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Well, I've paid my entry fee........

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phoenix Thu 25-Jul-19 19:31:59

Evening, and sending good wishes.

This coming Saturday is our local Village Show! (Archers listeners, think Flower & Produce grin)

A few neighbours suggested that I should enter my hanging basket. Despite living in the village for 15 years, I have never entered anything before shock

Mr P made it very clear that he didn't want me to enter it, as he was sure it would be damaged in transit sad

So, with the deadline for entries approaching (Wednesday, 8pm) yesterday afternoon I trundled round to the show secretary's house, paid the fee and submitted my entry form!

I now only have to get it to the village hall.confused

Now, my hanging basket is BIG! 16" across and very heavy!

It has been suggested that the best option would be to hang it from a broom handle and get a couple of strong people to take an end each and carry it, as putting it in a car or van might result in damage.

My neighbours son is a big strong lad and has offered to help, but Mr P is flatly refusing to be on the other end.

I'm pretty determined to get it there, even though I probably don't stand a chance of even getting placed, the whole thing is VERY competitive!

Wish me luck in getting it there, and if I do, a bit more luck in the thing getting the judges approval!

phoenix Thu 25-Jul-19 22:10:40

I did consider a wheelbarrow, but think that there would still be a high risk of bloom damage.

Coolgran65 Thu 25-Jul-19 22:11:32

Terry Wogan - The Floral Dance
Perfect for a Village Fete

Luckygirl Thu 25-Jul-19 22:23:42

Local rugby club?

Coolgran65 Thu 25-Jul-19 22:24:37

A lighthearted suggestion smile

Upended bucket, with another bucket upended on it, and another, until it is tall enough to set the basket on without the trailing plants touching the floor.

Place bucket-tower upright in the back of an empty bedford van, horse trailer......
Two persons with phenomenal balance/strength in the back of said bedford van.
Hanging basket is in a box with trailing plants outside the box. Box is set on top of the bucket tower and held in place by the persons of phenomenal balance. Still have to think of how to ensure the bucket tower doesn't slide across the floor of the van.

The bedford van/horsebox travels as slowly as possible to enable the persons of phenomenal balance (popb) to stay upright. Perhaps at 5 mph. Possibly each popb could be supported from the back by another popb who has braced themselves against the sides of the van/horsebox.....
Travelling at the speed of 5 mph the driver must be careful not to slam on the brakes - that way lies disaster.

Of course, this idea is only the proto type and needs some refining.

Callistemon Thu 25-Jul-19 22:31:57

This is how one Australian woman transported hers:

Perhaps buckets as suggested above and strings to keep it steady?

However, I think strong neighbour's son and persuading Mr P could be the best idea

NotAGran55 Thu 25-Jul-19 22:40:23

Can’t it sit on Mr P’s lap in the passenger seat with the trailing bits around him ?

As they say in the nicest possible way on a forum that I am a member of ‘ This thread is useless without a pic’.

CanadianGran Thu 25-Jul-19 23:22:39

Congratulations first of all, for the courage to enter a competition, and for having such lovely baskets that they are worthy!

Does your car have a sun roof? If it does, you could rig a broom handle across the top of the car and hang the basket inside, allowing it to drape.

We have a small town garden tour, and one year our garden was nominated to be included. My poor DH went into a frenzy of mowing, clipping, sweeping for a week before the event! And he went to the pub during the event so as not to have to talk to anyone! It was well reviewed and I did pass on that it wasn't really my garden but my hubby's.

grannyqueenie Thu 25-Jul-19 23:27:18

Symmetry is so yesterday, overrated .......yours sounds just perfect to me!grin Good luck, oh and btw we want photos whether you win or not!

phoenix Fri 26-Jul-19 08:06:00

This was taken a few weeks ago, it has grown a lot since then! Also (of course) it only shows one side of it, hence turning it every week.

dragonfly46 Fri 26-Jul-19 08:10:13

It looks stunning Phoenix. Good luck!

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 08:18:02

Ah, I do see a problem.
It is lovely.

cornergran Fri 26-Jul-19 08:19:26

Definitely a winner phoenix. Can’t help with ideas for transportation is my brain is mush but please do take a photo of whatever you decide so we can see that along with your prize smile.

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 08:20:46

P.S. nature isn’t symmetrical.
What is the fruit with odd pips on each half?
My memory fails me.

Glammy57 Fri 26-Jul-19 09:28:05

Good luck, hope you win!

Auntieflo Fri 26-Jul-19 09:32:11

Phoenix, lovely hanging basket. Fingers, eyes and legs crossed for your entry into the competition.

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 09:35:00

It does look very attractive- how could it not win but first you have to get it there1

mcem Fri 26-Jul-19 09:40:47

My sister and I have won a few prizes in the knitting section at the local Flower and Food festival. We'd never dream of entering any baking efforts!

10 years ago I entered the section for 'window boxes, hanging baskets and patio planters'.
Obviously the judges had to tour the gardens so no transport problems!
I was pleased to be awarded a silver certificate. The accompanying official letter said that my tiny garden was a 'shinning example' (sic).

Disappointed that the category doesn't exist this year as the garden is looking good.

I was delighted with my 'major achievement' so wish you well phoenix!

phoenix Fri 26-Jul-19 10:15:15

Thank you all!

Auntieflo You do know that if the wind changes you'll be stuck like that!grin

annep1 Fri 26-Jul-19 10:31:54

It looks lovely Phoenix. Have you a hostess trolley. Then you could hold it while others trundle along. Or would it be too heavy?

phoenix Fri 26-Jul-19 10:53:43

No, no hostess trolley and it is VERY heavy! Mr P is a big strong chap and even he struggles to lift it off the bracket when it needs turning.

I have been in touch with Adrian, our local handyman and one of the helpers at the show, he is coming round tomorrow morning with his van to assess the possibilities!

Mossfarr Fri 26-Jul-19 11:16:35

Your post reminded me of the year I entered my cactus and some of my other plants in my local flower show.
The cactus is about 25 years old, very large, very sharp spikes and extremely heavy (it weighs as much as a solid lump of concrete)!
My husband was absolutely against it, he just couldn't understand why I would bother.
Well he got his eye wiped, I won Gold for the cactus and a couple of silvers for the other plants. I was ecstatic, I've never won anything before.
A cactus enthusiast offered to buy the large cactus for £100 too!!
My husband is now very keen to enter every year and its me who can't be bothered haha!!
Good luck phoenix - I hope you win X

POGS Fri 26-Jul-19 15:30:16

Blimey that will be heavy.

Do you know anybody with a tall chimney pot that it could sit on to take the weight and allow the trailers to hopefully travel without breaking?

Good luck.

Auntieflo Fri 26-Jul-19 15:44:10

Phoenix, that’s what my mum told me. Have you seen me lately? 😵

Gran2028 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:13:00

I am sure your neighbours son can rustle up a pal!!
If nobody enters these shows they will cease to exist...
Good Luck... its great fun ...once you get the bug
And hilarious to see how seriously some competitors take it!!

phoenix Fri 26-Jul-19 16:21:44

I'm wondering about using the wheelie bin?

BTW, Mr P has just come home, and is STILL refusing to get involved!

I've checked the section that is touching the wall, and the lobelias there are quite squashed and flattened sad hoping that a squirt with the plant mister and a bit of "primping" might revive them?

The bracket was the biggest one we could find for the basket size, I think I must have over planted!