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travelsafar Tue 11-Jun-19 18:10:04

I have several pairs of joggers which have started to fade, otherwise they are perfect, warm and cosy especially on days like today.Has anyone ever tried to redye them with success.They are black and navy blue.

Charleygirl5 Tue 11-Jun-19 18:15:02

Do you turn trousers inside out when washing and drying them? Mine, on the whole, keep their colour. I have never needed to dye trousers.

J52 Tue 11-Jun-19 18:18:54

As long as they’re 100% cotton you should have no problem. Man made materials do not take dye in the same way, so you could end up with a patchy outcome.

BBbevan Tue 11-Jun-19 19:03:46

I have just dyed a pair of faded black jeans. Dye cost £6 in a tub. Just put into washing machine and go. When finished clean machine with a hot wash Excellent result . Dye was D---n. But not Dyson

crystaltipps Tue 11-Jun-19 19:07:01

It depends on the fabric. A polyester/ synthetic mix won’t dye successfully.

FlexibleFriend Tue 11-Jun-19 20:01:28

I've dyed several pairs of jeans so can't see why joggers wouldn't work.

phoenix Tue 11-Jun-19 20:06:21

Yep, have successfully dyed black clothes! Used a Dylon product from Amazon.

Just follow the instructions, no problems.

Marydoll Tue 11-Jun-19 20:25:47

Today I dyed two pairs of black chinos anda pair of black jeggings, which were faded, but in good condition.
The chinos were my husband's favourites and he couldn't find similar ones, so I decided to dye them.
I used Dylon, paid £3.60 for it. Dyed them at 40 degrees and then cleaned out the machine on a 40 degree wash with some bleach.
They look really good and not a trace of dye in the machine. Success!

Niobe Tue 11-Jun-19 21:32:49

I use Dylon Washing Machine Dye to refresh black tee shirts and jeans now and then. Works very well and I run an empty hot wash afterwards to clean the machine. I have never had any problems doing this.

BradfordLass72 Wed 12-Jun-19 03:06:41

In 1983 I decided to to dye all my son's Harrington nappies and make them into hand towels.

Now, 40 years on and after pretty much daily use, I am down to the last one, now used as a duster.

I have dyed other items too, always in the washing machine and successfully but they do have to be washed separately from then on.

I bought two lovely deep turquoise night gowns and washed them with an old white one (in cold water) and the white nightie came out the most gorgeous pale sea green. smile

travelsafar Wed 12-Jun-19 06:34:46

Thank you all, i will be purchasing some Dylon in black and will have a go. Nothing to loose really as can only wear them round the house at the moment and when popping to the local supermarket etc.

GabriellaG54 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:12:26


nipsmum Wed 12-Jun-19 10:52:42

It's a long time since I dyed anything but it was great when changing a colour scheme, say of towels in the bathroom. Dylon in the washing machine was very successful.

Diggingdoris Wed 12-Jun-19 11:32:21

I've done jeans successfully. Also was delighted doing dingy white t-shirts and undies with a pretty colour dye. Gives things a new lease of life.

pen50 Wed 12-Jun-19 11:40:41

Re-dyeing cotton, or cotton-rich, clothing to the same colour shouldn't be a problem. Dylan's wash'n'dye or whatever they're calling it now is quite good - use it in a washing machine. If it were me doing it, I would wash the clothing well first, then put two packs of dye covered by 500g of salt into the drum of the machine and plonk the damp clothing on top, then run it at 60° (the instructions say 40° but I think hotter is better). When the cycle finished I would then re-wash the clothes at 90°, to clear as much loose dye from them as possible, and then run the machine on empty with a high fill programme and a squirt of bleach to get loose dye out of that too. My next wash with the machine would be all darks too, just in case.

The quality of the dying seems much higher than the commercial dyes the clothes arrive with; you should find they hold their colour for years. These sort of dyes require a chemical reaction with the salt to lodge them into the fibres and are too expensive for most clothing manufacturers to use.

Changing colour is much more problematic because just about all clothing is sewn with synthetic thread which is almost impossible to dye at home. If you were desperate though, it might be possible to use a colour matched permanent marker to go over the seams and top-stitching, though I don't think it would last more than a few washes without needing to be retouched. Obviously you can only do this if the original garment is paler than the desired colour.

If however you want to change dark navy blue to black, just go ahead - the stitching is very unlikely to show. I've done it many times.

knspol Wed 12-Jun-19 12:23:24

Have recently thrown away 2 pairs of very faded black jeggings, wish I'd waited to read this post, never thought of dying them.

loopyloo Wed 12-Jun-19 13:42:14

I had several old white t shirts that I dyed olive green for gardening. Worked well and the stains on them are less noticeable.

tavimama Wed 12-Jun-19 15:20:35

I re-dye my children’s school skirts and trousers every summer.

We use a big tub in the garden and the Dylon cold water dye. Works a treat. I often refresh my own t-shirts with the water after their bits are done. Only takes an hour!

Overthehills Wed 12-Jun-19 16:07:46

All the instructions are on the packet/drum Travels - couldn’t be easier. Most machine dyes will have the salt already in.

3dognight Wed 12-Jun-19 16:19:17

Yes I've used the one in the machine for faded designer jeans (t k m...). To good effect, although sometimes the stitching doesn't 'take'. Gives things another lease of life!

I always do a couple of dark loads afterwards, just in case.

leyla Wed 12-Jun-19 16:23:07

I've done it - absolutely THRILLED with results. Like having a new wardrobe. Only dyed the same colour they were already. Works brilliantly on black stuff.

Pat1949 Wed 12-Jun-19 16:54:22

I've found dyes work fine. The only thing you may find is any polyester thread won't take the colour.

travelsafar Wed 12-Jun-19 17:09:59

Can't wait to try it tomorrow.Will pick up the machine one when i going shopping in the morning. Thanks for all the advise everyone. Will let you know the outcome.

Tinker18 Wed 12-Jun-19 17:35:54

I have a 25 year old black hooded jacket that I have dyed at least 3 times. I occasionally do black T shirts or trousers to freshen them up. Dye's not cheap though so they have to be good enough to be worth it!

HillyN Wed 12-Jun-19 18:39:23

I once dyed some white (well, grey really!) towels a mauvy-lilac colour in the machine. I was very pleased with the initial result. The packet said to put them through a hot wash afterwards to remove excess dye. When I did that all the colour washed out again!