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tattooed man with horns

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Fennel Thu 04-Jul-19 10:07:56

Yesterday I was behind this strange tattooed man in the Tesco queue.
He was very tall and well built and all the flesh you could see was covered in tattoos. Then I noticed 2 little horns on his tattooed head. Daughter was with me and she said they were metal and seemed to be implanted.
The poor cashier looked very nervous until he left.
Why on earth would a person want to do that to their body?

Calendargirl Thu 04-Jul-19 10:15:50

Goodness knows. Same as those earring things that make their ears hang down and look most uncomfortable.👿

midgey Thu 04-Jul-19 10:16:07

Ooh how horrid!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 04-Jul-19 10:16:53

😄 people do what to me seems the strangest things, but I guess as long as he isn’t harming anyone. Perhaps he’ thinks he is wizard or something like that. Each to their own.

EllanVannin Thu 04-Jul-19 10:25:40

I'd be scared of blood-poisoning with tattoo's and things.

tanith Thu 04-Jul-19 10:43:34

Hope he didn’t also have the forked tongue as some people do it looks terrible.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 04-Jul-19 10:48:23

I am wondering what is going to happen when tattooing goes out if fashion, as it surely will. Some people have had almost their entire bodies covered.

MissAdventure Thu 04-Jul-19 10:54:03

Have you seen pictures of the man who has altered his appearance so that he looks like a parrot?
I find that kind of body modification revolting.

Willow500 Thu 04-Jul-19 10:54:53

Not uncommon - I've seem all sorts at festivals over the years!

KatyK Thu 04-Jul-19 11:01:49

I've seen some of these people on TV. Sometimes they have their eyeballs tattooed!

MissAdventure Thu 04-Jul-19 11:07:59

I also don't like the earlobe stretching.
I stood behind a young woman and could see what was going on in front of her through the hole in her lobe, which was stretched, and almost purple.

Grandad1943 Thu 04-Jul-19 11:09:01

Strange, as I do not recall going into Tesco yesterday. 😂

Fennel Thu 04-Jul-19 11:14:51

Grandad grin.
I looked it up on Google and the references are mostly about criminals with this kind of body decoration.

Beckett Thu 04-Jul-19 11:42:05

I have always felt whilst tattoos are not for me - each to their own.

Some tattoos I have seen have been very artistic and I try not to judge on appearances, however, when it is taken to these sort of extremes my immediate thoughts are how do they find employment which pays enough to fund these tattoos as it is not cheap to get it done by a good tattoo artist.

gillybob Thu 04-Jul-19 12:30:52

Hope this link works . Elaine Davidson who lives in Glasgow . The most pierced woman in the world??? I found myself sitting 2 seats away from her at a concert at the SSE Hydro a few years ago and just couldn’t stop looking along the row at her . Apparently she has over 11,000 separate piercings ! Jeez she must leak !

ninathenana Thu 04-Jul-19 13:13:33


I find that revolting. Makes tattoos look tame.
I agree Beckett some tattoo artists are very talented.

gillybob Thu 04-Jul-19 13:28:15

I find it revolting too nina . I think she must love the attention though. shock

Grandma70s Thu 04-Jul-19 13:37:30

Stuff of nightmares. I imagine these people have very low self-esteem.

SalsaQueen Thu 04-Jul-19 14:22:26

There's a man who lives not far from me, whose entire face is tattooed (as well as both arms and legs, as well as other places, I'll bet grin. He's in his 50s and hasn't worked since he was 25 (before the tattoos on his face. Nobody will employ him. I wonder if he now regrets it?

sunseeker Thu 04-Jul-19 14:31:07

Am I the only one who is wondering if the woman with all the piercings ever has a small child grab them grin. I remember a small child who was fascinated by some hoop earrings I was wearing suddenly pull on them - it hurt!

Auntieflo Thu 04-Jul-19 14:44:31

Gosh, just looked at the link Gillybob, to that pierced woman. Do you think all that metal gets hot in this weather?
I know if I am wearing a necklace and I get something from the oven, it gets hot!🥵

gillybob Thu 04-Jul-19 14:51:54

It's horrible isn't it Auntieflo ? I would imagine it would get very hot although I was wondering about the sheer weight of metal she has to lug around with her.

M0nica Thu 04-Jul-19 15:05:35

The horns sound like self-mutilation. Is there any difference between someone who pursues constant cosmetic surgery or weird cosmetic surgery (like this) and a child cutting themselves as a form of self damage?

I saw a large young woman in town today. She was wearing shorts and had tattoos all over one thigh. I just wondered what would happen to them if she lost weight and had really slim legs. Would they distort or droop or what?

gillybob Thu 04-Jul-19 15:26:18

I know someone (not me!!!) who had a kind of crown of thorns tattooed around her very slim hips when she was about 20. Moving on and two pregnancies later they are all disjointed and there are bits missing. It looks gross.

Why on earth anyone would choose to have horns implanted is beyond me but I can't help but wonder who did this. Was it a private doctor? Or a back street piercer?

Urmstongran Thu 04-Jul-19 16:23:33

gillybob that woman’s piercings made her look strange. I know she must love the attention. How does she keep clean? (You can tell I’m a Virgo ha!)

I think people with über piercings or weird body art have mental health issues.