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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 20-Jun-19 06:14:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear blue sky start here in Brackley this morning.
Doing my usual day of bus trips to Bicester and Buckingham, with a journey into Buckingham first , then bus to Bicester , then returning to Buckingham.
Coffee and a bap in Bicester, and just a coffee in Buckingham,.
The bus link to Buckingham is restricted so try to relax there more.

Sprout Thu 20-Jun-19 07:04:34

Morning Mick and everyone lovely morning here in Kent sun shining already. Early start today. Some small chores first then off for lunch with my lovely sister in law. I hope everyone has a good day and those not feeling to well my thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. Take care all. And hope your bus journey is not to stressful Mick.

kittylester Thu 20-Jun-19 07:06:43

Morning mick, morning all.

It's a lovely bright sunny morning in North Leicestershire. We are off to a National Trust house to meet one of dh's brothers and his wife. We have to meet somewhere as they will not go anywhere without their dog and we have 3 dog fearing cats!

Enjoy your travels Mick.

kittylester Thu 20-Jun-19 07:07:35

Morning sprout.!

Marydoll Thu 20-Jun-19 07:14:28

Good morning all from a sunny Glasgow, however, I don't expect it to last for long. We have rain forecast.

An early morning trip to GP surgery, with yet another sample. It looks like my new meds are again causing problems. sad
Thank goodness I'm able to drive again or it would mean taking two buses!

I had planned to spend some time in the garden today, until we picked up our wee one from nursery, but will do some sewing alterations instead. My wee short legs necessitate altering every pair of trousers I buy.

Enjoy your trip, Mick.

Wishing everyone a pleasant Thursday.

NanKate Thu 20-Jun-19 07:15:28

Morning Mick and All.

Lovely sunny day in South Bucks.

Off to DS in Sussex for a long weekend to help celebrate his birthday on Sunday. Fortunately he has ordered all the food for the Party from Sainsbury’s, as I said I wasn’t up to making sarnies for 60 people 😲

NanKate Thu 20-Jun-19 07:17:23

Sorry to hear Mary about your ongoing health problems. It’s good you are back behind the wheel 🚗

cornergran Thu 20-Jun-19 07:18:52

Morning Mick, morning All. Sunshine? It’s grey, gloomy and overcast in our corner of Somerset. Paths are wet. Think we’d move if we could. Food shop this morning then some manic tidying as visitors tomorrow. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Grammaretto Thu 20-Jun-19 07:28:37

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Not looking too bad here. It was hot yesterday. 25 degrees in my garden. Perfect.
We're getting a visit from a primary school class to the Community garden this morning. Should be fun. I've got lots of seedlings for them to plant. I hope it doesn't rain.

Greyduster Thu 20-Jun-19 07:31:20

Good morning Michael and all GNs. The weather in South Yorkshire can’t make its mind up today. The sun has disappeared for now. We have some shopping to do today and then a few things to do in the garden. Hope they can gets your meds sorted out Marydoll. Have a good day folks.

Urmstongran Thu 20-Jun-19 07:33:08

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s dry and chilly. White clouds but a few streaks of blue sky up there so either way for tuppence.

I’m missing the Malaga sunshine already but the pluses here are seeing family and different friends. Oh and eating different foods! Crumpets definitely this morning for breakfast, and will be buying jersey potatoes, lamb chops, bags of Thornton’s ginger chocolate - there are compensations.

Seeing the smalls around teatime after the 6y old and the 2y old come home from the childminder. Mummy is a teacher and has organised the school trip today for 56 children at a local petting farm. I hope it stays dry for their visit.

I’ll be over to the library later.

It’s only Thursday cornergran you’re getting ahead of yourself!

Enjoy your day out and about Mick - all the ‘B’s’ again, even having a bap!!

Hope your meds get sorted soon Marydoll and that Thursday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Sprout Thu 20-Jun-19 07:36:44

A very good morning to you Kitylester

Lins1066 Thu 20-Jun-19 07:42:26

Good Morning all. Enjoy your day Mick
Welcome home Marydoll, enjoy your crumpets.
Dentist appointment at 10.30, so will leave our cleaner to her own devices.
Having a cuppa in bed and it is a lovely sunny morning.

We noticed that some birds are nesting in our honeysuckle yesterday, they've ignored the nesting box a little further up the garden wall.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

gmarie Thu 20-Jun-19 07:43:25

Just saying hi from California, USA. After 11 p.m. here but wanted to connect with another human being. smile

Beechnut Thu 20-Jun-19 07:49:25

Good Morning to you all.
I have slept in this morning and woken to a dry day with clouds. Let’s hope that blue sky you brought back with you Urmstongran starts to spread.
Dusting and hoovering and writing letters this morning for me then u3a and an errand to run for my SiL this afternoon. I hope they get you sorted soon Marydoll it must be distressing for you.
Hope you all have a nice day 🌷

harrigran Thu 20-Jun-19 07:56:42

Good morning from an overcast and windy NE.
We had a few hours of sunshine yesterday which allowed me to get out for a walk.
Hope you are ok gilly, haven't seen you on here for a day or two.

Nannytopsy Thu 20-Jun-19 07:57:17

Morning/evening gmarie! Having woken at 3 because DD’s dog was barking, I haven’t been back to sleep so it feels like evening here too! This morning we have a beautiful sunny start in Leicester so it will be the garden for me.
Happy days everyone.

Urmstongran Thu 20-Jun-19 08:00:38

Hello gmarie good to have you join us!

Marydoll Thu 20-Jun-19 08:01:00

Urmstongran, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news sad. Yesterday, I tried to get Thornton's chocolate gingers for my husband's birthday and they had none! The assistant didn't know when the would get them back in. hmm

Most of the Thornton's near us have closed down, so I will have to do a bit of searching. grin

Thank you all for your good wishes re my meds. We are running out of options. sad

gma Thu 20-Jun-19 08:02:01

Dentist for me also today Lins1066! A necessary evil really! We should compare notes later!

Lins1066 Thu 20-Jun-19 08:10:50

Will do gma, hope all goes well for us both.

Marydoll and Urmston chocolate gingers are my DH's favourite and my late Fil. Our local Thorntons closed a few years ago but they stopped selling them well before they closed. I get them from Lidl now, or sometimes Hotel Chocolat. Personally I can't stand ginger, so he gets to keep them all to himself.

Brunette10 Thu 20-Jun-19 08:17:52

Good Morning from Fife, it's a bill dull at the moment hopefully it will clear for the day. Have colour and cut this morning, can't be bothered but needs must. DH loves choc gingers too but not allowed them anymore. Marydoll good luck at docs. Hope everyone has a good day.

EllanVannin Thu 20-Jun-19 08:19:01

Good Morning All x
Cloudy and not so warm here in the NW, so a jumper at the ready.
May get a flying visit from Aussie family today they've been going round frantic visiting friends and family since they landed hoping not to miss anyone out. I've got plenty in in case they want something to eat.

Appointment to see the nurse later for my INR blood test-----can't see anything untoward with the result as it's been pretty steady for a while now( I hope )

No shopping or washing to do for at least a week and just a phone-call and letter to write today so a laid-back day for me.

Hoping everyone's day goes to plan.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 20-Jun-19 08:19:26

Good morning from East London, bright and sunny this morning. Quiet day until school pick up then it’s swimming lesson for GD and choir this eve for me. (I do need to practise for that). Have a good day.

Pittcity Thu 20-Jun-19 08:21:25

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Far less humid than of late.
DH had a knee arthroscopy yesterday and has me running around for him. I just caught him in the kitchen making himself coffee.....