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GabriellaG54 Tue 18-Jun-19 22:56:12

Seriously, I've never had such a laugh in a long time.
Looking through tonight's Mail Online articles I found one about parents who don't fully understand the workings of the internet and their text messages to their children asking for help.
At the end of the article is a video of a man on holiday who spends the whole journey to the Netherlands holding a go-pro the wrong way round, thus all you see is his huge nose and his teeth plus a smug grin and gurning.
Just my kind of daft humour.
What makes you laugh? watch the video. It's unbelievable that he thinks he's filming the scenery for his son Mark when in fact it's a close-up of his face.

crazyH Wed 19-Jun-19 00:37:09

Yes, i do laugh at daft things done by real people, in real life. I very occasionally laugh at slapstick comedy, but not keen really on exaggerated comedy sketches. I laugh at the 'wit' in some of our gransnetters posts. I actually laugh out loud . I wasn't a great fan of morecambe and Wise, but loved the two Ronnies.... "four candles". Their writers were superb. Ronnie Corbett's armchair stories are legendary. And to be honest, I just loved them.

Beechnut Wed 19-Jun-19 06:28:30

This morning it was a comment I read, put on Facebook by my nephew. He is so witty and had me chuckling. A good start to the day. Love him.

GabriellaG54 Wed 19-Jun-19 06:37:35

Four candles. Legendary writing. grin
Fools and Horses was also good.

Grammaretto Wed 19-Jun-19 07:09:32

I agree about the old sitcoms. Basil Fawlty too. I'm smiling now thinking of some of those rediculous scenes.
I chuckled yesterday. I had dropped 2 plates but my hard of hearing friend thought I said I'd baked 2 cakes.
I love the funny things DGD says

Esther1 Wed 19-Jun-19 07:58:10

My DH laughs out loud at television comedy but most of it leaves me cold - particularly when there is ‘canned laughter’ between every other line. However a lot of good Comedy Dramas make me grin. What makes me howl with laughter though is real life comical occurences - you know, the silly things, like getting soaked whilst paddling in the sea. My eldest son has a natural wit and his observations often have me in stitches. Laughter does make the world go round however we find it I reckon.

Urmstongran Wed 19-Jun-19 08:14:53

Slapstick! Or anything daft.
Once my husband booked us a table for an anniversary dinner in a posh (for us anyway) French bistro.
A table close by had 2 couples and one of the men was a bit ‘full of himself’ bragging and I thought, hoping to be heard.

Anyway, when their coffees and brandies arrived he lit up a big fat cigar (remember those days of smoking in a restaurant - seems so antisocial now doesn’t it?) and was pontificating and waving it around.

The cigar must have touched a paper napkin (not such a posh place perhaps!) and it caught fire.

I tried not to giggle but was helpless when the other diners at the table tried to put out the flames by wafting the area and generally flapping about. The romantic candle on the table added to the drama and ‘whoosh’ in no time a bad situation went worse.

A quick thinking waitress chucked a carafe of water onto the table .... such a dripping mess! I was doubled over by this time.

loopyloo Wed 19-Jun-19 08:21:03

Upstart Crow. And I have learnt a lot about Shakespeare too.

EllanVannin Wed 19-Jun-19 08:46:41

Situation comedy both on TV and in real life. It's so spontaneous.
Also the Two Ronnies and Fawlty Towers.Laurel and Hardy.

My step-daughter and myself have a good laugh, raucous at times, at past memories-----situations again.
It does the soul good to have a laugh.

Also dear late friend and I on holiday when we saw a very old lady stripping and changing into her bathing costume,standing in all her glory for all to see and with her back to us looking for all the world like an elephant ( wrinkled skin hanging down ) we both had our faces buried in a towel to muffle our laughter. This was at Blanes,Spain.

sodapop Wed 19-Jun-19 08:54:26

I don't like slapstick but like other posters I loved Two Ronnies, Fawlty Towers etc. Mum is also very good. I was a big fan of Dave Allan.

