing its bit.

We may be late but it's no use being an ostrich

Lisagran Tue 12-Feb-19 08:04:36

I’ve asked for this thread to be deleted and I’ve put the same info up, under a less flippant heading. This really is serious stuff.

AlieOxon Tue 12-Feb-19 08:28:18

Very. I was going to put a link to the BBC up and will wait for this.
Brexit to me is merely a symptom.....