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Try before you buy!

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BonnieBlooming Mon 01-Jul-19 13:22:33

I bought 2 pairs of linen trousers in size 14 from the M&Co website. Identical style just different colours. I tried on the navy pair and they were fine but needed shortened ( I'm a bit of a short a**e). So I shortened both pairs. Today I put the black pair on and they are huge on me! Took them off and measured them - 6 inches difference in the hips! Says size 14 on the label. I have contacted M&Co have to return them to their quality control. I'm hoping they won't quibble over the fact they have been altered, I think if you order a size and the trousers are labelled that size it's not to much to expect they will be that size. Salutary lesson - try everything on!!

Elegran Mon 01-Jul-19 13:41:33

Moral - if you haven't tried them on before buying, try on BOTH pairs before making alterations. Even a very slight difference in the size can change the fit.

If they measure them and see the 6-inch extra for themselves, they may accept them for exchange, but they would be within their rights to refuse as you have altered them.

Calendargirl Mon 01-Jul-19 14:00:09

Shutting the stable door after horse has bolted I know, but would ALWAYS try on stuff before altering as clothes vary so much even same style, retailer etc.

BradfordLass72 Tue 02-Jul-19 03:21:19

Try before you buy!

I've always followed this philosophy with men - never fails.

Esther1 Tue 02-Jul-19 06:16:11

I have found that the big multiples have a policy of accepting returns like this - with a genuine reason. Sadly I have found that independent shops are not so accommodating- I guess they just can’t afford the losses. It’s difficult, because we all want to support independent shops and don’t want to lose them, but I have been so put off buying because of past experience, when I wanted a refund on an item (not even clothing) which was sealed, labelled, receipted, same bag - the very next day and they refused offering credit note only.

Juliet27 Tue 02-Jul-19 06:40:21

bradfordlass. grin. Wish I'd tried more when I had the chances ...sigh!

M0nica Tue 02-Jul-19 08:29:32

A couple of years ago I walked out of Sainsbury's with three tops, one size 8, one size 10 and the other size 12. All tried on and fitting. More recently made the mistake of buying a size 10 casual jacket from the same shop without trying it on as I was in a hurry. It was so small I had difficulty getting my arms down the sleeves and once on I couldn't get the two sides of the zip within 6 inches of each other. Everything else I was wearing was size 10 and comfortable.

This is why, I buy very few clothes online and (almost) always try clothes on before I buy. I never even take the labels off a garment until the first time I wear it.

Leah50 Tue 02-Jul-19 10:33:05

As a machinist in an M&S factory many years ago I was told to sew in any label to keep the line going. 'They can always take it back'.

cathieb Tue 02-Jul-19 10:37:09

I bought 2 pairs of linen trousers at M&Co last summer and tried them on - fine. But after wearing them for a few hours they just got bigger and bigger and were unwearable. No point taking them in as I wouldn’t have been able to get inti them when freshly washed! I think this can happen with cheaper linen, not sure whether it is body warmth that does it, but it’s really annoying. I guess I could have taken them back but it was hard to prove what had happened so they went to the charity shop.

NotSpaghetti Tue 02-Jul-19 11:10:43

It's just as likely the 2 pairs were made in different factories so may turn out quite differently. It shouldn't happen but I know it does.

M0nica Tue 02-Jul-19 11:15:10

To be fair, I have bought cotton trousers in M&Co and been very satisfied with them. The size was as stated and the quality was infinitely better than that of a similar pair of trousers at M&S bought at the same time.

The M&S trousers barely saw a season out they washed and faded so badly and went to textile recycling . I donated the M&Co trousers to a charity shop this summer having grown tired of them after 3 years of frequent wear. They still held both their shape and the fabric kept its body.

jaylucy Tue 02-Jul-19 11:15:19

You can never assume that two items are the same size and fit for anything these days - with so much being made overseas, their idea of quality control is negligible!
I can well believe the M&S attitude - they have always erred on the side of customer service as far as returns are concerned and wonder if they wouldn't be in such financial trouble if they weren't so lenient!

blondenana Tue 02-Jul-19 11:19:17

BradfordLass 72 [GRIN,] me too

Aepgirl Tue 02-Jul-19 11:26:40

This is very common with M&S trousers also. Coincidentally, I tried on a pair of trousers in M&co yesterday. I usually wear a size 10, sometimes a 12, but even their 14 was too tight on me. I think they just grab a label and sew it in!

Tweedle24 Tue 02-Jul-19 11:54:14

I think this just shows how the quality of M&S stuff has gone down. Many years ago, when their clothes were still made in Britain, I used to be able to get very cheap M&S ‘seconds’ from our local market. All that was wrong was that the size had been wrongly labelled.

H1954 Tue 02-Jul-19 12:19:29

Many years ago I worked for a U.K. clothing manufacturer. Although I wasn't on the production staff I was very aware that if orders for a particular size could not be met the labelling department were instructed to upsize and downsize identical garments to complete the order! Disgraceful practice I know, needless to say I never bought their products without trying them on, not even from the factory shop!

This manufacturer is no longer operating but used to produce most of the knitwear for that very popular high street store with an 'M' and an 'S' in the name 🤔

GreenGran78 Tue 02-Jul-19 14:25:05

A friend worked for a company that supplied M & S, many years ago. She told me that standards were so strict. If the underarm, where the seams met, was as much as one stitch out of line they were rejected by quality control.

Rosina Tue 02-Jul-19 15:20:03

Sizing is insane now; we have all banged on about M and S on here, and I fear most manufactures are the same. GreenGran I had a friend whose firm made outdoor clothing for Marks; I agree completely, they would reject an entire batch if the number of stitches per inch was out by a fraction. How times have changed - my husband bought two identically styled pairs of shoes, one brown suede and one navy suede; one pair fitted and he couldn't get the other pair on.

Quizzer Tue 02-Jul-19 15:24:15

I bought a lovely cotton sweater from M and Co in size 18. Okay it wss meant to be loose but measured 60 ins at the bust!! Ended up with a size 12 - I haven't been a 12 since my teens .

Notthecatsmother Tue 02-Jul-19 19:14:43

It has got to the point we can't just take the label as fact. A tape measure to check the actual size would be useful.

Grammaretto Tue 02-Jul-19 19:49:42

I bought a one size fits all dress recently. The first 2 which I tried were tight across the bosom but number 3 was fine. I was warned by the sales girl that I should try several as they were all different!

annep1 Tue 02-Jul-19 20:24:47

Oh dear. I hope you get the refund - you should have been able to trust they were the same. Sadly we can't nowadays.

Jeeperscreepers Tue 02-Jul-19 21:17:22

Just send them back. Say nothing. See what happens

glammagran Tue 02-Jul-19 21:57:42

I think I’ve been conned. I bought 2 casual dresses from an online retailer. They took 6 weeks to arrive (came 3 days ago). One is really tight and the other is like a tent even though they are the same size. There are no labels in the garments and no returns labels. Have no idea what I can do.

glammagran Tue 02-Jul-19 21:58:06

Absolute rubbish quality too