BradfordLass72 Wed 19-Jun-19 08:55:14

The Mail video doesn't play in NZ.

But this does and I LOVE it:

Peter Kay, bless him.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 19-Jun-19 09:00:24

I like seeing pompous people who are full of themselves suffer a prat-fall - I hope I'm not too cruel.
Fawlty Towers, Porridge, The Good Life, Two Ronnies, Morecombe and Wise, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, Victoria Wood.
Nearly all golden oldies.

harrigran Wed 19-Jun-19 09:02:36

That sitcom about ghosts was hilarious.
Phoenix always makes me laugh, my kind of humour.

shysal Wed 19-Jun-19 09:06:27

Would I Lie to You is my favourite, and contains no swearing!

EllanVannin Wed 19-Jun-19 09:46:00

Yes,I forgot to say Peter Kay and all you mentioned, LBC.
Love Victoria Wood's exercises sketch. Dinner ladies ! Fabulous. Acorn antiques. These people are so clever too.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 19-Jun-19 09:50:13

The spaniel is great friends with my daughters dog who is a
border terrier who always sort of scraps his back legs after
doing his business, a border trait apparently, the spaniel has
decided to copy, not a spaniel trait, it’s a sort of a dad dance
for dogs, she can’t coordinate her legs properly and occasionally trips herself up, my daughter and I are helpless with laughter.

GabriellaG54 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:02:18

We all remember that Julie Walters sketch with the soup. I used to copy her walk when serving family whenever they visited. It always got gales of laughter.

rockgran Wed 19-Jun-19 10:59:26

I can't order soup without saying "Two soups? " in a croaky voice.

rockgran Wed 19-Jun-19 11:06:26

Brandon Farris learning to use a sewing machine. (Imbrandonfarris on Youtube) He does loads of 'learning to...' videos. They are so funny if you like that kind of humour.

MiniMoon Wed 19-Jun-19 11:14:03

I agree "loopylou*, Upstart Crow is laugh out loud material.
Anything ridiculous makes me laugh. Also some of the misfortunes of others. I was once on a train with three businessmen opposite, around the table. There was barely enough room for all their laptops and other paraphernalia. The Steward came along with coffee, and one of the businessmen spilt his over his laptop. I could hardly contain myself watching their attempts at trying to dry the thing. I'm afraid they were unsuccessful, it was dead! The phonecall he had to make to his office was also very funny. I think he had a sense of the ridiculous too.

Sara65 Wed 19-Jun-19 11:50:24

My youngest daughter and I absolutely love , One Foot in the Grave, even though we’ve seen the whole box set time after time, we still cry with laughter

Rufus2 Wed 19-Jun-19 13:04:56

Many thanks Gabriella; I was beginning to think that Gransnet was sinking into a "sea of despond" in the absence of anything remotely funny lately; I put it down to your summer weather and Brexit! grin But coincidentally I came across a GN forum of 3 years ago which is a mirror image of this thread. As you may know there's a current thread "Humour Again" based on the late GreatNans prolific jokes thread from 7 years ago, all 40 pages! A lot of rude, but never crude. Take a look, if you dare! grin

Nannyxthree Wed 19-Jun-19 13:30:27

I thought the newspaper / ipad joke from 'Humour Again' was the funniest thing I've heard in ages.

There is a very funny Welsh comedian (also wonderful singer) who works on the cruise ships called Mike Doyle. He makes you cry with laughter.

dragonfly46 Wed 19-Jun-19 13:35:57

I too like 'Would I lie to you'.

