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My bags are packed, I’m ready to go . . .

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thisisnotme Sun 09-Jun-19 19:34:51

We’re off tomorrow to look after our daughter and her family in anticipation of the arrival of GD2.
The grass has been cut, hedges trimmed,flower beds weeded and dead heading completed.
Bags are packed with everything except the kitchen sink - dog walking clothes & shoes, toddler walking clothes & shoes (to be fair, there’s not a lot of difference) and ‘meet the new granddaughter’ clothes.
Gifts for all - earplugs and eye masks for the new parents, colouring and story books for GD1 and a new teddy for the new baby.
Bedding and towels so we don’t leave any washing for the, frozen meals so they don’t have to cook and a very large bottle of champagne 🍾
Do you think I’ve forgotten anything?

Niobe Sun 09-Jun-19 19:59:00

I think you've covered all the bases thisisnotme. Enjoy the excitement of the coming days!

J52 Sun 09-Jun-19 19:59:02

Camera or phone charged for all those wonderful photos.
Congratulations flowers

M0nica Sun 09-Jun-19 20:02:35

Don't forget your phone charger.

dragonfly46 Sun 09-Jun-19 20:07:59

Very exciting!

nanaK54 Sun 09-Jun-19 20:53:23


Joyfulnanna Sun 09-Jun-19 20:59:41

Earplugs and eyemasks for the new parents? I'm confused lol

GrandmainOz Mon 10-Jun-19 00:41:56

Congratulations on GC2. GC1 will no doubt be so excited to have you there. Such a happy time. Hope all goes well.

Witzend Mon 10-Jun-19 09:12:26

How exciting! You sound very well prepared! I hope you won't have too long a wait!
Our no. 2 arrived 2 1/2 weeks early, when I happened to be there anyway, looking after no. 1, so had to make do with what I had for a bit. Still, I'm not above hand washing knickers to dry overnight!

Luckygirl Mon 10-Jun-19 09:29:01

How big is your car!!!????grin

Jane10 Mon 10-Jun-19 09:45:28

What a wonderful exciting time ahead. Enjoy every minute!

Callistemon Mon 10-Jun-19 10:14:49

Are you leaving on a jet plane? (I'll be humming that all day now!)

Empty the breadbin and the teapot (we once forgot the teapot - yuk, after six weeks).

Enjoy yourselves, how exciting!

4allweknow Mon 10-Jun-19 10:18:05

Household bins emptied, especially if you have a kitchen food recycling bin!

Davida1968 Mon 10-Jun-19 10:21:06

Wow! I am so impressed! When DH & I left for three months, to await/assist when DGC 2 was born in USA, I can't remember being quite so organised! (I guess that you aren't "leaving on a jet-plane", given that you are taking frozen meals?) Wishing you a very happy time - and remember to look after yourself as well!

thisisnotme Mon 10-Jun-19 10:24:42

Thanks all.

New baby will be delivered via the ‘emergency exit’ this week hence all the extra preparation.
The car is never big enough so really could do with a jet plane - now my current ear worm!
When we visit we try not to cause the family any extra work hence all the stuff we take with us.
Spent a lot of time yesterday trying to remember how to fit the toddler’s car seat in my car - thank goodness for YouTube.

pamdixon Mon 10-Jun-19 10:25:06

hope all goes well with the new arrival. You sound pretty organised to me!

Hm999 Mon 10-Jun-19 10:57:51

Wishing you all well. Good luck

Guineagirl Mon 10-Jun-19 11:00:04

A nice present for your daughter, which I’m sure you included,

Matriarch Mon 10-Jun-19 11:02:07

How wonderful . Our GC2 is due in the next couple of weeks and we are waiting for the date for our DD’s caesarean . We will be looking after GC1 while she is in hospital .Hope all goes well for you smile

glammanana Mon 10-Jun-19 11:15:53

thisisnotme How wonderful and so prepared you are such a happy time for you all.
When my DGD-inlaw had my 2 x GGCs I sent her some fabulous hand and foot cream from JLewis mums & tots dept which had the most delicious smell something she would never have bought for herself.
Enjoy your visit.xx

crazyH Mon 10-Jun-19 11:24:51

How lovely for you thisisnotme ! Nice to hear that you are going to be so involved - many grandmas will be envying you just now, but happy for you. Enjoy the toddler walking, the dog walking and Ofcourse the new baby. Exciting times ! Congratulations to all flowers

vickya Mon 10-Jun-19 11:36:36

How old is first granddaughter? When my second daughter arrived she brought a present (Fisher-Price clock) for her big sister, who was 22 months. I think it's a good idea, as well as colouring books. Best wishes for a smooth arrival and lovely time with the family.

Sulis Mon 10-Jun-19 12:10:57

And my 3rd due on Sunday, father's day!!!

eGJ Mon 10-Jun-19 12:21:54

A South African friend called what you call the "emergency exit" the "sunshine roof!!grin Hope all goes smoothly for you all

nettyandmasey Mon 10-Jun-19 13:04:45