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Another Scam

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Beckett Thu 11-Jul-19 12:45:14

Just received a phone call with a recorded message claiming to be from the credit card section of my bank and stating a transfer of £600 had been made from my card in the last 15 minutes to a foreign bank. I guessed this was a scam as it was a recorded message and they didn't refer to me by name, so I hung up. Just a heads up to other GNs

EllanVannin Sat 13-Jul-19 12:52:41

Yet another.They're coming thick and fast today again.
I can't do anything because my lifeline runs from the phone and if I block calls I can't then use the emergency system.

Mapleleaf Sat 13-Jul-19 12:44:36

They are a nuisance aren't they, and they use a different number each time. I'm glad we've got call guardian as that filters them out. Most of them hang up after the first ring.

EllanVannin Sat 13-Jul-19 12:31:41


EllanVannin Sat 13-Jul-19 12:29:39

Up to now my phone has rang 3 times. The last call I didn't pick up. Bloody pests !

goldengirl Sat 13-Jul-19 11:52:09

We belong to a local neighbourhood service that updates us on the latest scams - there's been a lot of them lately and it's concerning that some people might fall for them.

Nonnie Sat 13-Jul-19 10:21:35

harrigran & Elegran I see, I thought they knew the name of the bank because that is what I have heard on consumer programmes. It is more understandable if they just say bank. However, our almost daily calls about our broadband do know who our provider is and I wonder how they know?

Even if I am expecting an email from a business I never click on the link, I always go to their website to be safe.

ElaineI Fri 12-Jul-19 19:25:06

I had the HMRC email today. Googled it and got the phising address to send it to (may be spelt wrongly).

harrigran Fri 12-Jul-19 19:03:44

Nonnie it was just an automated voice saying there had been an unauthorised use of visa card and to speak to the banker press one.
Caught me unawares rather because I had just been to a jewellers and bought a very expensive watch.

BlueSapphire Fri 12-Jul-19 18:25:22

I had exactly the same, and for the same amount. Just ignored it, but did later check my bank accounts on line! Of course everything was fine.

M0nica Fri 12-Jul-19 15:55:15

We've just had one. A recording with a dulcet accentless female voice saying. This is Visa calling, your payment has not been received. If it is not paid within 24 hours...........

We have had phone calls from the bank that supplies our visa before, and they are not like that. Much brisker and to the point and they use the Banks name. Not that we would pay them anything online, only through their online site, which we would google and access.

whitefrog632 Fri 12-Jul-19 14:28:29

It's necessary to ignore these kind of calls. They are very persistent. I personally suggest anyone to just block any suspicious numbers, and report them to the authority and also to some online complain boards like, so that many people will be able to avoid these scammers.

phoenix Fri 12-Jul-19 13:39:53

We need our landline, as mobile reception is very poor.

vena11 Fri 12-Jul-19 13:38:37

I have had them as well. I keep my phone on answer phone now all the time. If its family or friends they leave a message and I ring them back.

EllanVannin Fri 12-Jul-19 13:34:43

I just press green then quickly red on my landline. No convo

Elegran Fri 12-Jul-19 13:27:51

Most of these "bank" callers don't actually know which bank you use. They just do a round of calls saying they are from "your bank" and your brain automatically fills in the right name. Same with the ones who say "This is Shirley from internet provider . . . " (I've had calls from dear Shirley - and from anonymous women who - surprise surprise - sounded exactly like her) You hear "internet provider" and you think "BT" or whatever you use.

EllanVannin Fri 12-Jul-19 13:24:37

Another phone-call at 09.48 this morning : 01296767103

Nonnie Fri 12-Jul-19 13:01:31

harrigran did they know who you banked with?

wildswan16 Fri 12-Jul-19 11:47:37

I've had four or five calls in the last ten days exactly the same as yours Beckett. They come from a different number every time so it is difficult to ignore them.

If I do pick up I put the phone down as soon as I hear the voice.

Katek Fri 12-Jul-19 10:58:50

Had this very call just yesterday! The number that called me was 01624 559902 so ignore any calls from it.

Here’s hoping nobody on GN gets caught out

harrigran Fri 12-Jul-19 10:40:09

As I was reading this thread the phone rang and it was the bank telling me that there had been an unauthorised use of debit card and to just confirm card details. Rot in hell criminals hiding abroad.

Nonnie Fri 12-Jul-19 10:27:18

We are registered with the TPS for home and mobile phones but we still get the calls on both. The ones to the mobiles are usually the ambulance chasers.

If you can afford it I think it is good to keep a landline for the sake of the callers who can't afford to call you on your mobile and so you don't need to give your mobile number to all and sundry. If I'm out I don't have to answer calls from businesses because I only give my mobile number to friends. I also don't want to be paying to answer calls when away on holiday!

Harris27 Thu 11-Jul-19 21:38:05

I use the telephone preference centre and my calls have dropped a lot!

GrandmaJan Thu 11-Jul-19 21:31:07

I have Sky Shield on my home phone and never get any of these span calls.

annsixty Thu 11-Jul-19 21:28:07

My latest was a message to say my house had been rebranded for council tax and I had over£300 owing to me.
I just had to call a number and it would be repaid onto my debit card.
What would be wrong with repaying it into my bank as they did last year when I became eligible for a reduction after being the sole occupant of my house?

GabriellaG54 Thu 11-Jul-19 21:23:38

Anyone who falls for these scams nowadays is obviously living in a bubble.
There's enough info out there to sink a ship.