Jane10 Wed 19-Jun-19 13:44:22

Ooh Bradfordlass what a laugh that Peter Kay video gave me. He's so funny and likeable. I loved Eric Morecambe too. I'd be smiling just at the sight of him.
I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did while working in an NHS special unit some years ago. The other staff were a lucky combination of hilarious people who all sparked off each other. The working days passed very quickly there and I always looked forward to work.
It's people really. People make me laugh! 😂

paddyann Wed 19-Jun-19 16:37:03

My GC ,they're a laugh a minute.The almost 10 year old does actions as she tells you something ,so when she was telling me about her "other granpa " and his big stomach she explained it by saying he tucks it all in his pants ...pulls imaginary pants away from her tummy and shows me how he tucks it in ..and then a perplexed look as she says ." and sometimes it DOESN'T all fit".I could write a book about their funny things and every day is a joy with them.Just as well as I see at least one of them every day

paddyann Wed 19-Jun-19 16:40:39

GabriellaG54 Many years ago we had a man come into our studio andask us to process his film ..a very tiny 110 negative was a new camera and he didn't want to trust just anyone with the results.We duly processed it and discovered exactly the shots you mention ,he had his camera the wrong way round and it was ears and noses in every shot .When he finally mastered it he came in with pictures of the and was a bit disappointed the moon wasn't very clear in his tiny negs .

Elvive Wed 19-Jun-19 17:14:51

fairisle Wed 19-Jun-19 18:38:52

I still laugh at John Cleese hitting his car with a tree branch!grin

gulligranny Wed 19-Jun-19 22:29:20

One of my friends was out walking her dog and paused to admire a swanky new shed in someone's garden. There was a brass plate attached saying "Lady Cave" (as opposed to Man Cave, presumably).

Now I don't know what you ladies out there might think, but to us that meant only one thing..... and we were both struck with one of those laughing fits where you can't get your breath and end up with an ache round your ribs.

Then we speculated about whether the female owner of this shed could in fact be said to have put it in her Lady Garden , which started us off again! Childish? Probably, but the shared laughter (we live more than 400 miles apart) was wonderful.

annifrance Thu 20-Jun-19 09:40:50

An English couple near us have named their house 'Quatre Bougies'!!! It's hilarious explaining that to the French!

Love Miranda Hart.

polnan Thu 20-Jun-19 09:46:51

Takes a lot to make me laugh
recently started watching Whatever happened to the Likely Lads, and I lol

four candles.... doesn`t make me lol, but I smile a lot

Craftycat Thu 20-Jun-19 10:00:27

Victoria Wood, Peter Kay, Fawlty Towers, Gavin & Stacy, Pythons etc all brilliant but some modern comedies are great too. I loved IT Crowd & am enjoying Year of the Rabbit & I liked Zapped!
Classics like Morecambe & Wise with Andre Previn will always continue to entertain.

nipsmum Thu 20-Jun-19 10:01:11

My 2 daughters and I don't get together very often but we had a meal together on Monday and were in tears of laughter about the children and the antics of a previous Springer spaniel that we all loved to pieces. It was so good because it doesn't happen very often.

Glammy57 Thu 20-Jun-19 10:09:41

Dave Allen was very funny, saw him “live” once. Shappi Khorsandi, Paul Merton. The American sitcom ‘Frasier’ was brilliant, Only Fools and Horses.

Rufus2 Thu 20-Jun-19 10:18:27

newspaper / ipad joke from 'Humour Again'
Thanks be to GreatNan! There are hundreds more to follow. The "spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, two with meatballs, one without" is hilarious!; It's stuck in my brain like a tune that won't go away! grin

EllanVannin Thu 20-Jun-19 10:26:39

I enjoy some of the American humour too.

Johno Thu 20-Jun-19 10:34:49

Ha ha that is very funny. My father in law took many photos while on holiday in Greece in 2004. (2 weeks) got home, no film in the camera. I love satire. The funniest thing I have ever seen is Graham Norton doing the Queen song, Bohemian Rapsody, in the Caves in a Father Ted episode - The Mainland - cracks me up. Bill Burr is great. I almost died when my wife said to me.. "Why has Steven Hawkings got an American accent, isn't he British"?? I stopped breathing, literally, from laughing so much.

Caramelkeg Thu 20-Jun-19 10:38:39

My son laughed until tears poured down his face the other day when my cat jumped on my lap while I was eating dinner and parked her backside in my pasta. Funnily enough I didn't find it quite so hilarious, although the "What?" expression on her face made me smile!

