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Jj20 Tue 04-Jun-19 22:27:31

Hi everyone hope you are enjoying your gardens and birds, been looking at chats and it seems that everyone like me doesn’t sleep well, but loves the dawn chorus

lemongrove Tue 04-Jun-19 22:34:42

Hi, I didn’t enjoy hearing the very noisy bird outside our window at around 5 a.m this morning ( a rook) it went on and on and I used some very colourful language at it.grin

BradfordLass72 Wed 05-Jun-19 06:30:46

For the past few days we've had rain, hail and lightning storms, so not much chance to enjoy the garden. smile

But I still love to hear both dawn and dusk choruses - and I too am a sporadic and intermittent sleeper. (thank goodness for audio books)

I was absolutely shattered at 5pm yesterday and decided to have a big plate of spinach and mash for tea (more greens than spuds) and of course, I was still awake at 1 am and up again at 6.30 <sigh> Must have been the iron content.

If only I could stomach spinach for breakfast!! grin

tanith Wed 05-Jun-19 06:39:07

I’m awake at 5ish most mornings and the birds are really vocal as I’m awake anyway it’s very enjoyable.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Jun-19 06:47:43

I bunny hop through the night in two hour blasts No big deal really but I m usually wide awake by 4 or 5 latest love hearing the birds and in my case seagulls and kittiwakes many hate them but they denote home and a new day for me

gt66 Wed 05-Jun-19 06:48:55

Another one here who tends to wake around 5, although today it was 4am!!

I can cope if I go to bed around 10pm, but some nights I wake after only 2 hours sleep and stay awake for hours. I have purchased melatonin pills from USA. They help, but I only take them occassionaly.

I've taken up knitting again, which helps while away the time.

vena11 Wed 05-Jun-19 06:53:17

DH woke me up this morning at 4 moaning with cramp , poor thing , I never got back to sleep . Now going out to do the school run . No rest today as going away on holiday tomorrow.