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Wishing Marydoll to get well soon!

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Chewbacca Sun 28-Apr-19 13:37:40

Marydoll isn't very well at the moment and, although she isn't able to post, she's able to read our posts.

Marydoll we're all wishing you a very speedy recovery. I know you like cupcake and brew and so I'm sending you those with flowers.

Get well quickly!

Brunette10 Sun 28-Apr-19 13:40:10

I second that! I'm sure with all your well wishers Marydoll you hopefully will get better soon, get home and start posting again. Take care, you know we are thinking of you. flowers

crazyH Sun 28-Apr-19 13:41:31

Oh Marydoll, sorry to hear are some flowers for you. Get well soon xx

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Apr-19 13:44:21

Wishing you a speedy recovery marydoll 💐💐💐

kittylester Sun 28-Apr-19 13:54:26

Hope things take a turn for the better quickly, marydoll.

aggie Sun 28-Apr-19 13:59:35

Hope you are well soon xxxxx

DanniRae Sun 28-Apr-19 13:59:45

Sorry to hear that you are not well marydoll. I hope you are feeling much better soon. sunshine to cheer you up!

Fennel Sun 28-Apr-19 14:07:06

Sorry to hear that you're not well, Marydoll.
I hope the hospital looks after you well and you're back posting on here soon.

GillT57 Sun 28-Apr-19 14:09:39

Get well soon, and keep logging on! Your virtual friends are all here and sending you positive vibes for a speedy recovery.

Doodle Sun 28-Apr-19 14:27:55

marydoll so sorry to hear you’re poorly. Hope you get well soon. Would you like me to round up the gang from the Argy and pop round to visit you with a couple of gallons of poteen? 😱. No, I thought not 😊.
Really hope you feel better soon. Take care x

Day6 Sun 28-Apr-19 14:33:00

I hope you are feeling better before long Marydoll

Like Doodle I feel the Argy will be a poorer place without your presence. I do hope you haven't sneaked Thor into your bed! He's been missing. Get well soon flowers

Izabella Sun 28-Apr-19 14:40:18

Hugs from the Shire.

Marelli Sun 28-Apr-19 15:03:10

Oh Marydoll.... sorry to hear you aren't well. I hope things improve for you very soon. 💐Xx

GabriellaG54 Sun 28-Apr-19 15:05:28

'Lots of good wishes' Marydoll
I don't think you'll be allowed Champagne but you can always pretend.

cornergran Sun 28-Apr-19 15:09:15

More good wishes from me marydoll, hope you’re back home soon.

NanaandGrampy Sun 28-Apr-19 15:14:26

Hope you’re giving those young doctors a run for their money Marydoll , get well soon !

FarNorth Sun 28-Apr-19 15:15:57

All the best to you, Marydoll. flowers We'll be looking out for you getting back to us.

Anniebach Sun 28-Apr-19 15:18:10

Marydoll my love and all wishes for speedy recovery x

morethan2 Sun 28-Apr-19 15:24:02

Hope your better soon and back posting here. flowers

Alima Sun 28-Apr-19 15:26:46

Get well soon Marydoll. (I’ve heard about you. Bad bottle of rum in the argy was it?)

SilverDarlings12 Sun 28-Apr-19 15:28:54

Still thinking of you Marydoll ++++

MissAdventure Sun 28-Apr-19 15:32:43

Hope you feel better soon, Marydoll. thanks

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Apr-19 15:43:19

I really hope you feel better soon Marydoll and get those medications sorted out flowers

farview Sun 28-Apr-19 15:48:00

.. wishing you well soon Marydoll...

Maggiemaybe Sun 28-Apr-19 15:59:15

Sorry to hear you’re not well, Marydoll That Argy poteen is legendary. 😊

Seriously, take care of yourself and get back to us soon. thanks