Margs Thu 20-Jun-19 10:48:12

Reading Larry the Downing Street Cat's Twitter page.

Aepgirl Thu 20-Jun-19 10:51:52

I was with a friend at the Garter Day at Windsor Castle this week. She took countless photos on her phone, but said that as the sun was so bright she could only see her reflection in the screen - it was then that we realised that she had taken selfies for about an hour!

Noname Thu 20-Jun-19 10:55:04

I have a WhatsApp group with my two daughters! Their comments and the banter between us has me in stitches regularly! Bless them! 😂

b1zzle Thu 20-Jun-19 14:31:51

Yesterday's post about vaginal steam cleaning and a brilliant riposte about whether or not Dyson would bring out a new nozzle. Had me crying with laughter!

Diggingdoris Thu 20-Jun-19 14:38:39

Thank you Bradfordlass for reminding me how great Peter Kay is. I was laughing out loud! Victoria Wood , Eric and Ernie, Two Ronnies, Michael McIntyre all very clever humour. Years ago I saw Jethro on stage and laughed from start to finish. Has he retired?
A good laugh is better than medicine, my Nan used to say; how true.

KatyK Thu 20-Jun-19 15:07:19

Peter Kay makes me laugh, also Billy Connolly. I used to love Morecambe and Wise, some sitcoms such as Only Fools, The Good Life, Man about the House. I can't think of one 'modern' comedian who makes me laugh -John Bishop sometimes.

KatyK Thu 20-Jun-19 15:08:15

I also loved Ever Decreasing Circles.

schnackie Thu 20-Jun-19 15:54:37

What a great thread! I think Peter Kay is my favourite, along with all the others mentioned, especially One Foot in the Grave. There was a long special, One Foot in the Algarve with Peter Cook, and I nearly passed out with laughter. Also as previous posters have said, watching anything funny with my daughter or son makes it so much more special. I live alone and sometimes feel like a t**t laughing so hard by myself.

cupcake1 Thu 20-Jun-19 16:30:57

I too love Would I Lie To You, makes me howl with laughter, the one where Lee Mack said he’d been invited to the Royal wedding this year had me in absolute stitches!! I used to love Michael Crawford in Some Mother’s Do Ave Em - not so sure whether it would have the same appeal now though!

SirChenjin Thu 20-Jun-19 16:44:54

All the take-offs that French and Saunders do - their impressions of the major movies like Mama Mia done with straight faces have me in stitches and Micky Flanagan with his completely irreverent take on the world. I'm also really enjoying Year of the Rabbit with Matt Berry at the moment - I like that slightly off the wall, dead-pan comedy.

FC61 Thu 20-Jun-19 16:51:16

I have a whole collection of YouTube’s that have me in stitches. I keep them for rainy days. Here’s one.
PS Thanks for the Peter Kay Bradford Lass ! That’s hilarious , brought tears to my eyes I laughed so much

sazz1 Thu 20-Jun-19 19:26:57

I think Dave Allen was the only comedian I found really funny although some parts of Mrs Brown's boys are amusing

phoenix Thu 20-Jun-19 19:40:08

harrigran that's so kind of you! blush

If of course you meant me, could have been either a fat finger moment (I'm prone to them) or someone may have drugged your cocoa?

For the record, so many things make me laugh, love "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" on Radio 4, Peter Kaye, Upstart Crow, Michael MacIntyres sketch about the "man drawer" (seek it out if you haven't heard it) Rambling Sid Rumpoe from "Round The Horn" many of the Two Ronnies sketches................

GabriellaG54 Thu 20-Jun-19 19:45:16

That made me laugh. I can just imagine it.
The video of the guy on the train to Holland ought to be on YouTube. It was ridiculous.
I bet you've seen some funny photos and incidents in your life as an events photographer.
Will there be a book and accompanying photos?
I'll have to wait and see.
I'll want my copy signed grin

GabriellaG54 Thu 20-Jun-19 19:48:18

Oh my! Whatever next 😲🤭🤐

GabriellaG54 Thu 20-Jun-19 19:54:31

I found the video on YouTube just now. Can't do link but easy to find.

ayse Thu 20-Jun-19 19:59:45

Michael McIntyre, his monologue about his children going out in the morning, so true and so funny.

