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Exploding kittens

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Badenkate Thu 28-Feb-19 09:18:13

I don't know if anyone else has discovered this card game, but I bought it about 3 Christmases ago as a game for the family to play - that's me, husband, two sons plus wives, 3 grandchildren aged 9, 12, 14.
It has been the most popular game, particularly with the grandchildren, I can remember. They still clamour to play it, and my son's stepson aged 19 also loves playing it.
Basically you try and blow your opponents up by tactics, joining forces with other players, and sometimes just cheating! It's huge fun with just a pack of cards and I can really recommend it for this age group - but don't get the adult version!
Has anyone got any other more unusual games that they've found for all the family to enjoy?

MiniMoon Thu 28-Feb-19 09:26:09

For several years Who's in the Bag was a favourite at our family Boxing day party. You divide into teams and each team has to pick out a card on which there are the names of three celebrities/famous people. Then the other team members have to guess who is being described. It's against the clock, and the team with most cards at the end wins.
My late mother loved this game, I can still picture her roaring with laughter at all the antics of the family.

JackyB Thu 28-Feb-19 09:34:13

That certainly is an eye-catching thread title!

We found that Rummikub was a huge favourite from when our boys were quite young. But then we're all a bit geeky in our family. (My father used to test us on our times tables at mealtimes - 6 x 9 still always reminds me of mashed potatoes - and we used to enjoy the "game"!)

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 28-Feb-19 09:48:00

We've played Mexican Train which is a bit like dominoes but takes it a bit further - the game was bought back from abroad by a relative.
Oh, but the name Exploding Kittens is a bit upsetting for we cat lovers! I know you're not really exploding kittens, but ...

lemongrove Thu 28-Feb-19 11:14:02

Sounds fun smile
So glad that no kittens were really ‘exploded’ !