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Gransooz Tue 26-Mar-19 11:23:10

I’m still very new here and I have to say that it is annoying to have to keep checking on acronyms to find out what on earth is being said. I also wonder about the emojis. Why do you have to type the word in brackets to get an emoji - can’t you just use the emoji? grin 😁 Maybe it all just takes a bit of getting used to hmm πŸ€”.

EllanVannin Tue 26-Mar-19 11:05:46

>>>>>>>>forgot to add SWALK .

EllanVannin Tue 26-Mar-19 11:04:44

Hee hee hee. It's another version of Pitmans.

Teetime Tue 26-Mar-19 10:35:06


Teetime Tue 26-Mar-19 10:34:32

I carry on reading because of FOMO [Grin]

Johno Tue 26-Mar-19 10:16:35

I do wish the ABNS could be ended. My W and I FD it hard to FW the use of ABNS in MssGS.
What happened to straight forward writing as a means of communicating. Please stop all this ..My DD and GDD and SIL and DIL and GRDD and whomever??
Communication is about method and structure. I start to read posts then immediately switch off when all I see is DD - GDD - SIL et al.

Can we just communicate properly?
what do you think?