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Apparently, I've reached a good age!!

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kittylester Sun 09-Jun-19 13:48:03

Shopping this morning we bumped into an a colleague of DH whom we have not see for about 5 years. They are about 15 years younger than us but he retired before dh.

We had a good chat and catch up during which I mentioned my recent 70th birthday. They both exclaimed 'oh, that is a good age'.

I felt about 10 years older all of a sudden.

KatyK Sun 09-Jun-19 17:50:08

I agree Charleygirl My sister said afterwards that she wishes she had said something but I think she was so taken aback that she didn't. Also she's not one for making a fuss.

Sara65 Sun 09-Jun-19 17:58:26


I always think that if I was in the news for any reason at all, I be described as a 65 year old grandmother!

I know I am one, but that’s not all I am for goodness sake!!!

3dognight Sun 09-Jun-19 17:58:50

My dad has bought himself me of those chairs that rise up and sort of help you stand up, he is ninety three.

He says he is saving it for when he gets old!

dragonfly46 Sun 09-Jun-19 18:04:29

My DH and I have had a good chuckle with your experiences. Just love the comment about the Jim jams!

KatyK Sun 09-Jun-19 18:08:11

Yes dragonfly you have to laugh. My 92 year old neighbour was horrified that her GP referred to her as elderly.

ninathenana Sun 09-Jun-19 18:20:07

That waitress is just plain rude. I'd have had to say something

kittylester Sun 09-Jun-19 18:21:13

Actually, I love going home and putting my jim jams on - dont tell anyone. But, so do my daughters aged 44, 37 and 31!

SueDonim Sun 09-Jun-19 18:39:49

I know I'm not old yet because my mum is still kicking around at the age of 91! grin

To depict the other side of the coin, my Dd is a trainee medic. She has lost count of the number of patients who've asked her if she shouldn't still be at school!

M0nica Sun 09-Jun-19 20:32:14

I have begun to quietly, and courteously take it up with people whenthey are too patronising with me. Seats on trains I accept with a smile, even though it is unnecessary,

Recently I was rung up by someone from the political party I suport, asking if I would sign her nomination papers for the local council. At some point in the telephone converstaion I must have mentioned we were retired. As soon as I said this, her voice changed. She spoke more slowly with the up and down voice of patronage.

When she came round and we had had a chat and signed the papers. I told her how her voice had changed when I mentioned we were retired and recommended that in future she talked to older people in the same way she would talk to anyone else because as an older woman I found this this special voice for the elderly incredibly annoying and so do most other older people. I did this quietly as we walked to the front door.

But I think unless we speak up when faced with being spoken to or treated as if we are mentally deficient and hard of hearing, this behaviour and the mindset that goes with it will continue. Women are in a much better place now than they were 100 years ago - and that is because they stood-up and spoke for themselves. It is time older people did the same.

DoraMarr Sun 09-Jun-19 20:41:10

When I was coming up to 60, full time deputy head of an infant school, and with no dependent children to support money to spend on clothes and hairdressers, one of my colleagues, having watched me lead the school in exercises to music, remarked “you do really well for your age.” I suddenly felt very old.
Fast forward ten years to last week. I got on a full bus and stood for a couple of stops. A man I know slightly, a professor ten years younger than me, got on, and a young man offered him his seat!

PamelaJ1 Sun 09-Jun-19 20:53:05

I am a beauty therapist and have some quite elderly clients.
In their nineties.
I think they like coming in because we talk ‘normally’. I do hope people talk to me normally when I get to that age.

Charleygirl5 Sun 09-Jun-19 22:17:42

I went to see a GP last week, one I had never seen before and I think she was in her late 20's. My R) ear was clogged, she said she would give me some drops with acid in them. Then she said that people get worried when they hear the word acid. I smiled sweetly and said, "do you mean acetic acid?" That shut her up. I felt she was talking to the mentally deficient. I will not be seeing her again- my usual GP treats me as a human being, with a certain amount of knowledge.

harrigran Mon 10-Jun-19 09:43:02

My friend is good at saying the wrong thing, chatting the other day I told her I feared being widowed and she said " don't worry, there is no way you will outlive Mr harri ".

JackyB Mon 10-Jun-19 12:22:38

With my mother, it is the opposite - she talks quite normally and people talk to her normally, too. But she is 99 and doesn't really take in what is being said - she does at the time, and can be very witty, but 5 minutes later, it is all forgotten.

Sometimes she excuses herself for being so old and (physically) slow.

luluaugust Mon 10-Jun-19 12:36:12

SueDonim my mum always said we couldn't grow old while she was still around. Unfortunately she has been gone a while now. I have a lovely friend who seems to think its a miracle we are both still walking around in our 70's!

SueDonim Mon 10-Jun-19 14:53:12

There no sign of my mum going anywhere just yet, Luluaugust, she's fully compos mentis, and although she has restricted mobility due to arthritis, she's otherwise healthy. Still lives at home on her own with no help apart from a cleaner once a week.

Sadly, my sister died recently, and that has been a blow. sad

paddyann Mon 10-Jun-19 15:27:48

Suedonim at a recent visit to a police college we were amused when the Inspector referred to the trainees as Embryos in uniform.It is true the older we get the younger the police on the streets look

NanKate Mon 10-Jun-19 15:39:05

Kitty I too love wearing my pjs so comfy to wear and when I get tired a few hours after putting them on, I can just clean my teeth and pop into bed with my trusty hottie. DH never puts on his pjs until just before bed the Wally 🙄

sodapop Mon 10-Jun-19 15:45:25

Yes why do some people find it necessary to adopt a very patronising tone when they realise one is retired. We older people have a wealth of knowledge and life experience which some younger people would do well to tap into. I'm not talking here about common courtesy like offering up a seat etc but the attitude that youth is all important and we old folk should sit quietly in our chairs and fester. smile