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MawBroonsback Tue 18-Jun-19 10:28:25

I wish this was not one of my worst weaknesses.
It’s not laziness (I think) but usually something I don’t really want to do which I put off and off perhaps in the hope it won’t be necessary. Taking Hattie to kennels (even booking) for example. I have known for weeks that I am going on a weekend granny duty on Thursday afternoon but have just steeled myself to ring the kennels.

I have 4 bags ready in the garage for the charity shop, but perhaps I don’t really want to part with the contents? (Including some of Paw’s things)

Putting it off does not make it go away and when I do get round to ticking things off my to-do list I feel as if a load has been lifted off my shoulders.
So why?
Anyone else suffer? I would so like to be like the Nike ad - and “just do it! “

Squiffy Thu 27-Jun-19 12:32:32

Rainagaine I think you've hit the nail on the head! I spend forever 'doing' things in my head, trying to decide on the best/perfect way of doing them in Real Life. And the cure is? .....

FarNorth Wed 26-Jun-19 06:15:11

Rainagaine that makes sense about the 'perfection' and why deadlines work.
How to convince myself to give that up, tho?

Bellanonna Tue 25-Jun-19 19:40:04

Rainagaine that resonates with me. I definitely need deadlines to spring me into action.

whywhywhy Tue 25-Jun-19 12:09:06

Yes, you are not alone. I am full of good intentions and get buggar all done! But I am not as bad as my husband who's favourite words are "Not yet" . In his case "Not yet" might takes years! x

Rainagaine Tue 25-Jun-19 12:05:34

I quite often think that I would like to reply to messages on here, but somehow I don’t get round to it.
I did read that procrastinators are not particularly lazy, but are often perfectionists, as in, ‘I’ll do it when I have thought about it and can do it properly’. My biggest problem is with jobs that involve skills or communication, but even things like taking the clothes to the charity shop can be done ‘perfectly’, when the weather is fine and I'm not in a rush.
I can only make myself do things if I have a deadline, so the risk of not doing them perfectly is eventually outweighed by the problems caused by not doing them at all.

FarNorth Sat 22-Jun-19 11:25:55

Flipping heck!
Not only procrastination, but reluctance while actually doing something!
That happened to me this morning while handwashing a couple of things.
Maybe it was because they were only worn a couple of days ago and I hadn't done enough procrastination before deciding to get on and wash them?

Shizam Thu 20-Jun-19 01:19:50

I’m so bad at the moment.
Course I signed up for needs lots of work, laptop is just sitting there staring at me.
All sorts of scary official post need attending. Sitting in a pile.
Wasn’t like this when younger. Actually find it quite distressing. But still don’t get on with it....

Squiffy Wed 19-Jun-19 18:18:46

This one works for me!

MawBroonsback Wed 19-Jun-19 13:44:30

This sums it up for me!

Daisyboots Wed 19-Jun-19 13:24:41

Have always been a good procrastinator although my ironing was always up to date. Now I cant stand for long so I dont do the ironing so my lovely lady who comes to clean does the ironing (and the washing if it's not already done. I hated working from home as I could always find other things to do rather than concentrate in the work on hand. Not knowing how my health problems will pan out is making my procrastination worse and not helped by my husband being a top procrastinor too. I am not feeling nauseous at the moment so really should get dressed and then put some washing in the machine . But.... it's far more interesting reading GN.

GabriellaG54 Wed 19-Jun-19 13:20:48

Me too.
I really must get down to sorting out clothes that no longer fit or I no longer want. I've made small trips to charity shops but some items were expensive, so I think I'm gonna (sic) have to have an eBay day. 🙄😂

Margs Wed 19-Jun-19 11:48:22

If there was such a thing as a Nobel Prize for Procrastination then I'd win it every year!

I'd have so many awards for it that you wouldn't be able to get through the front drives me mad and the only person who can stop it is me. But I just don't.

Rufus2 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:58:25

My motto seems to be, "Don't put off until tomorrow anything that can be put off until the day after"
Boat; Sorry! that's not true procrastination; too far ahead by which time most procrastinators (elderly?) will have forgotten what they are procrastinating about and will then have to start over again on a completely different topic! grin

Lilyflower Wed 19-Jun-19 05:53:19

No, I don’t procrastinate. I have the opposite problem. I go at things at ninety miles an hour to have them over and done with. I have a to do list every day and tick things off as I do them.

I am a busy body and drive everyone else mad. I can’t help it as I am very prone to anxiety and cannot stand things hanging over me. Many of the above tales of putting-off would have sent me into nervous breakdown territory. I also find physical activity calming and often squabble with the DH about who gets to do the ironing as we both find it reduces stress.

However, ‘Hamlet’ with the hero’s irresolution and procrastination is my favourite Shakespeare tragedy.

Snowbell Tue 18-Jun-19 23:01:56

I'm going to procrastinate tomorrow!😉

Legs55 Tue 18-Jun-19 22:53:36

A good book/ crossword/sudoku takes precedence, followed by gardening more pottering than heavy work these days . Housework comes low on my list & as for ironing & cleaning oven I can find something more interesting to do even if I've promised myself I'll do it.

Each day starts with good intentions but I've got procrastination down to a fine art hmm

Grandmama Tue 18-Jun-19 22:32:33

Yes, procrastination is my middle name. I fly by the seat of my pants and sometimes it catches me out.

Sara65 Tue 18-Jun-19 21:54:58

I’m quite decisive about most things, but I’m a dreadful procrastinator about paperwork, it piles up, and I put off as long as I possibly can. The other thing is making appointments, doctors, dentists, I always tell myself it will all go away if it’s own accord.

sazz1 Tue 18-Jun-19 21:22:03

I'm having to do a lot more atm as we're selling so house has to look clean and tidy. Normally I have the Manyana approach to housework then when I feel overwhelmed I make a list. Some of it gets done sometimes.

Bellanonna Tue 18-Jun-19 20:58:05

You’re all making me feel better about myself so thank you.

callgirl1 Tue 18-Jun-19 20:51:39

Another procrastinator here. My eldest son put a fiver inside my birthday card the other week, but his wife thought he was mean, so she`s bought me a present. It`s an infuser thing that uses candles and scented oils, but I keep putting off working out what to do with it, so it`s still in it`s box. I think I`m going to have to hear that she`s coming for a visit before I get off my rear and sort it!
As for ironing, WHY? when there are so many good books on my shelf waiting to be read?

Callistemon Tue 18-Jun-19 19:45:37

Enjoy wearing it!

Witzend Tue 18-Jun-19 18:36:17

Lord no, my knitting is nowhere near up to anything like that!
It came from Peru, via a U.K. shop.

Callistemon Tue 18-Jun-19 18:31:38

I'm quite good at getting on with reading books, Witzend,
sorry for sp in last post.

Callistemon Tue 18-Jun-19 18:30:32

I hope you didn't knit that cardie, Whitzend
Pass the smelling salts please!

Right, I've sorted out who will be the next PM.
Tomorrow is a public holiday (and the next day, and the next etc).

However, what's happening with Brexit will have to wait for a while whilst I savour this nice French Chablis.