Faulty Towers etc. as others have said.

Yes Minister was one of my favourites for a chuckle

phoenix Thu 20-Jun-19 20:25:28

Of course, the truly great Victoria Wood!

BBbevan Thu 20-Jun-19 20:40:30

This is going to sound awful. DH walked into a plank sticking out over the path. His nose is very red and swollen. ( not broken) Every time I look at him I want to laugh. Bless him, he takes it in good part.

Grandmama Thu 20-Jun-19 20:41:35

No-one's mentioned Dad's Army. It makes our weekend.

Reggie Perrin was very funny. Porridge, Fawlty Towers, One Foot in the Grave (only some of them), the Likely Lads, Rising Damp, Yes Minister - to name but a few.

Was it Harry Worth who used to pose against a mirror and put out an arm and a leg (from the same side) and the mirror made it look as if he was akimbo with both legs off the ground (pre-1964). There was a mirror on a shop front in town, at right angles to the pavement and you could do the same trick - yes, I did it a few times (but not recently) grin

lemongrove Thu 20-Jun-19 21:51:35

Not keen on most stand up comedians, some sitcoms are very funny (Frasier, Father Ted, Spaced, Stella St) but the best humour comes from unintentional ‘happenings’ and chat I find.

callgirl1 Thu 20-Jun-19 22:14:52

When the family were here at Christmas 2009, I got a great photo of my hubby and youngest son looking SO grumpy, I threatened to have it made into Christmas cards for the following year, with the caption "Merry Christmas"!

callgirl1 Thu 20-Jun-19 22:17:31

Here`s the photo

annodomini Thu 20-Jun-19 23:16:40

Father Ted explaining perspective to Father Dougal. Dave Allen. Fawlty Towers - all of it! And, from the ancient past - That Was the Week that Was.

crazyH Thu 20-Jun-19 23:36:10

Never too late callgirl...good 'fun' photo for Xmas card. And you could try sending it to hallmark or any card company. You could make a fortune from the copyright.

narrowboatnan Fri 21-Jun-19 11:20:48

My DH makes me laugh. Sometimes he has me completely cracked up with laughter and I almost run out of breath. A mild example (because I can't remember any of his really good ripostes) is this:
Me: It's June the first.
Him: No, no, I don't think so. We've had Elizabeth the First, George the First and James the First, but we've never had a June the first.

Grandyma Fri 21-Jun-19 17:31:46

I agree with an awful lot of the previous posts but what about Black Adder?? I’m a huge Billy Connolly fan but Spike Milligan was a true comic genius imo.

Sheilagh Sat 22-Jun-19 12:16:54

I had my cataracts done recently and when I took the eye patch off next morning I was shocked to see the unattractive bags under my eyes, my son told me they had been there a long time I just hadn’t been able to see them before.
We both ended up in fits of laughter.
I still need glasses thank goodness so I can hide them.

KatyK Sat 22-Jun-19 12:48:35

Humour is strange isn't it? I never found Monty Python funny or Dad's Army, or Last of the Summer Wine. I've never laughed at Michael McIntyre or Sarah Milligan. I love Mrs Brown though smile

KatyK Sat 22-Jun-19 12:48:56


lemongrove Sat 22-Jun-19 16:40:27

callgirl1 that photo is bloody hilarious! 🤣

BradfordLass72 Sun 23-Jun-19 08:33:26

I have a collection of photos which make me laugh.

Filmstar7 Sun 23-Jun-19 09:58:35

We shall be visiting new grandchild who is four weeks old. Have been told to take our shoes off when we arrive because of germs. Now, perhaps I might understand the mothers concern if the baby is crawling - isn’t this ridiculous? Seems to me the in-laws are not welcome?